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1 Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, Former Iranian President, Dies at 88
2 September 28, 1981, Forty Years Ago: Clashes in Tehran
3 US Wary Of Iran-Taliban Alliance: Hardliner Newspaper Claims
4 Abolhassan Banisadr obituary
5 Today in History: Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, died in 1989
6 Former Iran Leader Said Reagan Let Hostages Stay Locked Up
7 Khamenei shows poster with terrorist Soleimani and BDS supporters
8 Iran: Grandson of first supreme leader drops presidential bid
9 Iranian exiles file rights abuse claim in UK against Raisi
10 Op-Ed: What Trump has in common with the Ayatollah Khomeini
11 US, Israel say they are exploring a ‘Plan B’ for Iran
12 Why Iran’s Elections Are a Critical Turning Point for Khamenei’s Regime
13 AP WAS THERE: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returns to Iran
14 At Khomeini's Iraqi place of exile, Iranians remember revolution's leader
15 Ayatollah Holds Khamenei Responsible for Killings in Iran
16 House where Khomeini stayed during exile in Turkey put on sale | Daily Sabah
17 Iranian press review: Khomeini grandson eyed for presidential run
18 Released tape rekindles memory of 1988 Iran mass execution
19 Iran's Khamenei backs hardliner versus hardliner presidential vote
20 Two Weeks in January: America's secret engagement with Khomeini
21 Iranians at Home, in Diaspora See Growing Need for Referendum but Disagree on Details
22 New Cookbook Keeps Persian Jewish Cuisine Alive
23 Iran's first president says Khomeini betrayed 1979 Islamic revolution
24 Khomeini's Great-Grandson Fends Off Firestorm Over 'Luxurious' Lifestyle
25 Iran: Supreme leader’s legacy debated 30 years after his death
26 Iran's new president has blood on his hands
27 Does Iran have a plan for a successor to Khamenei?
28 How Much Power Will Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s New President, Have?
29 Ayatollah Khomeini's mausoleum: A symbol of Iranian pride
30 Why Iranian authorities force women to wear a veil
31 Iran starts 10-day celebrations to mark anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory
32 U.N. investigator calls for probe into Iranian president-elect's role in 1988 killings
33 February 1979: Ayatollah Khomeini Returns To Iran From Exile
34 Iran cleric who founded Hezbollah, survived book bomb, dies
35 Iran's Ruhollah Khomeini, a Man Who Shook the World
36 Is Iran's Islamic Revolution running out of puff?
37 Amid Afghan evacuations, Seattle-area investor recounts the nightmare of Iran’s revolution, war
38 US had extensive contact with Ayatollah Khomeini before Iran revolution
39 Khomeini's Grandson Possible Presidential Candidate?
40 Iran's Zam And Other Sons Of The Islamic Republic Who Rebelled Against The Clerical Regime
41 Food Aid For Iranian Poor At Khomeini's Luxurious Shrine Ignites Controversy
42 Ayatollah Khomeini: The Greatest Christian Missionary in the History of Iran
43 Iranians mock Trump, claim he mistook their leader for dead predecessor
44 Zam: The family that picked their son over the revolution
45 Review of Iranian Women and Gender in the Iran-Iraq War
46 Iranian rulers fear street unrest, 42 years after revolution | | AW
47 Iran's Khamenei Calls For Review Of Barred Presidential Candidates
48 Twitter Bans Trump, Removes Tweet by Iran’s Khamenei on Same Day, Sparking ‘Double Standards’ Backlash
49 The ayatollah-led regime will soon fall, says Iran's exiled crown prince
50 Trying to remember Khomeini
51 Death by Taqiyya
52 In Pictures: Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution
53 Complex view of Islam found in poetry of Iran, Stanford researcher shows | Stanford News
54 Iran Executes Dissident Accused of Stoking Protests
55 Ayatollah Khomeini: A rare encounter with a true revolutionary
56 The Iranian revolution—A timeline of events
57 40 years ago, Iran’s exiled Khomeini returns a hero
58 Supreme Leader directly intervenes in Iran's June vote
59 Khomeini's Grandson Criticizes The Islamic Republic His Grandfather Founded
60 Defiling of Pictures of Khomeini Divides Iran
61 Guest opinion: What Trump’s America and Khomeini’s Iran have in common
62 Ebrahim Raisi's path to Iranian president — and likely future supreme leader
63 What the Iranian regime really wants – and what the West refuses to see
64 Ayatollah Massacre at the helm
65 The Iranian revolution and its legacy of terrorism
66 Antisemitism Is Inseparable from Khomeinism
67 ANALYSIS: The personality cult of Ruhollah Khomeini
68 The Trouble With the Mujahedin al-Khalq
69 Iran’s Khamenei calls Israel ‘not a country, but a terrorist base’
70 The Islamic Republic’s Power Centers
71 The Cardboard Ayatollah Returns
72 In a quiet French village, a cleric plotted Iran's revolution
73 Why Khamenei`s alleged transfer of power to son signals seismic change for Iran
74 Revamped Khomeini Shrine Shocks Even His Fans
75 What is the Ayatollah Khomeini mausoleum and why was it attacked?
76 Israel considered request to kill Khomeini, says former Mossad agent
77 Khomeini grandson loses appeal to stand in Iranian election
78 Iran's leader Khamenei weeps at general's funeral as nation grieves
79 Khomeini: father of Iran's Islamic Republic
80 Iran leader says Israel a 'cancerous tumor' to be destroyed
81 Rouhani: Khomeini chose peace when necessary
82 Leader, Senior Officials Pay Tribute to Imam Khomeini
83 Iran leader grants clemency to over 2,800 prisoners
84 Khomeini was no liberal, says Khamenei
85 Khomeini's Grandson Vows To Challenge Decision to Bar Him From Election
86 Khomeini's supporters defend extravagant shrine
87 For Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's presidency is a step toward Supreme Leader
88 Khomeini’s Great-Grandson Fights Criticism of his High-End Tastes
89 Khomeini's Granddaughter Gives Iran Some Tough Love
90 Tehran In No Mood To Laugh At Khomeini Jokes
91 Iran's Khamenei says Floyd's killing exposes real nature of U.S.
92 Despite Outrage, No End In Sight For Child Marriage In Iran
93 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s grandson to enter Iran politics
94 Covid-19: Khamenei's vaccine ban exposes flaw in Iran's political system
95 What to Make of the Iranian Revolution 40 Years Later
96 Iran marks 25th anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini's death, knocks U.S.
97 Iran's Geopolitics and Revolutionary Export: The Promises and Limits of the Proxy Empire
98 Iranian leaders shun ‘chalice of poison’
99 Why Iran's execution of Ruhollah Zam should be seen as a warning in the West
100 Iran Denies Reports of Khamenei's Demise