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1 Diaspora English: A Tour of the West Bank
2 Ice cream wars: Ben & Jerry’s is hardly the first to make frozen desserts political
3 25 years after Hebron massacre, debate sparked over burial site of murderer Baruch Goldstein
4 A Palestinian Activist Fights the IDF and the Palestinian Authority
5 Palestine: 27 years since Ibrahimi Mosque massacre
6 'The Torah, given in love, must be interpreted in love not violence'
7 Is a Rally Enough to Fight Antisemitism? | Jewish & Israel News
8 Israel's Itamar Ben Gvir, the Jewish supremacist on the rise
9 Ben Gvir responds to Bennett: Fine, I'll take down Baruch Goldstein's picture
10 Radical rabbi's followers rise in Israel amid new violence
11 The Mystery of Baruch Goldstein
12 Itamar Ben-Gvir can only hurt Israel’s standing in the world
13 Chicago crash: Boy fatally struck by off-duty Chicago police officer while biking along Sacramento in West Rogers Park: FOP
14 Opinion | The Discrimination Palestinian Citizens of Israel Face
15 The Goldstein massacre and the danger of escalation
16 Israeli Democracy Still Haunted by the Ghosts of Meir Kahane and Baruch Goldstein
17 Netanyahu turns to extremist party that calls for expelling Arabs from Israel
18 Israeli settler slapped a Palestinian activist. A Jerusalem court slapped her back | Opinion
19 Full schedule for Israel’s athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
20 Two decades after massacre, Hebron is still hurting
21 What was Montclair High thinking, honoring Rabbi Meir Kahane? (Letter)
22 There is a monster in the Knesset
23 After years of quiet, Israeli-Palestinian conflict exploded. Why now?
24 Ben Gvir: terrorist, Cassif: piece of sh**t fascist
25 Netanyahu boosts far-right extremist in re-election bid
26 Why, after years of quiet, did Israeli-Palestinian conflict explode now?
27 Knesset panel bans Arab Labor candidate over Memorial Day comments
28 21 years after Goldstein massacre, once-thriving Hebron is a mere memory
29 Far-right Otzma Yehudit accuses Jewish Home of not honoring election pact
30 Lehava: The anti-Palestinian, far-right Israeli group marching in Jerusalem
31 The massacre of Ibrahimi Mosque – Middle East Monitor
32 Reform movement legal arm calls to classify extreme-right Lehava as terror group
33 Extremism Is on the Rise in Israel Extremist Israelis marched in Jerusalem last week chanting
34 Ministers to honor rabbi who praised Hebron massacre perpetrator
35 Man charged with attacking elderly woman at Jewish terrorist's grave
36 The Israeli-Palestinian peace process isn't coming back soon
37 Defending candidacy in Supreme Court, Arab would-be Labor MK again apologizes
38 Israel elections: Netanyahu pushes Kahanist into Knesset
39 Don't let xenophobia take root in Montclair. Reject Kahane's racism (Town Square)
40 As 4th Election Looms, Some Ask: Is Israel’s Democracy Broken?
41 Baruch Goldstein Killed 29 Muslims in The 1994 Hebron Massacre. He Served Me Lunch The Year Before
42 Those brave Israeli army fighters
43 Sa’ar: There’ll be no place for extremist Ben Gvir in my coalition
44 Unsettling Video of an Ultranationalist Frenzy in Jerusalem
45 'I only trust Netanyahu when I'm watching over him'
46 Far-right party set to gain new influence after Israeli vote
47 Robert Azzi: Bye-bye, Hasbara
48 Goldstein legacy continues
49 Supreme Court nixes disqualification of Arab Labor candidate Ibtisam Mara’ana
50 This Purim, don’t boo Haman
51 French JDL Praises Baruch Goldstein’s Massacre of Palestinians
52 Gaza after ceasefire: A return to the politics of radicalization
53 Issa Amro's plight highlights Israel's intolerance of even nonviolent protest
54 Netanyahu is desperate, unhinged and totally uninterested in governing
55 The ultra right-wing MP inflaming Israeli politics
56 Victim blaming as an Israeli tool to whitewash crimes | Daily Sabah
57 Israel blocks marking Prophet Muhammad's birthday
58 Yoram Hazony, Donald Trump, and the links between the American and Israeli right
59 Why racist Rabbi Meir Kahane is roiling Israeli politics 30 years after his death
60 Extremist Israel settlers continue incitement against Palestinians in Jerusalem
61 This Week in History: Jewish settler massacres Palestinians in Hebron mosque
62 Sheikh Jarrah Jews praise Baruch Goldstein on Purim (Video)
63 Yossi Klein Halevi: The War on the Israeli Home Front
64 Brain Scientific heads into merger with Piezo Motion
65 Tzvi Tal, ex-Supreme Court justice who headed Haredi IDF draft panel, dies at 94
66 'This place is a horror show’: A foreigner’s account of occupied Palestine
67 The United States Ignoring Israel's Violence Against Palestinians Is Normalizing It
68 This Startup Wants to Tattoo Brain-Reading Electrodes on Your Skull
69 Today in History: Today is Thursday, Feb. 25, the 56th day of 2021.
70 Israeli forces shoot Palestinian following alleged stabbing attempt in Hebron
71 Netanyahu’s pre-election visit to Hebron sparks protest
72 Netanyahu: Kahanist won’t be in my government
73 Opinion | The Israeli Feminist Trying to Save Liberal Zionism
74 The Israeli-Palestinian conflict explained
75 The Goldstein massacre’s shadow on Hebron
76 Israel elections: Latest results show Netanyahu without clear path to power
77 How to stop Kahanists from taking over
79 A question mark on FATF’s credibility
80 Kahanism doesn't need a seat in the Knesset
81 Brain Scientific Enters into Merger Agreement with Piezo Motion
82 'A sad story' | Local News |
83 How Bibi Empowered the Supremacist Movement Fueling This Conflict Netanyahu's support of radical far-right extremists
84 From the Archive: A Purim massacre's 20th anniversary
85 Jewish settlers storm Hebron's Ibrahimi mosque
86 Israel builds Jewish-only elevator at Hebron's Ibrahimi Mosque
87 Documentary shines gentle spotlight on extremist Baruch Marzel
88 Rabbi Aviner refers to Baruch Goldstein as saint
89 Palestine FM: Settler crimes wouldn't continue without West's silence
90 Israeli forces extend closure of Hebron's Ibrahimi Mosque
91 Jewish radical to be charged for incitement
92 Israeli politics might just break one of its greatest taboos
93 Justice Meir Shamgar Who Investigated Baruch Goldstein Killings, Rabin's Murder, Dead at 94
94 “The Human Factor” Tallies the What Ifs of Israel-Palestine Peace Talks
95 Israel, US Jews at crossroads over the far Right in power
96 Baldwinites appointed to police diversity board | Herald Community Newspapers
98 New Israeli government, same Israeli apartheid
99 An Interview with Father Abraham – Israel-Palestine
100 This game-changing graphene tattoo can continuously monitor your brainwaves