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1 Police grill Jewish extremists over incitement to racial hatred
2 Baruch Marzel: Advocate of ethnic cleansing
3 Israel's most right-wing Knesset candidate Marzel calls to kick out Arabs
4 Baruch Marzel: An Introduction to an Extremist
5 Documentary shines gentle spotlight on extremist Baruch Marzel
6 Supreme Court bans extreme-right Gopstein and Marzel from elections
7 A Night of Violence in Jerusalem
8 Judges authorize another search of key witness’s phone in Netanyahu graft trial
9 Ben Gvir barred from Muslim Quarter march, Temple Mt. visit, amid violence fears
10 Ben-Gvir praises Kahane, hilltop settlers in maiden Knesset speech
11 The Possible Eviction Of Palestinians In East Jerusalem Was A Spark For Conflict
12 AG calls for disqualifying extremist right candidates Gopstein, Marzel
13 AG to urge disqualifying extremist right candidates Gopstein, Marzel
14 The extremist who could bring Kahanism back to the Knesset
15 Otzma Yehudit's history of racism and provocation
16 Thousands of police officers deployed to Jerusalem for Pride march
17 Baruch Marzel helps a Palestinian
18 Lehava: The anti-Palestinian, far-right Israeli group marching in Jerusalem
19 Israel's Itamar Ben Gvir, the Jewish supremacist on the rise
20 Riots erupt outside police HQ in Jerusalem over death of settler teen
21 High Court green lights controversial Labor candidate to run
22 Extremist party that backs booting non-Jews seen by PM as vital for his victory
23 Extremist Otzma Yehudit demands top posts after leader banned from Knesset run
24 Who is Itamar Ben-Gvir, the loyal student of Meir Kahane?
25 Israel bars far right activists Ben Zion Gopstein and Baruch Marzel from standing in election
26 17 Palestinians arrested in clashes amid Jerusalem flag march
27 Israel Elections: What is the Religious Zionist Party's agenda?
28 'I only trust Netanyahu when I'm watching over him'
29 At campaign launch, extremist Jewish party calls 'to resettle our enemies'
30 Israeli Democracy Still Haunted by the Ghosts of Meir Kahane and Baruch Goldstein
31 Rabbis throw weight behind far-right Yachad party
32 Kahanists might not succeed in Israeli election – but their voters don't care
33 In blow to Labor, Arab candidate banned from Knesset elections
34 The rotten apple did not fall far from the wretched tree
35 Under deal, Kahanist party could receive spot on key panel that appoints judges
36 Far rightists join forces to start new party
37 What do Otzma Yehudit and its leaders stand for?
38 Israel's Central Election Committee Meets To Discuss Disqualification Of 'racist' Candidates
39 Marzel to cabinet: Kill left-wing leader
40 Florida duty free magnates finance controversial Israeli settlements
41 Peretz: No right-wing union with Kahane acolyte
42 Jewish extremist hit with terror charges after years of anti-Arab rhetoric
43 Extremist right parties nearing threshold to enter Knesset – poll
44 Committee to Decide Wednesday on Banning Otzma Yehudit Candidates
45 Panel bars Arab MK, far-right candidate from Knesset elections
46 Israel settlements funded by US Duty Free tycoons
47 Israeli soldier charged with manslaughter over shooting
48 Trial opens for Jewish extremist charged with incitement for anti-Arab rhetoric
49 Kick racism out
50 Jewish groups speak out against union of Bayit Yehudi with Otzma Party
51 Kahanists rail against government, ceasefire with Gaza
52 This time around, Arab MK Heba Yazbak could be barred from Knesset run
53 As Israel’s hard right links up, what are the possible mergers ahead of the election?
54 Grapevine November 4, 2020: Back to normal?
55 High Court green lights Israeli Arab Heba Yazbak's run for Knesset
56 Israeli panel won't bar Jewish radicals from election
57 On Mount Zion, protesting the pope and preaching the status quo
58 Top posts for merging with Kahanists: Netanyahu, far-right party reach deal
59 A synagogue on the Temple Mount? Activists say let the Jews move in
60 In Hebron, A City Hit Hard By Violence, A Palestinian Preaches Nonviolence
61 Likud: No chance far-right Otzma Yehudit will enter Knesset
62 As Peretz clears way for Shaked, fringe far-right parties agree on joint run
63 Netanyahu seeks deal to have far-right party drop out of election – report
64 Right of right: Eli Yishai's new party mired in controversy
65 Extremist Otzma Yehudit threatens to sue prominent rabbi over Nazi comparison
66 Police nab 2 far-right activists for violating house arrest terms
67 Kahanist disciple says he’ll demand cabinet post; Likud official: Not realistic
68 Here we go again: A beginner's guide to Israel's 2nd election in 2019
69 'Kahane For Kids'
70 Reality Check: Even AIPAC has had enough
71 Rabbi Meir Kahane and Israel's far right, explained
72 As rest of right unites, Kahane disciples declare merger with anti-LGBT party
73 My Former Life As a Kahanist Posterboy
74 Why racist Rabbi Meir Kahane is roiling Israeli politics 30 years after his death
75 'If Otzma Yehudit runs, there won't be a right-wing government'
76 Jewish Home and National Union agree to reunite for Knesset run
77 Barak accuses Netanyahu of ‘leaning on’ extremist party to avoid prosecution
78 Right-wing activists demonstrate in Nazareth for universal draft
79 Feiglin says his party ‘similar’ to extremist Otzma Yehudit on Palestinian issue
80 In Israel and US, many refuse to let virus infect their Purim partying
81 Elor Azaria given hero's welcome in Hebron
82 Israeli press review: Israel more keen on colonisation than alleviating poverty
83 Union of Right-Wing Parties demands Education, Justice portfolios
84 A Rightward Shift in Israel Would Reflect What's Always Been True
85 Jewish Home rejects Netanyahu invite to discuss merger with far-right parties
86 Prominent rabbi likens vote for Otzma Yehudit to backing Nuremberg Laws
87 Israeli cinema is trying — but failing — to reckon with Jewish terrorism
88 Many Israelis Call Medic Who Killed Wounded Suspect a Hero
89 Hebron settlers hold Purim parade while Palestinians locked down for coronavirus
90 Palestinian wounded in clashes with IDF, Israelis near Kusra
91 Rabbi calls for 'finishing off' wounded Palestinians – Middle East Monitor
92 Netanyahu ratchets up anti-Arab rhetoric ahead of knife-edge vote
93 Likud joins far-right appeal to bar Arab parties from running in election
94 Desperate Netanyahu openly embraces Jewish extremists
95 A beginner's guide to the 2019 Israeli elections
96 Tel Aviv rally for Hebron shooter draws fewer than expected
97 Israeli far-right party breaks alliance with Jewish Home, endangering right-wing bloc
98 The tangled web of Israel's extreme right, American Jewry and the US terror blacklist
99 Left to petition High Court against far-right Otzma Yehudit
100 Rightists want stay of exit order against pope