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1 The Chase's Mark Labbett lands a new job after being cut from the US quiz show NationalWorld 3 days ago
2 The Chase UK: What you need to do to win Stuff 19 days ago
3 THE SMILING ASSASIN | MARA LEJINS joins the cast of THE CHASE AUSTRALIA TV Blackbox 5 days ago
4 'I hope not!' Anne Hegerty addresses possibility of new Chasers in ITV game show line-up Express 3 days ago
5 Beat The Chasers season 5: new chaser, air date, host What To Watch 3 months ago
6 Fury as Chase star told correct answer is wrong – because of how she pronounced word The Mirror 4 days ago
7 Northern Irishman Brendan 'buzzing' after £60000 win on Beat the Chasers What To Watch 3 months ago
8 Here's how Beat the Chasers' new chaser did in his first episode Digital Spy 3 months ago
9 Beat The Chasers' Mark Labbett takes swipe at contestant but he gets last laugh 3 months ago
10 Mark Labbett "definitely prefers" The Chase to Beat the Chasers RadioTimes 3 months ago
11 Beat the Chasers fans stunned by 'unbelievable' 100k win 'Edge-of-your-seat viewing!’ Express 7 months ago
12 Anne Hegerty: why Governess quit The Chase spin-off Beat the Chasers, and who is her replacement Issa Schultz? NationalWorld 5 months ago
13 Beat the Chasers airs thrilling result for Simon Weston Digital Spy 7 months ago
14 Anne Hegerty's Beat the Chasers replacement reveals advice she gave him Radio Times 5 months ago
15 Anne Hegerty's Beat the Chasers replacement addresses 'unfortunate' shake-up Express 4 months ago
16 Beat the Chasers' Darragh Ennis teases "big wins" in new season RadioTimes 3 months ago
17 The Chase's Mark Labbett apologises after storming off in defeat Digital Spy 6 months ago
18 Beat the Chasers' Issa Schultz speaks out on replacing Anne Hegerty RadioTimes 4 months ago
19 Beat The Chasers star Issa Schultz "flattered" over ITV offer Digital Spy 4 months ago
20 Anne Hegerty replacement speaks out on 'terrifying' Beat the Chasers stint Express 3 months ago
21 Who will replace Anne Hegerty on Beat the Chasers? Stand-in confirmed as quizzer withdraws Express 5 months ago
22 Why Did Ken Jennings and Mark "The Beast" Labbett Leave 'The Chase'? Distractify 4 months ago
23 Beat The Chasers fans left doing a double take after spotting ‘Tyson Fury’ on the show... The Scottish Sun 3 months ago
24 Bradley Walsh on Beat the Chasers, Anne Hegerty's replacement and the future of the show RadioTimes 3 months ago
25 ITV Beat the Chasers: Here's what the chasers looked like before they were famous My London 10 months ago
26 Lancaster teacher wins £20000 on TV game show Beat the Chasers Beyond Radio 3 months ago
27 'Beat the Chasers' star Russell Kane wins £25k after Jenny Ryan slips up What To Watch 10 months ago
28 How to apply to be on the next series of ITV's Beat the Chasers Wales Online 7 months ago
29 Mark Labbett sparks frenzy as he teases 'big surprise' on Beat The Chasers after US exit Express 5 months ago
30 Beat The Chasers start date and new Chaser revealed for new series Telly Mix 3 months ago
31 The Chase: Which Chaser gets beaten the most? 7 months ago
32 ITV Beat The Chaser fans in stitches as Gogglebox play clip from the show at the same time it's on the TV My London 3 months ago
33 "Buzzsaw died out": Fans applaud the contestant duo for banking the highest amount against Brad Rutter on The Chase Sportskeeda 3 months ago
34 Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett Blasted For 'Creepy' Carol Vorderman Comment On Beat The Chaser LADbible 7 months ago
35 Beat The Chaser fans gutted after contestant misses out on winning largest EVER prize of £500,000... The Sun 11 months ago
36 The Chase's Mark Labbett has been dropped from US version Digital Spy 5 months ago
37 The Chase: Who is Anne Hegerty's replacement on Beat the Chasers and why? My London 5 months ago
38 The Chase slammed for 'easy' questions as Chaser beats team to £27k jackpot indy100 5 months ago
39 Beat the Chasers undergoes huge changes ahead of new series return to ITV Express 1 year ago
40 The Chase fans call for 'outstanding' player to become Chaser after 'brilliant' win Express 3 months ago
41 Has Anyone Ever Won 'The Chase'? We Need to Know Distractify 1 year ago
42 Beat The Chasers' Paul Sinha explains 'tough' Dirty Dancing question after fan complaints Daily Record 3 months ago
43 Beat The Chasers contestant breaks down in tears as she wins £40k with seconds to spare The Mirror 11 months ago
44 Beat The Chaser's Anne Hegerty shares update after pulling out of show Liverpool Echo 5 months ago
45 Issa Schultz debuts on Beat the Chasers UK TV Tonight 3 months ago
46 Mark Labbett: The Chase star speaks out on his 'triple screw up' on Beat The Chasers Express 11 months ago
47 ITV Beat The Chasers: Real life of Paul Sinha comedian, previous job as doctor and health battle 3 months ago
48 Beat the Chasers ends its new series with massive contestant win Digital Spy 1 year ago
49 Beat The Chasers’ Shaun Wallace in incredibly awkward moment on air after forgetting new Chaser’s name... The Sun 3 months ago
50 Beat The Chasers fans gasp at very rude answer that leaves Jenny Ryan in fits of giggles... The Sun 7 months ago
51 Beat the Chasers star explains where Chaser offers come from Digital Spy 2 years ago
52 Mark 'The Beast' Labbett Beaten In 'Worst Ever' Performance On The Chase LADbible 7 months ago
53 Darragh Ennis reacts as Mark Labbett mocks him for 'really stupid' Beat The Chasers moment Express 10 months ago
54 Beat the Chasers fans stunned as Jenny Ryan gets ‘easy’ space question wrong Heart 10 months ago
55 Chase fans celebrate contestant for "heroic" performance against The Beast Digital Spy 1 year ago
56 Beat the Chasers contestant hits back at vile trolls after they mock her appearance on show... The Sun 11 months ago
57 Beat The Chasers’ Bradley Walsh left open-mouthed as Chasers reveal biggest EVER offer... The Sun 11 months ago
58 Beat The Chasers contestant wins £40,000 then reveals she has months to live Wales Online 8 months ago
59 Bradley Walsh shocked as Beat the Chasers contestant makes crass joke about Prince William Entertainment Daily 3 months ago
60 Issa Schultz would "definitely" like permanent place on The Chase RadioTimes 4 months ago
61 The Chase contestant calls out the Vixen as being 'the easiest to beat' Daily Record 2 months ago
62 The Chase pays tribute to contestant Mike Johnson after death Digital Spy 10 months ago
63 The Chase viewers distracted by contestant’s jaw-dropping X-rated credentials The Mirror 4 months ago
64 Beat The Chasers’ Mark Labbett points out ‘distraction’ of quiz show: ‘An absolute tyrant’ Express 2 years ago
65 How does Beat the Chasers’ Super Offer work?... The Sun 11 months ago
66 Beat the Chasers air date: guide to gruelling quiz show, including when it's on TV Radio Times 11 months ago
67 When will Beat the Chasers return? Radio Times 2 years ago
68 Why has Anne Hegerty left Beat The Chasers and who has replaced her?... The Scottish Sun 5 months ago
69 The Chase: 20-year-old takes home $146000 in 'single highest win in daytime history' Stuff 11 months ago
70 The Chase: Who is the brainiest Chaser? Express 1 year ago
71 Bradley Walsh is astonished as Beat the Chasers contestant walks off with £40,000 The Mirror 11 months ago
72 Beat the Chasers fans gobsmacked as Jenny Ryan gets major question wrong... The Sun 10 months ago
73 The Chase: How did James Holzhauer, aka The Highroller, lose $70,000? Sportskeeda 3 months ago
74 The Chase: Bradley Walsh stunned as player breaks major record 6 months ago
75 Massive ITV Beat The Chasers offer leaves Bradley Walsh completely stunned My London 11 months ago
76 Beat The Chasers Darragh Ennis missing from show leaving viewers worried Liverpool Echo 10 months ago
77 Beat the Chasers viewers praise Paul Sinha after quip about picking up men Stoke-on-Trent Live 3 months ago
78 Carol Vorderman defends Mark Labbetts remarks on Beat The Chasers 7 months ago
79 Bradley Walsh confesses to 'cheating' to bag his job hosting The Chase 6 months ago
80 Beat the Chasers confirms big change to new series as start date announced Liverpool Echo 11 months ago
81 The Chase's cleverest Chaser who's most likely to beat players revealed Liverpool Echo 4 months ago
82 ITV Beat the Chasers looking for contestants from Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire Live 8 months ago
83 The most amount of money a team has won and against which Chaser on The Chase My London 4 months ago
84 Beat The Chasers applications: Apply to be a contestant to take on the Chasers Telly Mix 8 months ago
85 Beat The Chasers viewers convinced they know how to 'rig' the game 2 years ago
86 ITV Beat the Chasers: Paul Sinha's life from Parkinson's Disease diagnosis to marriage with Oliver Levy My London 7 months ago
87 Beat The Chasers fans all have the same complaint as latest episode blasted as ‘a disgrace’... The Sun 10 months ago
88 Beat The Chasers viewers 'raging' as contestant loses out on £100k by one second Heart 2 years ago
89 The Chase fans left fuming as show is taken off air and replaced by another ITV quiz for the entire week... The Sun 3 months ago
90 The Chase viewers accuse show of 'fix' as Shaun Wallace beats team to £27k jackpot Chronicle Live 5 months ago
91 Beat the Chasers contestant has awkward history with host Bradley Walsh Digital Spy 1 year ago
92 The best and worst Chasers according to their win records My London 5 months ago
93 ITV Beat The Chasers: Who is celebrity contestant Richard Whitehead? Wales Online 7 months ago
94 The Chase fans praise 'best team in ages' as they have incredible final chase Manchester Evening News 4 months ago
95 Mark Labbett admits to mistake he 'learnt' from Beat the Chasers ahead of show's return Express 2 years ago
96 Woman who won £40K on Beat The Chasers dies after devastating diagnosis Wales Online 3 months ago
97 What happens if all four contestants are knocked out on The Chase?... The US Sun 8 months ago
98 Beat the Chasers fans mortified as baffled Bradley Walsh has cringe-worthy exchange with contestant... The Sun 11 months ago
99 "James is slipping": Fans impressed with Leslie after she dethrones James Holzhauer in The Chase Episode 7 Sportskeeda 2 months ago
100 Beat the Chasers viewers go wild for 'Mini Beast' contestant and are left in hysterics when he trips up 11 months ago