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1 Jewish extremists plan rally in Jerusalem’s Old City amid rising tensions
2 Knesset defense panel head calls for designating far-right Lehava a terror group
3 Reform movement legal arm calls to classify extreme-right Lehava as terror group
4 Far-right MK vacates Sheikh Jarrah ‘office’ in return for more policing in area
5 Trial opens for Jewish extremist charged with incitement for anti-Arab rhetoric
6 Jewish extremist hit with terror charges after years of anti-Arab rhetoric
7 New incitement claim filed against Israeli far-right activist Benzi Gopstein
8 TikTok said to block account of far-right racist group Lehava
9 Marzel, Gopstein Questioned 'Under Caution' by Israel Police
10 Thank you, residents of Al-Quds
11 Itamar Ben-Gvir files criminal complaint after wife's WhatsApp suspended
12 WhatsApp blocks accounts of Jewish extremists, journalists in Gaza
13 15 Jewish extremists arrested for threatening Arabs
14 Supreme Court bans extreme-right Gopstein and Marzel from elections
15 Outlawing Far-Right Lehava Group in Israel Would Be 'Unwise,' Legal Expert Cautions
16 Police chief said to blame far-right lawmaker Ben Gvir for ‘internal intifada’
17 TikTok removes account of Israeli extremist group opposed to Jewish-Arab coexistence
18 Activist in extreme-right group probed over sexual harassment complaint
19 Jewish extremists reportedly attempted major firebomb attack on Palestinians
20 AG to urge disqualifying extremist right candidates Gopstein, Marzel
21 Dozens injured as violent clashes in Jerusalem continue overnight
22 AG calls for disqualifying extremist right candidates Gopstein, Marzel
23 Benzi Gopstein to be indicted for incitement pending hearing
24 Head of extremist Jewish group calls Christians ‘blood-sucking vampires’
25 Jewish leader demands expulsion of ‘Christian vampires’
26 Israeli extremist group leader calls for torching of churches
27 17 policemen, 200 Palestinians hurt as hundreds riot on Temple Mount
28 Far-right Israeli groups plan further violence against Palestinians after night of lynchings
29 MK to Lehava head: 'You're ISIS with a kippah'
30 The tangled web of Israel's extreme right, American Jewry and the US terror blacklist
31 Jewish radical to be charged for incitement
32 Synagogue complex set ablaze; Gantz extends state of emergency in central Israeli city
33 Anti-miscegenation activist calls out Likud MK over daughter dating Arab Israeli
34 Israel's Far-Right Lehava Leader Faces Investigation After Calling Christians "Vampires"
35 Jerusalem is on the brink of an explosion – and Israel has no leaders to prevent it
36 Anti-racism group to A-G: Take action on far-right Jewish inciter
37 J'lem deputy mayor to Palestinian activist: It's a 'pity' you weren't shot in the head
38 Radical right-winger acquitted of assault of radical left-winger
39 Netanyahu strikes election deal with far-right parties; challengers respond with own alliance
40 Fighting Israel's erasure of Palestinian identity in Jerusalem
41 Under deal, Kahanist party could receive spot on key panel that appoints judges
42 Top health official: Schools likely won't reopen next week
43 Jewish extremist poses threat to Holy Land Christians, church body says
44 Israel's fascist sideshow takes center stage
45 Young Israel head says defense of Netanyahu did not speak for all its synagogues
46 Israel's Far-Right Lehava Group Protests Christmas Event Over Invite for Jews
47 AG recommends banning Otzma Yehudit leader from elections, but okays his deputy
48 Anti-assimilation group to protest honor for Arab-Israeli journalist
49 Police arrest 4 more Lehava anti-assimilation activists
50 Jewish terrorism: Ashkenazim provide the fuel, Mizrahim light the match
51 Likud joins far-right appeal to bar Arab parties from running in election
52 Top posts for merging with Kahanists: Netanyahu, far-right party reach deal
53 At campaign launch, extremist Jewish party calls 'to resettle our enemies'
54 This time around, Arab MK Heba Yazbak could be barred from Knesset run
55 Otzma Yehudit candidate: Critics have to go back 30 years in order to attack us
56 Kahane billboards removed from Jerusalem hotels
57 As Lehava extremists terrorize Jerusalem, where are the police?
58 Israel's Alt-Right Is Now Mainstream—Are Lawmakers Doing Enough to Stop It?
59 Who's Who in Israel's Election 2021?
60 An ultra-Orthodox attacker stabbed six people at the Jerusalem gay pride parade
61 In recording, Netanyahu says far-right merger saved Likud from election defeat
62 Lehava member indicted for illegal possession of ammunition
63 AIPAC to boycott ‘racist and reprehensible’ Kahanist party wooed by Netanyahu
64 Over 10,000 march in Jerusalem Pride Parade under heavy security
65 30 wedding guests to be questioned over clip cheering Duma murders
66 Radical right-wing group's marches of hate in Jerusalem
67 Silence of civil rights warriors
68 Israeli press review: Israel more keen on colonisation than alleviating poverty
69 Jewish Home rejects Netanyahu invite to discuss merger with far-right parties
70 Did Lubavitch support for Jewish Power stop Israel's right wing winning last week's election?
71 Police officer indicted for leaking personal information to Lehava
72 The silence of the Likud lambs
73 The right-wing group trying to keep downtown Jerusalem Arab-free
74 Jewish Home and National Union agree to reunite for Knesset run
75 Female candidate quits Bayit Yehudi over Otzma merger
76 Anti-Arab vigilante group retakes streets of Jerusalem
77 16-year-old girl Shira Banki has died after being stabbed during Jerusalem's gay pride parade
78 Elections Committee clears Jewish Home MK's run on Likud ticket
79 Netanyahu calls Smotrich’s dad, upping pressure for far-right merger
80 Aviya Morris: Israel's new face of Jewish extremism is a 20-year-old mother
81 Labor announces last 2 names on Knesset list: MKs from Hatnua, Yesh Atid
82 Former top army rabbi Peretz tapped as new Jewish Home leader
83 Unions Pressure Norwegian Fund Over UN Settlement Blacklist
84 Labor’s new No. 2, ex-general Tal Russo, won’t say whether he supports 2 states
85 Head of Israeli anti-assimilation group objects to Zuckerberg marrying non-Jew
86 Hundreds demonstrate at wedding of Arab man and Jewish-born woman
87 The uncomfortable context of Israel's book ban
88 Israel's racial purists: United in fear of Jews who love non-Jews
89 How to stop Kahanists from taking over
90 IDF chief rabbi-designate: I never claimed rape was acceptable in wartime
91 End of the Netanyahu era? Worn-out Israel wakes up to political turmoil
92 Police raid offices of anti-assimilation group Lehava
93 A day after new government announced, Instagram and Twitter temporarily ban Yair Netanyahu
94 IDF general compares Israel to Nazi Germany, then walks back comments after right-wing backlash
95 Meet Lehava, the Israeli Fascists Mounting a Vicious Crusade to Keep their Women Away from Arabs
96 Israel's ethnic purity police presents: Anti-assimilation for men
97 Lawyer of Palestinian charged with raping Israeli girl raps 'Dreyfus'-like case
98 When setting fire to a bilingual school is no longer 'racist'
99 Haifa deputy mayor appointment is a blow to coexistence
100 NBC corrects: No ministries offered to Otzma Yehudit