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1 Bernie Sanders On The IRA, Joe Manchin And Upcoming Elections : The NPR Politics Podcast NPR 2 days ago
2 Bernie Sanders becomes supporter — and critic — of Democrats’ bill The Washington Post 13 days ago
3 Senator Bernie Sanders has been meme'd — again NPR 9 days ago
4 Hillary Clinton calls Bernie Sanders sexist in new book: 'I know the kind of things that he says about women' New York Post 5 days ago
5 Bernie Sanders rallies support for Becca Balint in 3-stop campaign tour 18 days ago
6 PREPARED REMARKS: Sanders Calls On Colleagues to Support Amendments to Improve Inflation Reduction Act » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 5 days ago
7 PREPARED REMARKS: Sanders Says Inflation Reduction Act Doesn't Meet Needs of the American People » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 15 days ago
8 Is Becca Balint the Heir to Bernie Sanders? New York Magazine 7 days ago
9 How Bernie Sanders and conservatives united against US semiconductor bill The Guardian US 17 days ago
10 Watch Sanders criticize climate and health care bill on Senate floor CNN 11 days ago
11 US elections: Bernie Sanders campaigns for Michigan progressives Al Jazeera English 19 days ago
12 Could $3,600 Child Tax Credit Return? Here's What Bernie Sanders Is Proposing GOBankingRates 8 hours ago
13 Bernie Sanders to hold pro-union rally in Philadelphia 4 days ago
14 Bernie Sanders Makes His Opinion On Brittney Griner Very Clear The Spun 3 days ago
15 Bernie Sanders and ‘Doomerism’ The Wall Street Journal 27 days ago
16 The new BBB: Bernie's Brazil Bill- POLITICO POLITICO 6 days ago
17 Bernie Sanders for President in 2024? 19FortyFive 30 days ago
18 Bernie Sanders to visit Pontiac for rally to support Reps. Levin, Tlaib Detroit Free Press 27 days ago
19 Bernie Sanders teams up with conservatives against Biden-backed semiconductor bill Boston Herald 25 days ago
20 Senator Sanders rediscovers his faux outrage World Socialist Web Site 1 month ago
21 Bernie Sanders Endorses Mandela Barnes' Campaign to Oust Republican Ron Johnson Common Dreams 30 days ago
22 Elizabeth Warren and the 'Electability Question' POLITICO 5 days ago
23 California Group, with Bernie Sanders Ties, Sends $50000 to Aid Tallahassee's Progressive Candidates 7 days ago
24 Sanders Crafts Amendment to Close 'Holes' in Medicare That 'Are Harming Seniors' Common Dreams 13 days ago
25 Sanders and White House COVID-19 response coordinator Dr Ashish Jha to hold livestream Q&A on COVID Vermont Biz 6 days ago
26 The Must-Read Bernie Sanders Quote on Social Security The Motley Fool 22 days ago
27 WATCH: Bernie Sanders: GOP Is “Giving Up on Democracy” NowThis 6 days ago
28 Hillary Fave Bests Bernie-Backed Congressman in MI Face-Off The Daily Beast 15 days ago
29 VP Harris, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Gov. Newsom Top Preferred Candidates Poll if Biden Doesn’t Run in ... California Globe 20 days ago
30 McConnell: Manchin struck a deal 'only Bernie Sanders would love' Business Insider 16 days ago
31 Joe Rogan explains support for Bernie Sanders Upworthy 23 days ago
32 Trump, Biden, Bernie playing a 3-way game of geriatric chicken in 2024 Business Insider 26 days ago
33 Sen. Bernie Sanders Takes Intel CEO to Task Over Chips Legislation TheStreet 29 days ago
34 Progressive and centrist Dems battle for Vermont House seat The Associated Press 13 days ago
35 Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders hate it, so climate bill must be good Houston Chronicle 7 days ago
36 'Is It Better Than Nothing? I Suppose': Sanders Disappointed by Dems' Drug Pricing Plan Common Dreams 23 days ago
37 Dozens of Amazon employees in San Bernardino walk off job, demanding better pay, improved working conditions KABC-TV 1 day ago
38 Democrats Hold Off Republican Amendments, And Some of Their Own The New York Times 11 days ago
39 Trump News Updates: Bernie Sanders Says GOP Is 'Giving Up on Democracy' Newsweek 7 days ago
40 Bernie Sanders Looking Defeated on Capitol Steps Inspires ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ Meme (At Least He’s Still Good For Something) Mandatory 7 days ago
41 Sanders promises money for new clinic in Brattleboro Brattleboro Reformer 23 hours ago
42 GOP Lawmaker: 'Even Bernie Sanders Isn't Buying This Bill' LiveTube 3 days ago
43 House Dems balk when asked how Inflation Reduction Act will reduce inflation KATV 1 day ago
44 Press Release | Press Releases | Press | U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont Patrick Leahy 7 days ago
45 Mark Hamill Brings Back Bernie Sanders Meme For Big Star Wars Debate Screen Rant 17 days ago
46 What the Senate's 6 oldest members told us about their age Business Insider 2 days ago
47 US Senators Warren, Sanders Ask Key Bank Regulator to Rescind Crypto Guidance CoinDesk 7 days ago
48 How Balint Won — and Gray Lost — the Democratic House Primary Seven Days 6 hours ago
49 Thune breaks through Democratic bloc on 'vote-a-rama' amendments Roll Call 11 days ago
50 Bernie to Dems: Change course before you nosedive in November POLITICO 2 months ago
51 Biden Puts Social Security Front and Center for the Midterms The National Interest Online 15 hours ago
52 AOC 2024: What a Campaign for President Might Look Like 19FortyFive 1 day ago
53 Lifting Up Women in Public Service University of Vermont 1 day ago
54 Peter Funt: Democrats should be Iowa stubborn Portland Press Herald 11 hours ago
55 House Democrats call for action on Social Security reform. What that could mean for your benefits CNBC 2 days ago
56 Bernie Sanders Shows Up to Stop Progressives From Slipping Further in South Texas The Texas Observer 3 months ago
57 When it comes to Biden's legislative leadership: Better to be lucky or good? | Fletcher McClellan Pennsylvania Capital-Star 9 hours ago
58 Progressive Movement Plans Takeover of City Hall 6 hours ago
59 Top Sanders adviser tells supporters the senator has not ruled out 2024 run for president CNN 4 months ago
60 Bernie Sanders Won't Run Again. Who Replaces Him? New York Magazine 1 month ago
61 The Left's hypocrisy on school choice is evident in their support for student loan debt forgiveness Washington Examiner 6 hours ago
62 Bernie Sanders Wants Democrats to Make Unions Their Biggest Message Vanity Fair 4 months ago
63 Biden signs $750B healthcare, tax and climate bill JURIST 3 hours ago
64 Bernie Sanders says he won't primary Biden and would support him if he runs again CNN 2 months ago
65 Dr. Oz Derided Over Ad Attacking Fetterman's Support for 'Free Healthcare' Common Dreams 1 day ago
66 That Single Payer Thing Isn't Working Out for U.K. 1 day ago
67 Bernie Sanders endorses Becca Balint for US House 1 month ago
68 Bernie Sanders skewers Republican critic of ‘full-on socialism’ in Fox debate The Guardian US 2 months ago
69 NEWS: Sanders Opposes All Blank Checks to Chip Companies » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 1 month ago
70 Bernie Sanders: The time for Senate talk is over. We need to vote CNN 7 months ago
71 Side by Side With (Bernie) Sanders The New York Times 4 months ago
72 NEWS: Sanders Introduces Medicare for All with 14 Colleagues in the Senate » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 3 months ago
73 Deconstructed: On the Road With Bernie Sanders The Intercept 4 months ago
74 Bernie Sanders in Chicago next week: Is endorsing Jonathan Jackson, Delia Ramirez Democratic primary bids Chicago Sun-Times 2 months ago
75 Sanders says it was 'absolutely' appropriate for Sinema to be censured CNN 7 months ago
76 Bernie Sanders endorses Levin, Tlaib in their Democratic primaries Detroit News 2 months ago
77 NEWS: Sanders Statement on U.S. Response to Russia » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 6 months ago
78 Bernie Sanders and Lindsey Graham will debate in Boston. Can it help politicians find common ground? GBH News 2 months ago
79 PREPARED REMARKS: Sanders Floor Speech on Growing Union Movement » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 5 months ago
80 Cody Petterson's Quixotic Crusade For Change Animates His Run For SDUSD's District C Board Seat Voice of San Diego 9 hours ago
81 NEWS: Sanders Writes Letter Asking President Biden to Fulfill Campaign Promise and Cancel Amazon's Federal Contracts » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 4 months ago
82 Bernie Sanders Prepares for ‘War’ With AIPAC and Its Super PAC The New York Times 3 months ago
83 Bernie Sanders endorses Delia Ramirez and Jonathan Jackson for Congress Chicago Tribune 2 months ago
84 Bernie Sanders Shrinks Endorsements as Democrats Shy Away From Socialism Newsweek 4 months ago
85 PREPARED REMARKS: Sanders Calls for Ending the Filibuster to Protect the Right to Abortion » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 3 months ago
86 Bernie Sanders Can't Fix Baseball POLITICO 2 months ago
87 How Facebook Took Away Bernie Sanders' Hopes and Dreams The Daily Beast 3 months ago
88 Sen. Bernie Sanders Warns of 'Drumbeats' of War in Washington » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 6 months ago
89 Bernie Sanders is leaving N.J. Democrats alone this year 4 months ago
90 Feinstein, Menendez, Cassidy, Spanberger, Fitzpatrick, Colleagues Push IRS to Clear Unprecedented Backlogs, Resolve Customer Service Issues Senator Dianne Feinstein 2 days ago
91 Why Bernie Sanders' Potential 2024 Run is Good for Biden TIME 4 months ago
92 U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders slams Biden over Saudi visit Reuters 1 month ago
93 Gen Z TikTok creators are boycotting Amazon, despite lucrative deals The Washington Post 1 day ago
94 Bernie Sanders flies first class to stump for fellow socialist candidate Summer Lee Fox News 3 months ago
95 Bernie Sanders calls out potential 2024 presidential rival Buttigieg over flight cancellations, delays Fox News 2 months ago
96 Bernie Sanders Sarcastically Congratulates Billionaires for Making America an 'Oligarchic Form of Society' » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 6 months ago
97 Statement by Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders | Health | Bennington Banner 3 months ago
98 The teacher shortage problem is bad. Really bad. POLITICO 2 days ago
99 Bernie Sanders Is Mad as Hell at Joe Manchin’s Corruption, And He’s Not Gonna Take It Anymore Yahoo News 1 month ago
100 NEWS: Sanders, Warren, and Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Expand Social Security by $2400 a Year and Extend Solvency for 75 Years » Senator Bernie Sanders Senator Bernie Sanders 2 months ago