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1 Global Ox Bezoars (Cow Bezoars) Market Research 2021: Leading Players, Analytical Assessment and Fut
2 An Unusual Cause of Bowel Obstruction: Meet the Bezoars
3 Trafficking for traditional medicine threatens the Philippine porcupine
4 The Magical Medicine of Bezoars | HowStuffWorks
5 Porcupines are being poached for their bezoars
6 Porcupines Face a Poaching Crisis — and It's All Because of What's in Their Stomachs • The Revelator
7 What Exactly Is a Bezoar?
8 Ox Bezoars (Cow Bezoars) Market Size, Demand, Growth, Trends, Segmentation and Forecasts Research to 2026
9 Hairball taken out from gut of minor suffering from Rapunzel Syndrome in Tamil Nadu's Villupuram
10 Toxicology Rounds: Facts and Fiction about Pharmacobezoars : Emergency Medicine News
11 Oldest livestock genome reveals origin of today's goats
12 Woman develops 2-inch bezoar in stomach after diet of crab meat and persimmons
13 Symptoms of Diabetes: Nausea and Vomiting
14 Conservationists concerned about illegal hunting and exploitation of porcupines in Indonesia
15 Persimmon fruit: Nutrition, health benefits, and more
16 Stones from porcupine guts are a hot commodity on Instagram
17 Persian 'Bezoar' were human pearls of ingested food worn a 'charms' by Kings and Queens
18 When Psychiatric Issues Cause Physical Ones | American Council on Science and Health
19 Man who found pig's gallstone discovers it's worth £450,000
20 Gastroparesis: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment
21 Plastic waste forms huge, deadly masses in camel guts
22 The Man-Made Gut Stones Once Used to Thwart Assassination Attempts
23 Study warns of impacts of unregulated trade in Indonesian porcupines
24 Hairball whodunit: Guess where this huge hoghair bezoar came from
25 NCBI ROFL: How good is cola for dissolution of gastric phytobezoars?
26 Doctors Remove More Than 100 Pieces of Metal from a Man's Stomach
27 Porcupines are exploited for meat and medicine in Indonesia
28 Our Treasures: Inside story on mysterious bezoar
29 Camels have been dying after mistaking plastic for food
30 A teenager who ate her own hair was hospitalized after a 19-inch hairball tore through her stomach, causing her to faint
31 Chinese man set to become millionaire after finding pig's gallstone
32 Here's Where J.K. Rowling Got Her Magical Ideas for Harry Potter (Photos)
33 Snack food royalty in the house
34 First wild goat observed after a century in Turkey’s southeast killed by poachers
35 Gastric Phytobezoars: Coca-Cola an Effective Treatment
36 Teen With Rapunzel Syndrome Had Doctors Surgically Remove Hairball From Stomach
37 'It's a slow death': Camels are dying with masses of plastic in their bellies, study finds
38 Eight Unusual Good Luck Charms
39 Urban Legends—of Your Digestive Tract | Eat + Run | US News
40 PhotographED
41 Be on the (fur) ball: getting a handle on a hairy problem
42 One Time This Pony Drank a Lot of Diet Coke. Here's Why
43 What Happens When You Swallow Gum?
44 Within Normal Limits: A Surprising Abdominal Mass : Emergency Medicine News
45 Chinese Farmer Now Wealthy After Finding Pig's Gallstone Worth Over $600,000
46 Is It Bad If My Child Swallows Popcorn Kernels?
47 Porcupines now run the risk of becoming endangered in SE Asia
48 How to "Cure" & Cook Unripe Cut Persimmon?
49 Lokelma: Side effects, dosage, uses, and more
50 It may make you fat, but soda IS good for something -- dissolving those pesky stomach blockages: study
51 Happy Hairball Awareness Day!
52 Deadly Alert: Medium-Sized Suitcase Plastic Waste Found on Camel Guts
53 Dangerous Diet Trend: The Cotton Ball Diet
54 The grisly trials that gave poison to prisoners
55 'Stomach paralysis' can cause feeling of bloat, lead to trouble
56 The 10 Strangest Medical Cases of 2017
57 Doctors remove metal from stomach of man who ate needles and spoons for years
58 Why cows’ gallstones are worth their weight in gold
59 Surgeons remove nails, knives and screws from man's stomach
60 Porcupines Poached for Chinese Medicine at Risk of Becoming Endangered
61 Doctors removed 100 pieces of metal from a man's stomach
62 The Deadly Story of Poison | The History of Poison
63 Donohue: Problems after eating ice cream may indicate lactase enzyme deficiency
64 Stem cell-combo therapy could bring long-term relief for gastroparesis
65 Scott Hollifield: The search for the magic porcupine stones
66 New 'Harry Potter' Potions Labels From Con*Quest Journals on Sale Now!
67 A Dream That's More Real: On Silvia Moreno-Garcia's “Untamed Shore”
68 Access these museums' full archive of free coloring books
69 The origin of domestication genes in goats
70 Huge 9lb hairball removed from teenage girl's stomach
71 Managing the Gastrointestinal Symptoms of Fabry Disease
72 Diabetic gastroparesis: Symptoms, complications, treatments, and diet
73 An Overview of Gastroparesis
74 Ball of Hair Removed From Ahmedabad Girl’s Stomach; All About Rapunzel Syndrome or Trichophagia – The
75 Meet the Woman Who Beat Out Hundreds of Applicants to Manage the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Commanding Social Media Presence
76 The Surgeons' Lounge
77 The 12 Best Lockets of 2021 | New Locket Necklaces
78 The Adult Swim Comedy Series You Can Find On HBO Max
79 Visual Diagnosis: Tachypnea and Abdominal Distention in a 5-week-old Boy
80 Inside the ever-expanding wizarding world: Harry Potter at 20
81 The Harry Potter books according to Ron and Hermione
82 A weird thing could happen in your stomach after eating lots of oranges and black moss
83 Uncommon Causes for Indigestion
84 Diabetic Gastroparesis: Symptoms, Treatment, and More
85 What’s Up Doc? What is gastroparesis?
86 Man has emergency op to remove giant 'stones' after scoffing vast amount of fruit
87 20 Years Later, Tracing the History behind Harry Potter’s Witchcraft and Wizardry
88 Making Marvels at The Met: Curiouser and Curiouser | by Andrew Katzenstein
89 8 franchises that could use a 'Pokémon Go'-style app
90 The amazing swimming Proboscis monkey (part I)
91 How Long Does Gum Stay in Your Stomach? 3 Popular Chewing Gum Questions Answered
92 The Wonderful, Transcendent Life of an Odd-Nosed Monkey
93 14 “Magical” Things in Harry Potter That Are Actually Real
94 Eight-year-old girl's stomach is nearly filled by a furball after eating hair for six years
95 6 super-gross animal parts Malaysians eat as ‘medicine’
96 Bizarre museum forced to sell exhibits to stay afloat after being forced to close during pandemic
97 What Happens If You Swallow Gum?
98 Give persimmons a chance
99 Perspective: Special delivery for the gut
100 All you ever wanted to know about… gallstones