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1 Bill Gates: We must remember this takeaway from the Great Recession CNN 9 hours ago
2 Want to change the world? Bill Gates says you should 'read a lot' and 'find a skill you enjoy' CNBC 4 days ago
3 No, Bill Gates isn't behind the monkeypox outbreak PolitiFact 6 hours ago
4 Bill Gates has Covid CNN 14 days ago
5 Singapore Pharmacy Platform Startup Lands $27 Million In Bill Gates-Backed Funding Round Forbes 22 hours ago
6 Elon Musk accuses Bill Gates of funding his critics as feud between the billionaires deepens Daily Mail 6 hours ago
7 Bill Gates Explains Why He Doesn’t Own Any Cryptocurrency Forbes 5 days ago
8 The curious mobile phone that Bill Gates uses on a daily basis and which leaves no-one indifferent Marca English 11 hours ago
9 Bill Gates predicts the keys to avoiding the next pandemic and confirms good news Marca English 5 days ago
10 Bill Gates is coming to TC Sessions: Climate TechCrunch 7 days ago
11 Bill Gates on Covid: ‘I don’t want to be a voice of doom and gloom,’ but 'the worst’ could still be ahead CNBC 23 days ago
12 A conspiracy theory tries to blame Pfizer and Bill Gates for the baby formula shortage Poynter 2 days ago
13 Bill Gates says preventing next pandemic will cost $1 billion a year CNN 17 days ago
14 ‘I think that is a very positive thing’: Bill Gates explains the digital silver lining to the COVID pandemic Fortune 16 days ago
15 Mainspring raises $100m from Lightrock, Khosla, Bill Gates for linear generators Axios 14 hours ago
16 ‘I caused pain’: Bill Gates responds to allegations of affair a year after divorce The Guardian US 22 days ago
17 PM: Call regarding funding from Bill Gates Foundation came from scammer Trinidad Guardian 1 day ago
18 On GPS: Bill Gates' plan to stop the next pandemic CNN 17 days ago
19 Bill Gates tells Anderson what surprised him about Covid misinformation CNN 11 days ago
20 The best questions that Redditors asked me Gates Notes 4 days ago
21 Bill Gates’ 2022 Portfolio: 7 Stocks to Sell Yahoo Finance 6 days ago
22 Bill Gates: Roe v. Wade reversal 'would set us back 50 years' Business Insider 22 days ago
23 Bill Gates questions Elon Musk's goals with Twitter: 'He could make it worse' CNBC 20 days ago
24 Bill Gates set to open luxury hotel stone's throw from Vatican Crux Now 6 days ago
25 Bill Gates misleadingly linked to formula shortage AFP Factcheck 5 days ago
26 Life sciences news: COVID-19 shot clinical data, Bill Gates on preventing the next pandemic GeekWire 25 days ago
27 Why Elon Musk took aim at Bill Gates on Twitter New York Post 30 days ago
28 Meet the GERM team | Bill Gates Gates Notes 25 days ago
29 Bill Gates and the Order of the Holy Sepulcher: Two Peculiar Partners FSSPX.News 1 day ago
30 Bill Gates shares vlog from Abu Dhabi's 'cool' vaccine storage warehouse The National 4 days ago
31 Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates Celebrate Daughter Jennifer's 26th Birthday: 'Incredibly Proud' PEOPLE 28 days ago
32 Bill Gates' Fund Has Poured Millions Into a Lithium Startup Racing to Solve the EV Industry's Biggest Problem Business Insider 8 days ago
33 Shocking losses of world’s richest people 1 day ago
34 Carbon capture challenges are not deterring investor at Bill Gates' firm CNBC 18 days ago
35 Bill Gates-backed company accused of firing whistleblowers who flagged misconduct Financial Times 1 month ago
36 Bill Gates owns a lot of American farmland, but not the majority The Associated Press 23 days ago
37 Elon Musk, Bill Gates (to name a few) scheduled to visit B20 Summit in Bali this November Coconuts 23 hours ago
38 Trump was terrified getting hit in face by a cream pie like Bill Gates was, Michael Cohen says Business Insider Africa 2 days ago
39 LNP Senate candidate believes Bill Gates was behind COVID and MMR vaccine causes autism Sydney Morning Herald 21 days ago
40 Floyd Mayweather’s Idol Warren Buffett Makes $2.17 Billion While Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Other Billionaires Suffer Nearly $200 Billion in Losses EssentiallySports 2 days ago
41 The future Bill Gates? Meet the Fife pupils who are leading the way in coding The Courier 13 hours ago
42 In new video series, Bill Gates dines with health experts and reflects on COVID-19 lessons GeekWire 2 months ago
43 Bill Gates cancels his holiday plans, says ‘we could be entering the worst part of the pandemic’ GeekWire 5 months ago
44 Bill Gates Says He 'Will Always Be Sorry for the Pain' He Caused Melinda and Their Family PEOPLE 3 months ago
45 Bill Gates says Covid risks have 'dramatically reduced' but another pandemic is coming CNBC 3 months ago
46 Send us your questions for Bill Gates The Guardian 1 month ago
47 Bill Gates warns of pandemics potentially far worse than Covid Financial Times 4 months ago
48 Bill Gates says when Covid runs rampant, masks are like pants: 'You have to wear' them CNBC 3 months ago
49 Fact check: Bill Gates didn't hand journalist a blank check on TV USA TODAY 7 months ago
50 Who Is on the New Gates Foundation Board? The New York Times 4 months ago
51 Bill Gates says the metaverse will host most of your office meetings within 'two or three years' — here's what it will look like CNBC 6 months ago
52 Bill Gates says he regrets the time spent with Jeffrey Epstein: 'It was a huge mistake' CNN 10 months ago
53 Bill Gates: These 2 strategies could control the Covid pandemic by summer CNBC 6 months ago
54 Inside Bill Gates’ multi-faceted org that wants to help save the world from climate destruction GeekWire 2 months ago
55 Bill Gates reportedly advised to end inappropriate emails with female employee in 2008 The Guardian 7 months ago
56 Bill Gates conspiracies share many similarities to witch hunts USA TODAY 7 months ago
57 Fact check: Website makes false claim about Bill Gates USA TODAY 10 months ago
58 Bill Gates visits Pakistan, says polio eradication possible in a few years 3 months ago
59 Bill Gates predicts this technology will replace smartphones Marca English 3 months ago
60 Why Bill Gates warns against investing in Bitcoin: 'If you have less money than Elon, watch out' CNBC 3 months ago
61 Bill Gates climate fund plans to mobilize $15 billion into clean tech CNBC 4 months ago
62 What Bill Gates Says He Should Have Done in College to Make Him More Successful Inc. 3 months ago
63 What a 1994 Bill Gates keynote tells us about the metaverse Fast Company 2 months ago
64 Fact check: Claim missing context on Bill Gates 2010 quote about population sustainability USA TODAY 4 months ago
65 Melinda French Gates Says Her 'Lowest Moment' Was Making the Decision to Leave Bill Gates PEOPLE 2 months ago
66 Bill Gates won't join the space race. He wants to eradicate malaria and tuberculosis instead CNN 5 months ago
67 Bill Gates is turning $43M 'bachelor pad' into 'nuisance,' locals claim New York Post 2 months ago
68 Billionaire Bill Gates Uses Money to Shape the Media Jacobin magazine 6 months ago
69 Microsoft orders probe of Bill Gates harassment allegations New York Post 4 months ago
70 Bill Gates secures hundreds of millions from U.S. firms for climate fight CNBC 8 months ago
71 How much money does Bill Gates makes every second? Marca English 2 months ago
72 Bill Gates' net worth in 2022 ClutchPoints 19 days ago
73 Bill Gates four tips to achieve happiness Marca English 3 months ago
74 Bill Gates Infidelity: Who did Bill Gates have an affair with? Marca English 3 months ago
75 Bill Gates didn't say he wanted to use vaccines to reduce the population Poynter 7 months ago
76 Bill Gates Jumps Over A Chair, Shares ‘reel’ On Microsoft's 47th Birthday. Watch | Mint Mint 2 months ago
77 Bill Gates Can Remove Melinda French Gates From Foundation in Two Years The New York Times 11 months ago
78 Talking about the last pandemic at TED Gates Notes 1 month ago
79 Why hasnt Bill Gates said anything about Russias invasion of Ukraine? Marca English 3 months ago
80 The three things Bill Gates regrets the most from his life Marca 2 months ago
81 Bill Gates, John Kerry stress 'urgent' need for businesses to join climate fight CNBC 4 months ago
82 Bill Gates has 'never been a big New Year’s resolution person’ — why that's smart, according to a clinical psychologist CNBC 5 months ago
83 Bill Gates: the three most important discoveries in human history Marca English 2 months ago
84 The five amazing women who inspire Bill Gates Marca English 2 months ago
85 Bill Gates opens up about divorce at Sun Valley, blames himself: source New York Post 11 months ago
86 Bill Gates says we aren’t ready for the next pandemic The Independent 8 months ago
87 Bill Gates and Blackrock are backing the start-up behind hydropanels that make water out of thin air CNBC 2 months ago
88 Bill Gates Had Reputation for Questionable Behavior Before Divorce The New York Times 7 months ago
89 Bill Gates and other ultra-rich depend on ‘millions of poor people’: billionaire Tom Steyer Yahoo Finance 7 months ago
90 Bill Gates Bought Up More of This Waste-Management Stock Barron's 3 months ago
91 The 50 biggest US donors gave or pledged nearly $28 billion in 2021 – Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates account for $15 billion of that total The Conversation 4 months ago
92 Bill Gates' Rank On The Forbes 400 Is The Lowest It's Been In 30 Years Forbes 8 months ago
93 Bill Gates squirms, fiddles with ring finger when asked about ties to Jeffrey Epstein New York Post 8 months ago
94 Melinda French Gates to no longer give bulk of wealth via Gates Foundation The Guardian 4 months ago
95 Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates Finalize Divorce The New York Times 10 months ago
96 Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Joins Musk, Dorsey On Ukraine TheStreet 2 months ago
97 What is Bill Gates’ net worth? How much money does he make? AS USA 6 months ago
98 Mitsubishi to pour $100m into Bill Gates-backed clean tech push Nikkei Asia 1 month ago
99 Bill Gates offers direction, not solutions TechCrunch 9 months ago
100 Bill Gates visited Jeffrey Epstein's NYC townhouse multiple times, new book claims Fox Business 10 months ago