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1 Vilnius-based Biomatter Designs raises €500k to develop AI for generative protein design
2 Biomatter Designs: The start-up making synthetic protein design easier
3 How Will the Proteins of the Future Be Designed?
4 Exclusive Report on US Clinical Oncology Ngs Market | Major Growth Player from 2021-2028 |Illumina Inc, Roche, Agilent Technologies, Knome Incorporated. Genomatix Software Gmbh, Gatc Biotech Ag – The Manomet Current
5 The Annual Role Models Contest Showcases Student Prowess in Healthy Materials
6 ProteinGAN: A generative adversarial network that generates functional protein sequences
7 Unique AI method for generating proteins will speed up drug development
8 Europe’s Technology Industry Saw a Rise of 26.76% in Artificial Intelligence Deal Activity in Q1 2021
9 Clinical Oncology Next Generation Sequencing Market Forecast Studied in New report Published by Decisive Markets Insights, Key Players – Illumina, Roche, Agilent Technologies. – The Manomet Current
10 Events + Exhibitions
11 “The Emerald Tutu” wins NSF grant for design to protect Boston's coastline
12 Munich-based Ryte lands €6.5 million to grow its website quality management software across Europe
13 British insurtech startup Humn lands funding from Shell Ventures, as it goes international
14 Dissolving 'skyscraper' is aimed at reviving wildfire-damaged forests by distributing soil and seeds
15 Graduate Architecture
16 The Metropolis A to Z of Surfaces
17 Estonian fintech Montonio raises €500K to compete with the traditional installment credit model
18 thomas vailly and atelier luma transform sunflowers to biodegradable materials
19 Atmospheric CO2 is "our biggest resource" says Made of Air
20 Spaceship Hour
21 Toilet flushing can create infectious aerosols even when lid is closed
22 With Help from the Federal Government, Biobased Products are Proliferating
23 GraphPad Acquires Biomatters to Form Industry Leading Life Sciences Software Platform
24 Escape of SARS-CoV-2 501Y.V2 from neutralization by convalescent plasma
25 Plants will save us — if we help them do it
26 How I Use Pruned Branches in My Garden
27 Backcountry Cooking with the Best Camp Stoves
28 FDA clears Boston Scientific's disposable duodenoscope, the world's first
29 Plasmodium falciparum kelch 13 Mutations, 9 Countries in Africa, 2014–2018
30 Carp Diem: Pest seizes on post flood conditions, native fish at risk
31 Garden Notes: Mulch wisely, and eschew volcanoes
32 The science of soft | News | University of Calgary
33 Relativity Space's reusable Terran R rocket can be 3D-printed in 60 days
34 Honda changes gear with hand-finished 3D printed motorbike prototypes
35 A unique route of colloidal phase separation yields stress-free gels
36 Nuffield scholar: Stop thinking of food and beverage as just 'food and beverage'
37 Richard Littlemore: Permafrost carbon feedback could be the disaster that saves us all
38 Legal weed packaging is wrecking the planet. What are we going to do about it?
39 Exome mediated drug delivery to the bone microenvironment | IJN
40 Farming for our futures: The full story of How The Prince of Wales turned Sandringham organic
41 The next big biz innovation: Mushrooms
42 Fantastic Four Is a Confused, Joyless Mess
43 Genome Sequencing Market Size to Reach Revenues of around USD 5 Billion by 2026
44 Trends in Design and Home Furnishings
45 MIT Discovers Method for Bio-Printing Plant Tissue
46 Rainbow Six Extraction's Archaen are StarCraft's Zerg Meets The Last of Us' Cordyceps
47 Global Bioinformatics Markets & Technologies Report 2021-2025: Antibody-Based Drug Discovery and Development, Development of Novel Bioinformatics and Drugs, New Antibody Technologies & Antibody Types
48 The ultimate last-minute Father's Day gift guide
49 Global $1.05 Billion Clinical Oncology Next Generation Sequencing Markets, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F
50 Dr. Pimple Popper dug out a cyst so huge she called it 'the cave of hidden gems'
51 At Milan Design Week 2017, a Very Brilliant Woman Explains the Future of Architecture
52 Read the paper: The tuatara genome reveals ancient features of amniote evolution
53 Whiskey Creek restoration due to begin this fall
54 3D Printing News Briefs, June 12, 2021: BAE Systems, Mechano, QuesTek, University of Virginia, University of Stuttgart, PRES-X & GPAINNOVA
55 Central Saint Martins adds MA Biodesign course
56 Genome Sequencing Market, 2026
57 Shattering barriers toward clinically meaningful MSC therapies
58 'Pete the plant' to take selfies to help monitor its environment
59 3D-printing BioPen "draws" with living cells to repair damaged bones
60 Genesis and spread of multiple reassortants during the 2016/2017 H5 avian influenza epidemic in Eurasia
61 Comparative Genome Analysis of Livestock and Human Colistin-Resistant | IDR
62 Apple invents a water-centric sensor system for Apple Watch that could notify a Swimmer that a shark is nearby & much more
63 Soft robot with a mouth and gut can forage for its own food
64 Two Views of Biology: Structuralism vs. Functionalism
65 Plant takes 'selfies,' showing possibility of plant-powered devices
66 Vancouver Council Votes Against Delay for Climate Emergency Plan
67 Coming Clean: Protecting Yourself From Bacteria on Endoscopes
68 Europe’s Green Hydrogen Revolution Is Turning Blue
69 The best Xbox games of 2020
70 Study: Plastics a source of minuscule, but 'climate-relevant,' methane
71 Foresight Biosciences & Van Heron Labs form a strategic alignment
72 Afton inventor designs a self-contained home sewage treatment system
73 Robot engineered in Bristol EATS organic matter and could clean contaminated water
74 'Interstellar Rift' Picked up By Iceberg Interactive
75 Role of HPV 16 variants among cervical carcinoma samples from Northeastern Brazil
76 Arkis BioSciences wins FDA nod for CerebroFlow neuro cath
77 The 10 Deadliest Video Game Diseases
78 Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho's Send Up of New York's Lowline in Freiburg
79 Architecting highly hydratable polymer networks to tune the water state for solar water purification
80 Next Generation Sequencing Market Size is Estimated to Reach USD 18,565 Million By 2026
81 Biomass-Fueled Robot to Chow Down On Veggies, Not People, Makers Insist
82 On Anthropolysis
83 Temporal pressure enhanced topical drug delivery through micropore formation
84 Evolution of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium during colonization and infection in immunocompromised pediatric patients
85 Serosurvey for Influenza D Virus Exposure in Cattle, United States, 2014–2015
86 UK Government’s Advisers Urge It to Back Hydrogen Economy in Stimulus Plans
87 Achieving greater efficiency for fast data center operations: System better allocates time-sensitive data processing across cores to maintain quick user-response times.
88 Shell's Plan to Save Us From Climate Change Makes a Dangerous Assumption
89 Daily Business Report-April 29, 2019
90 This Creepy Tin Foil Robot Helps Scientists Understand What Crawling Babies Inhale
91 The color of climate change in Japan's Yaeyama archipelago
92 NASA reassessing date for first SLS launch
93 Local power: tapping distributed energy in 21st-century cities
94 This Rustic-Chic Retreat in Portugal’s Montauk Offers Ensuite Plunge Pools
95 Differentiation of human ESCs to retinal ganglion cells using a CRISPR engineered reporter cell line | Scientific Reports
96 The Latest News and Data About Biodiesel Production
97 Is Big Tech Merging With Big Brother? Kinda Looks Like It
98 Go on a Walking Tour of Chicago's Historic McKinley Park Neighborhood
99 3D printing will be huge, in the most boring and fascinating ways imaginable
100 Thomas Vailly Creates Products from Sunflower Crop Waste