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1 USA: NYPD ordered to hand over documents detailing surveillance of Black Lives Matter protests following lawsuit Amnesty International 8 days ago
2 Vandals paint over Black Lives Matter memorial faces at Franklinton gallery NBC4 WCMH-TV 1 day ago
3 Black Lives Matter Memphis chapter reflects after celebrating 9th anniversary WATN 23 days ago
4 Minneapolis again displays the brain rot of the Black Lives Matter movement Washington Examiner 23 days ago
5 Why the Black Lives Matter Movement Still Matters Deadline News 1 day ago
6 ‘Dysfunctional environments.’ How George Floyd’s death roiled Charlotte workplaces Charlotte Observer 12 hours ago
7 ‘Black Lives Matter’ Horse Dies Mysteriously During Standard Procedure The Root 9 days ago
8 What do Black folks really think of BLM yard signs? Triad City Beat 1 day ago
9 Widow of slain Black police officer urges corporations to end BLM donations KATU 20 days ago
10 State Disclosure Statement Black Lives Matter 27 days ago
11 Black Lives Matter protester seeks additional damages against Detroit police Detroit News 4 days ago
12 BLM Co-Founder Warns: The Rise of White Supremacy is Here The Root 23 days ago
13 BLM activist Shaun King threatens to dox, inflict 'pain' on NY Post reporters Washington Examiner 5 days ago
14 Lessons learned from the post-George Floyd protests Brookings Institution 19 days ago
15 Live PD returns after Black Lives Matter forced it off the air Washington Examiner 19 days ago
16 Black Lives Matter: Four police officers charged with murder of Breonna Taylor Hindustan Times 5 days ago
17 Black Lives Matter movement sparks BIPOC Composers Project University of Colorado Boulder 13 days ago
18 BLM activist says he needed $40K designer guard dog to be safe from white supremacists Washington Examiner 7 days ago
19 Sole BLM-backed federal candidate charged with wire fraud scheme involving campaign and party funds Fox News 19 days ago
20 Nonprofit, volunteers to paint second Black Lives Matter mural in Ann Arbor on Saturday WDIV ClickOnDetroit 1 month ago
21 Benton dad jailed for city centre violent disorder against Black Lives Matter protestors Chronicle Live 17 hours ago
22 'All lives matter,' WH spokesman John Kirby says when asked if African ones do not New York Post 7 days ago
23 Mom plans legal action after 7-year-old girl punished by school for BLM poster that said 'any life' Fox News 29 days ago
24 Outrage as 'White Lives Matter' banner draped over Dundee landmark Daily Record 1 day ago
25 Portland camp imagines life without cops, features BLM coloring book New York Post 21 days ago
26 California man sentenced for threatening family wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirts Face2Face Africa 6 days ago
27 What Happened to Royce White? – Mother Jones Mother Jones 2 days ago
28 BLM responsible for rise in US hate crimes opinion 6 days ago
29 City has paid $67M in police misconduct settlements in 2022, including $12M payout for Sunset Park teen paralyzed by cops • Brooklyn Paper Brooklyn Paper 1 day ago
30 Mark McCloskey, Who Aimed Gun at BLM Protest, Faces Heavy Defeat in Primary Newsweek 7 days ago
31 NLRB Attys Tell Board To Reverse BLM Protest Ruling Law360 1 day ago
32 Over 600 kids strip searched by London police, mostly black boys: New data Hindustan Times 2 days ago
33 White Lives Matter banner hung from Clifford's Tower, York The Northern Echo 10 hours ago
34 Why I started a digital shrine to Justice Smith and Nic Ashe’s relationship Xtra Magazine 5 hours ago
35 Ex-RNC chair calls Marjorie Taylor Greene 'shitforbrains' over Trump raid reaction Business Insider 8 hours ago
36 Letter: Focus attention on dispossessed The Columbian 9 hours ago
37 Black Lives Matter foundation has $42 million in assets 3 months ago
38 How Black Lives Matter protests sparked interest, can lead to change University of Washington 5 months ago
39 U.S. teens are more likely than adults to support the Black Lives Matter movement Pew Research Center 2 months ago
40 Research finds Black Lives Matter protests shift public discourse IU Newsroom 4 months ago
41 The Murky Finances of Black Lives Matter New York Magazine 6 months ago
42 ‘Great sign’ or ‘very unfortunate’? Black Lives Matter supporters split over $6M purchase NBC News 4 months ago
43 Black Lives Matter Secretly Bought a $6 Million House New York Magazine 4 months ago
44 Woman fired for posting anti-Black Lives Matter comments loses appeal New Jersey Monitor 3 months ago
45 Black Lives Matter protests are shaping how people understand racial inequality The Conversation Indonesia 4 months ago
46 'I thought Black lives mattered?' Mayor Eric Adams slams the activist movement over New York City crime POLITICO 4 months ago
47 Support for Black Lives Matter movement is declining, according to new poll NBC News 8 months ago
48 Salem restaurant buried in fake reviews, hateful comments following Naomi Wolf incident Oregon Public Broadcasting 9 days ago
49 Black Lives Matter protests have lasting impact on racial discourse Open Access Government 4 months ago
50 Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Commemorates George Floyd, Demands Systemic Change to Protect Black Life Black Lives Matter 3 months ago
51 Should Black Lives Matter be advocating to end gun violence within Black communities? The Washington Post 3 months ago
52 Support for Black Lives Matter is unchanged since September 2020 Pew Research Center 11 months ago
53 Meet the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation's Growing Board of Directors Black Lives Matter 3 months ago
54 BLM has left Black Americans worse off since the movement began, experts say Fox News 3 months ago
55 Black Lives Matter: How far has the movement come? The Conversation Indonesia 11 months ago
56 Black Lives Matter Continues To Harm America, Money Problems Aside 6 months ago
57 Who's In Charge of Black Lives Matter's Millions of Dollars? Reason 6 months ago
58 Oh, to be as privileged as a Black Lives Matter leader New York Post 4 months ago
59 Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Overturning Roe Black Lives Matter 2 months ago
60 Opinion | George Floyd and the Fading Signs of Black Lives Matter The New York Times 3 months ago
61 Premier League teams won't take the knee before every game The Associated Press 6 days ago
62 Trayvon Martin’s death, Black Lives Matter and the activism that shaped a decade The Washington Post 6 months ago
63 Black Support of Black Lives Matter Movement in Decline, Poll Finds BET 2 months ago
64 Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of ‘white companies’ Fox Business 8 months ago
65 Black Lives Matter leaders condemn allegations of mismanaged funds NBC News 4 months ago
66 Supporters of Black Lives Matters are more likely to have protest-related dreams, study finds PsyPost 3 months ago
67 Greene: No comparison between Black Lives Matter and Jan. 6 insurrection Lowell Sun 2 months ago
68 We Want to Talk to You About the Creator's House in California Black Lives Matter 3 months ago
69 Library of Congress displays Black Lives Matter fence artwork online NPR 6 months ago
70 BLM activists continue to fight for black lives as racial disparities continue FOX61 Hartford 1 month ago
71 Iqaluit museum collecting donations from Pope’s visit Nunatsiaq News 8 hours ago
72 The Promise of Black Lives Matter 7 months ago
73 BLMGNF Responds to White House's Plans to Advance Equity and Racial Justice Across Federal Government Black Lives Matter 4 months ago
74 Financial scandal at Black Lives Matter foundation: Who benefits from racialist politics? WSWS 6 months ago
75 An Interview With Black Lives Matter Leader Deedra Zee Sarasota 6 months ago
76 Officers Said They Hoped Black Lives Matter Protesters Would Die, Suit Says The New York Times 5 months ago
77 Judge dismisses case in which Home Depot is accused of banning BLM from uniforms NPR 2 months ago
78 Black Lives Matter DC v. Trump | American Civil Liberties Union ACLU 4 months ago
79 BLM privilege and Jan. 6 Capitol riot shame New York Post 6 months ago
80 The Black Lives Matter movement, but not COVID, encouraged voters toward Biden | Penn Today Penn Today 5 months ago
81 More than a moment: what did Black Lives Matter achieve? • International Socialism International Socialism Journal 1 month ago
82 Black Lives Matter Corruption Should Be Investigated National Review 3 months ago
83 Soros’ alleged support of Black Lives Matter resurges on social media PolitiFact 4 months ago
84 Father and son jailed for life for hate crime over murder of black jogger Ahmaud Arbery Sky News 1 day ago
85 Donald Trump book from NJ couple will be a must-read 4 hours ago
86 Kyle Rittenhouse claims he supports Black Lives Matter in Tucker Carlson interview NBC News 9 months ago
87 Black Lives Matter Releases Statement on Biden's 2022 Budget Black Lives Matter 4 months ago
88 Trayvon Martin's killing 10 years ago changed the tenor of democracy NPR 5 months ago
89 Whole Foods win shows bosses can ban "Black Lives Matter" masks, and more Reuters 1 month ago
90 Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisse Cullors to speak on abolition, art and social justice Wayne State University 5 months ago
91 Oregonians say they support Black Lives Matter, but many goals unfulfilled OregonLive 4 months ago
92 Adolescent civic engagement: Lessons from Black Lives Matter | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 5 months ago
93 Fact check: Thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters arrested in 2020 USA TODAY 6 months ago
94 How Media Influences the Use of Violence in Protests: An Analysis of the Black Lives Matter and #StopTheSteal Movements Inquiries Journal 2 months ago
95 Michigan man charged with hate crimes after leaving noose for BLM supporters NPR 3 months ago
96 Maryland police discussed killing Black Lives Matter protesters in texts, officer's suit alleges NBC News 5 months ago
97 Apologies Matter: What Lizzo and Beyoncé Can Teach Marketers Adweek 3 hours ago
98 Bristol's Black Lives Matter movement captured on camera BBC 2 months ago
99 A Party Promoter, an Activist and a City Councilman by 23, Chi Ossé Isn't Done Yet POLITICO 1 day ago
100 Amazon suspends Black Lives Matter from charity program as controversy swirls around group's finances Fox Business 6 months ago