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1 Vander Plaats says Pence will not be heckled in Iowa Radio Iowa 5 months ago
2 Bob Vander Plaats Invites 2020 Democrats To Iowa Evangelical Forum 'To Dig Deeper' NPR 3 years ago
3 Democrats, don't shut out the potential for civil discourse with Bob Vander Plaats 3 years ago
4 Former Vice President Mike Pence to speak at Des Moines event this summer 6 months ago
5 Rush Limbaugh deserves mega-thanks for empowering regular people and giving them a voice USA TODAY 10 months ago
6 Pence flatlines as 2024 field takes shape Politico 5 months ago
7 GOP lawmakers honor hate group on its 25th anniversary The American Independent 1 month ago
8 Vander Plaats: Why can't we have a civil discussion with Democratic candidates? 3 years ago
9 Is Trump's power over Republicans starting to slip? BBC News 2 months ago
10 How a Prominent Anti-Abortion Activist Decorates His Office The Cut 4 years ago
11 What we would have missed had we terminated our son 4 years ago
12 Pompeo Headed Back to Iowa in July The Iowa Torch 6 months ago
13 Iowa’s Right-Wing ‘Kingmaker’ Rejects Steve King New York Magazine 2 years ago
14 Why Bob Vander Plaats chose Cruz over Trump, Rubio, Carson 6 years ago
15 With friends like Vander Plaats, who needs enemies? 6 years ago
16 Bob Vander Plaats: America's most powerful bigot? Salon 8 years ago
17 Pence plans return trip to Iowa in November Politico 2 months ago
18 Bob Vander Plaats Invites Top 2020 Democrats To Iowa Evangelical Forum NPR 3 years ago
19 2024 election: Trump freezes Republican challengers to Biden Los Angeles Times 5 months ago
20 Feenstra supported by Vander Plaats | News | 2 years ago
21 Liberal group turns Bob Vander Plaats into comic book supervillain 8 years ago
22 Let's make paid family leave possible 1 year ago
23 Why Bob Vander Plaats chose Cruz USA TODAY 6 years ago
24 Bob Vander Plaats endorses Sam Clovis for US Senate 8 years ago
25 JOURNAL EXCLUSIVE: Former CEO says OU terminated Vander Plaats Sioux City Journal 12 years ago
26 Noem to Speak at Social Conservative Event in Iowa in July The Iowa Torch 7 months ago
27 Ted Cruz Secures Trifecta of Key Iowa Endorsements ABC News 6 years ago
28 In Iowa County That Heavily Backed Trump, Republican Voters Weigh Other 2024 Hopefuls The Wall Street Journal 5 months ago
29 He saw her marriage as 'unnatural.' She called him 'bigoted.' Now, they hug. Washington Post 6 years ago
30 Donna Red Wing's legacy: Your political opponent is not your enemy 4 years ago
31 The 2024 Iowa caucus campaign has already begun Politico 5 months ago
32 Activists Vander Plaats, Red Wing found common ground 7 years ago
33 Family Leader applauds Trump's move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel 4 years ago
34 Trumpworld is already weighing veeps for 2024. Hint: It ain't Pence. POLITICO 5 months ago
35 Source: Vander Plaats asked Bachmann to quit Politico 10 years ago
36 The Elephant in the Room New York Magazine 4 months ago
37 Bob Vander Plaats: Even during pandemic, a hopeful 'new normal' 2 years ago
38 Why faith voters should stick with Trump: Christian leaders of character surround him USA TODAY 1 year ago
39 Vander Plaats: What is the Church to do when 'Gay Pride' comes to town? 4 years ago
40 Iowa Evangelical Kingmaker Gives Ted Cruz His Blessing KUAR 6 years ago
41 Vice President Mike Pence to speak in Des Moines KCRG 1 year ago
42 The Road to the White House Is Paved With Pizza (Published 2011) New York Times 11 years ago
43 How Rep. Steve King Lost His Seat in the Iowa Primary Wall Street Journal 2 years ago
44 Family Leader group hints at fight to oust Iowa Supreme Court justices over abortion ruling 3 years ago
45 Vander Plaats backs cannabis oil production, dispensing in Iowa (AUDIO) Radio Iowa 7 years ago
46 Family Leader CEO just endorsed this candidate for president KCCI Des Moines 6 years ago
47 Vander Plaats: Iowa Senate should reconsider Cramer's Regents bid The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines 8 months ago
48 President of Iowa/Nebraska NAACP endorses Vander Plaats Radio Iowa 12 years ago
49 Column: Ted Cruz, the Bible and immigration 6 years ago
50 Cheney Ouster Muddles Message of the Post-Trump Republican Party U.S. News & World Report 7 months ago
51 Vander Plaats: I wish I could have met Billy Graham 4 years ago
52 Vander Plaats joins Santorum for solidarity trip to Israel 7 years ago
53 Opinion: Planned Parenthood 'medically irresponsible' during COVID-19 crisis 2 years ago
54 Bus tour backs candidates who oppose 'anti-family policies' 7 years ago
55 Fight on the side of civility in America’s social media civil war USA TODAY 3 years ago
56 Rep. Finkenauer should support the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act 2 years ago
57 On Same-Sex Marriage, Finding Civility but Not Common Ground Newsweek 6 years ago
58 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo touts approach to China, religious freedom in Iowa visit 1 year ago
59 'Battle against the swamp' — and Republicans: Steve King claims he's taking on the establishment in competitive primary 2 years ago
60 Rep. Steve King Fights For His Seat As GOP Works To Push Him Out NPR 2 years ago
61 Actor Chuck Norris draws big crowd for local Vander Plaats campaign stop Sioux City Journal 12 years ago
62 Progress Iowa targets conservative leader in comic book on bullying Radio Iowa 8 years ago
63 Iowa caucuses: 50 most wanted Republicans 7 years ago
64 Cruz Looks to Secure Another Major Endorsement in Iowa Texas Tribune 6 years ago
65 Iowa voters oust justices who made same-sex marriage legal CNN International 11 years ago
66 Randy Feenstra announces run for Congress | News | 2 years ago
67 Does the Bible support Ted Cruz's views on immigration? (COMMENTARY) Religion News Service 6 years ago
68 Kellyanne Conway in Iowa: 'Criticism of me is so gender-based' 4 years ago
69 Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley have done well in supporting the well-qualified Amy Coney Barrett 1 year ago
70 Iowa’s conservative Christians ponder presidential choice The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines 5 years ago
71 Billy Graham dies at 99; influential Iowans share their memories 4 years ago
72 Here's a new, compassionate idea for dealing with illegal immigration USA TODAY 4 years ago
73 How Iowa anti-abortion bill activists eye Roe v Wade – and the supreme court The Guardian 4 years ago
74 Gay marriage ruling recognizes 'our humanity,' couple says 6 years ago
75 Iowans to Ted Cruz: Blocking Northey nomination could harm future presidential aspirations 4 years ago
76 Anti-Abortion Advocate Calls Justice Kennedy Retirement 'a Chance to Take Down Roe v. Wade' TIME 3 years ago
77 Iowa, Donald Trump, and the fate of the religious right. Slate Magazine 6 years ago
78 Don't trust politicians to solve our problems, U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse tells Iowa crowd 4 years ago
79 Republicans, including Iowa senators, pile on condemnation for Steve King's 'white supremacist' remarks 3 years ago
80 Campaigns for, against Wiggins' retention stop in Davenport Quad City Times 9 years ago