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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 UC Davis bumble bee contest underway Woodland Daily Democrat 20 days ago
2 Do Pollinators Prefer Dense Flower Patches? Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No Entomology Today 8 days ago
3 Cuckoo Combo: Bombus flavidus Deemed Most Widespread Bumble Bee Entomology Today 9 months ago
4 American bumblebee could be officially declared endangered 4 months ago
5 8 things you might not know about bees The Globe 1 year ago
6 Cryptic New Species of Bumblebee Discovered in Rocky Mountains 10 months ago
7 Spatial and temporal patterns of genetic diversity in Bombus terrestris populations of the Iberian Peninsula and their conservation implications | Scientific Reports 2 months ago
8 University of Göttingen: Balanced diet can mitigate negative impact of pests for bumblebees India Education Diary 14 hours ago
9 Game over — First bumble bee of 2022 in sight Winters Express 7 days ago
10 URI grad student conducts bumblebee survey of Rhode Island, discovers species not seen in decade URI Today 2 months ago
11 New Study Revisits 2013 Pesticide Bee Kill in Oregon Entomology Today 7 months ago
12 Wild Side: The buzz on bumble bees Martha's Vineyard Times 4 months ago
13 Spring forest flowers likely a key to bumble bee survival, Illinois study finds | Illinois University of Illinois News 9 months ago
14 A Tale of Two Pollinators: More Evidence of Neonicotinoids' Effect on Wild Bees Entomology Today 4 months ago
15 Bumblebees Can Detect Humidity of Flowers, Biologists Say 7 months ago
16 Study: Larger-Sized Bumblebee Foragers Start Work Earlier 9 months ago
17 Researchers Discover Gene Network that Drives Color Variation in Bumblebees 3 months ago
18 Alaska bumblebees are thriving — High Country News – Know the West High Country News 7 months ago
19 Rhode Island Bumblebee Survey Finds Good News, Confirms Bad News — ecoRI News ecoRI news 2 months ago
20 Feds protect a bumblebee unseen since 2006 E&E News 5 months ago
21 Rare Bumblebee Spotted In Connecticut For The First Time In 100 Years WSHU 5 months ago
22 New research: Caffeine helps bumble bees pollinate better The Indian Express 6 months ago
23 Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for American Bumblebee Center for Biological Diversity 12 months ago
24 Feds' Plan To Save Endangered Rusty Patched Bumble Bee Misses Mark, Critics Say WTTW News 4 months ago
25 Good News for the Western Bumble Bee, Bombus occidentalis Entomology Today 6 years ago
26 URI student surveys bumblebees to identify flowers preferred by each species URI Today 1 year ago
27 Op-ed: Using Commercial Bumble Bees as Pollinators Is Putting Wild Bees at Risk Civil Eats 10 months ago
28 An atlas of the bumblebee brain Science Daily 7 months ago
29 Facts About Bumblebees Live Science 5 years ago
30 Flight of the Bumblebees Michigan Tech News 10 months ago
31 Study: Gut Bacteria Improve Long-Term Memory in Bumblebees 2 months ago
32 The Promise and Pitfalls of Using Managed Bumblebees for Blueberry Pollination Growing Produce 6 months ago
33 Chasing bumble bees on a patch of prairie University of Illinois News 2 years ago
34 Rising temperatures overcook bumblebees' brunch | News UC Riverside 2 months ago
35 10000-Year-Old Rare Prairie Land and Rusty Patched Bumblebee Threatened by Airport Construction in Illinois Smithsonian 3 months ago
36 'Needle in a haystack': Endangered bee spotted in Ames for first time in 3 years Ames Tribune 6 months ago
37 The quest for one of the world's oldest bumblebees The Natural History Museum 2 years ago
38 Licence to permit the release of non-native sub species of bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) in commercial glasshouses for research GOV.UK 20 days ago
39 Meet the rusty patched bumblebee, Minnesota's new bee ambassador MPR News 3 years ago
40 Neonicotinoid Insecticides Disrupt Sleep of Bees and Fruit Flies, New Research Shows 12 months ago
41 Putting Bumble Bees in a Box Might Help Scientists Study Their Nesting Ecology Entomology Today 3 years ago
42 Curious Nature: Bumble bees are not bumbling around evolution Vail Daily News 4 months ago
43 How understanding buff-tailed bumblebees could help save the bees 9 months ago
44 The battle to save the world's biggest bumblebee from extinction The Guardian 3 years ago
45 How to Protect Our Disappearing Bumble Bees Scientific American Blog Network 5 years ago
46 No evidence that Glyphosate alone, or in combination with a common parasite, has negative lethal or sublethal effects on bumble bees EurekAlert 2 months ago
47 Climate Change: It's a Buzzkill for Bumblebees, Study Finds (Published 2020) The New York Times 2 years ago
48 Bumblebees Bite Plants to Force Them to Flower (Seriously) Scientific American 2 years ago
49 Researchers Identify 'Color Switch' Gene in Black-Tailed Bumblebees 3 years ago
50 Patagonia may lose its only native bumblebee due to alien bee invasion The Ecologist 4 years ago
51 Study: Floral Vibrations by Buzz-Pollinating Bumblebees More Powerful Than Their Flight or Defensive Buzzes 1 year ago
52 Wild bees need messy gardens to survive – Victoria News Victoria News 9 months ago
53 6 Scientists, 1,000 Miles, 1 Prize: The Arctic Bumblebee New York Times 5 years ago
54 Rusty Patched Bumblebee Officially Listed as Endangered National Geographic 5 years ago
55 The Rhombus Bombus Scientific American Blog Network 6 years ago
56 Experiment With Bumblebee Static Electricity Science Friday 10 months ago
57 Search is on for the first bumble bee of 2021 Woodland Daily Democrat 1 year ago
58 Biologists Identify Favorite Flowers of North American Bumblebees 2 years ago
59 How the speed of climate change is unbalancing the insect world The Guardian 10 days ago
60 New study identifies bumble bees' favorite flowers to aid bee conservation EurekAlert 2 years ago
61 Researchers use 3D printed bee nests to boost UK bumblebee population 3D Printing Industry 5 months ago
62 Law Students Work to Protect Dwindling Bumblebees Treehugger 2 months ago
63 As bumblebee diets narrow, ours could too UC Riverside 3 years ago
64 Bumblebees' Favorite Flowers Identified to Aid Conservation Courthouse News Service 2 years ago
65 Rare two-spotted bumblebee found at OKC Zoo 2 years ago
66 Wild Side: Island bees Martha's Vineyard Times 4 months ago
67 Three lovely neighborhood florists and designers to seek out this spring The Denver Post 9 months ago
68 A Nose for Science: Conservation Dogs May Help in Search for Endangered Franklin's Bumblebee • The Revelator The Revelator 3 months ago
69 Does city life make bumblebees larger? Science Daily 1 year ago
70 Here’s What You Can Do To Help The Declining Bee Population Popular Science 5 years ago
71 Bumble bee queen pheromones are context-dependent | Scientific Reports 5 months ago
72 Endangered rusty patched bumble bee making rare appearances in southwest metro SW News Media 6 months ago
73 White-bottomed Bumble Bee Reappears After Two Decades Entomology Today 8 years ago
74 Bumblebees in crisis: insect's inner lives reveal what the world would lose if they disappear The Conversation UK 2 years ago
75 Bumblebees can fly sideways to fit through tight gaps New Scientist News 1 year ago
76 Fish and Game Commission Adds Four Bumble Bees to Candidate List JD Supra 3 years ago
77 The Commercial Bumble Bee Industry May Have Helped Spread Nosema to Wild Bee Populations Entomology Today 6 years ago
78 Disappearing bumblebee species under threat of extinction Science Daily 3 years ago
79 The mission to recover the rusty patched bumblebee Great Lakes Echo 2 years ago
80 Age-related mushroom body expansion in male sweat bees and bumble bees | Scientific Reports 5 months ago
81 Country diary: the queen bee is a ray of sunshine in a gloomy May The Guardian 8 months ago
82 New Research Deepens Mystery About Evolution of Bees' Social Behavior Entomology Today 8 months ago
83 Bumblebees are going extinct in a time of ‘climate chaos’ National Geographic 2 years ago
84 Want to save the bumblebees? See what plants they like ZME Science 2 years ago
85 Bumblebees Are Getting Squeezed by Climate Change | Science Smithsonian 7 years ago
86 BOMBUS Release Lyric Video For New Track 'In The Shadows' (November 8th, 2019) | News Metal Forces 2 years ago
87 Bumblebees Thrive in the City but Struggle on the Farm The New York Times 4 years ago
88 The secret life of bumblebees: Fighting queens, pollinating tomatoes, and the males who ‘stay out all night, get drunk on nectar and look for sex’ Country Life 8 months ago
89 Bumblebees Need a Diverse Diet Too Sierra Magazine 3 years ago
90 Arunachal Pradesh a treasure trove of bumblebees, finds study Research Matters 2 years ago
91 The love buzz: Bumblebee survey project turns people into insect lovers Rexburg Standard Journal 1 month ago
92 Detoxifying Enzymes Encased in Microparticles Could Protect Bees From Pesticides ScienceAlert 8 months ago
93 U.S. Lists a Bumble Bee Species as Endangered for First Time Scientific American 5 years ago
94 HumBug: Spring Wildflowers and the Bees that Love Them North Coast Journal 3 years ago
95 Why Pesticides Pose Different Kinds of Risk to Non-Honey Bees Entomology Today 3 years ago
96 Species of bumblebee not found in Oklahoma since 1999 discovered at OKC Zoo KFOR Oklahoma City 2 years ago
97 New bee species found doing well at Perthshire mountain reserve Daily Record 10 months ago
98 Scientists Sound Alarm on Global Decline of Bee Species Courthouse News Service 12 months ago
99 Chernobyl-Level Radiation Exposure Increases Bumblebees' Appetite for Nectar 2 years ago
100 Bumblebees Taking a Nosedive in North America National Geographic 11 years ago