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1 Laredo Sector Border Patrol continues to detect those who attempt to circumvent inspection at checkpoint
2 Border Patrol Agents are Encountering Unusual Sized Groups
3 An inquiry into Border Agents clashing with Haitians at the border still ongoing
4 Border Patrol Operations Result in 41 Migrant Arrests
5 CBP Releases October 2021 Monthly Operational Update
6 One Fatality Following Large Group of Swimmers Entering U.S. Illegally at San Diego Border Beach
7 Border Patrol Agents Locate 75 Migrants In A Locked Refrigerated Tractor Trailer
8 Border Patrol Agents Rescue Man Who Fell From Cliff
9 Congress being called to investigate alleged cover-up units of Border Patrol agents
10 Border Patrol rescues 5-year-old girl abandoned by human traffickers
11 Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent dies in line of duty
12 Border Patrol Agents Who Chose Termination Over Vaccination
13 Biden's border crisis – preventable, predictable and deadly
14 Border Patrol agent arrested in connection with animal cruelty case
15 Detroit Border Patrol Agents Arrest Convicted Sex Offender
16 Border Patrol agent involved in shooting at Otay Mountain
17 Opinion | U.S. Border Patrol agents should face much harsher punishments for racist and sexist posts
18 Laredo Sector Border Patrol present at area schools During the annual Red Ribbon Week
19 FBI Investigating Border Patrol Agent Assault – 710am KURV
20 EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Sen. John Cornyn meets with local leaders & border patrol in Del Rio to discuss migrant crisis
21 Lawmakers work to help Border Patrol manage traffic
22 US Customs officials seize nearly 4000 bongs at DC airport
23 Opinion | Border Patrol agents are owed due process
24 Border Patrol: Cartels behind wave of foreign adults posing as unaccompanied migrant children
25 El Paso Sector Border Patrol Agents Seize 60 Pounds Of Methamphetamine
26 US Senator Alex Padilla Introduces Border Patrol Accountability Legislation
27 Former Border Patrol chief brands Biden's proposed payments to illegal immigrants as 'ludicrous'
28 Border Patrol, El Paso Police to work overtime as US-Mexico border reopens
29 Migrants face daunting challenges at southern Mexico border
30 Shadow Wolves Native American tracking unit could expand under new bill
31 New caravan heading to U.S. sparks concerns of COVID-19
32 Baltimore Border Protection agents seize 1,000 counterfeit solar panels from China
33 Lithuanian villagers back tough line on Belarus migrants
34 VSP: Alleged Drunken Driver Almost Hits Border Patrol Agent
35 Some states dropping ‘dehumanizing’ terms for immigrants
36 Republicans struggle to save funding for Trump's border wall | TheHill
37 GOP Senator Asks If Border Patrol Will Be Able To Implement Facial Recognition In Operations
38 Man Accused Of Kidnapping, Pointing A Gun At Border Patrol Agent Held Without Bail
39 As border reopens to tourists, migrants ask US to also reopen asylum process
40 San Diego-Tijuana Border Crossing Opens to North America's Future
41 Trump Calls Border 'Bigger Problem' Than Inflation, Says He Could Cure Latter 'Very Quickly'
42 Army CID Offers $1,000 Reward to Help Identify Remains Found on Fort Bliss in March
43 Former federal officer sentenced for threatening 3 Blackfeet tribal employees
44 Senator Asks What Lessons Border Patrol Has Learned Over Course Of Pandemic
45 Stowaway emerges from wheel well of plane in Miami after flight
46 An Oversight Agenda for Customs and Border Protection: America's Largest, Least Accountable Law Enforcement Agency
47 Border Patrol Repeatedly Gave Agents Light Punishments, Report Finds
48 'Terrorists' at the Border? To Please Donald Trump, Homeland Security Tweaked Reports
49 Biden Vows 'Unwavering Support' For Ukraine Amid Heightened Tensions With Russia
50 Some Areas Freeze Tonight; Warmer Sunday; Back to the 70s! — Your 9-Day Forecast
51 European migration officials meet after deaths in Channel
52 Biden restarting Trump-era immigration policy: 'A lot of the damage has been done,' labor union president says
53 Sumas, Everson residents advised to evacuate Saturday night as more flooding threatens
54 Shorthanded Miners suffer first loss of season to Kansas, 81-55
55 Trust Index: Border Patrol agents on horseback did not use whips when confronting migrants
56 Border Patrol Agents protect U.S. border amidst targeted attacks
57 Senator Ted Cruz Predicts O’Rourke will lose to Gov. Abbott “He’s going to beat him like a rented mule”
58 CBP Releases July 2021 Operational Update
59 Governor Greg Abbott: thousands of new jobs to come to Texas through CBRE Group and Samsung
60 WHO: Obesity reaches epidemic proportions, causing 3 million deaths every year
61 Border migrant camp shrinking, people moving on
62 A Heroic Action by An Off-Duty Laredo Sector Border Patrol Agent Prevents Tragedy
63 States work to stop illegal crossings at southern border
64 Border Patrol and Title 42: Violence Multiplied
65 CBP Releases August 2021 Operational Update
66 CBP Announces May 2021 Operational Update
67 State of Border Patrol: Security at Risk with Agents Overwhelmed
68 Nationwide Encounters
69 CBP Announces March 2021 Operational Update
70 Heroic Act by Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent
71 Border Patrol Agents Rescue 11 Migrants over the Weekend
72 CBP Announces June 2021 Operational Update
73 Border Patrol Agents Who Mistreated Haitians 'Will Pay,' Biden Says
74 Statement of Acting Commissioner Troy Miller on Outgoing and Incoming Chiefs of U.S. Border Patrol
75 Flood watches issued in recently damaged Northwest
76 Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Pulls Man from Burning Car
77 US Border Patrol found two young sisters wandering alone near the Arizona border
78 US Border Patrol Hires Civilians to Free up Agents for Field
79 Border Patrol Agents Rescue Eight Migrants Over Weekend
80 Border Patrol Agents Assist Woman in Burning Vehicle
81 Border Patrol Collaboration Operations Lead to the Arrest of 56 Migrants
82 Maine Border Patrol Agent Returns Home After Defeating Corona Virus
83 El Paso Sector Border Patrol Agents render aid to migrant and U.S. citizens
84 What Happens To Border Patrol Officials After They Harm Migrants?
85 CBP Announces February 2021 Operational Update
86 Border Patrol and Partner Agencies Work Together to Stop Human Smuggling
87 U.S. Border Patrol Rescues Toddlers Dropped by Smuggler over Border Barrier
88 CBP Announces April 2021 Operational Update
89 RGV Agents Respond to Migrants in Distress
90 Border Patrol agent Rodney Tolson admits taking $400 bribes to help smuggle migrants across the border
91 Laredo Sector Border Patrol Agent Encounters Armed Smugglers
92 State of El Paso Sector
93 Swanton Border Patrol Awards New York Agencies more than $212k in Asset Share
94 Border Patrol Arrests Citizens of Pakistan in Northern New York
95 Accountability and Transparency
96 RGV Border Patrol Agents Discover 39 Harbored Migrants
97 U.S. Border Patrol Creates New Position to Support Border Patrol Agents
98 U.S. Border Patrol Unveils “Se Busca Informacion” Initiative Which Identifies 10 New Targets
99 The Photos the Border Patrol Wants You to See
100 Border Patrol Agents Rescue Migrants in Desert Over Weekend