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1 Labour attacks ‘zombie government’ as Boris Johnson returns from holiday The Guardian 6 hours ago
2 Tories call for Boris Johnson to quit as MP to avoid Partygate inquiry The Guardian 15 hours ago
3 'Hasta la vista, baby': Boris Johnson bids farewell, and has 5 bits of advice for Britain's next prime minister CNBC 18 days ago
4 Boris Johnson isn’t finished. His next move in politics may be even more alarming The Guardian 2 days ago
5 Boris and Carrie Johnson put south London home on the market for £1.6million Yahoo News 9 hours ago
6 ‘Hive of inactivity’: Boris Johnson under fire for approach to final weeks as PM The Guardian 2 days ago
7 Boris Johnson's half-brother to sue Mongolia for $50mn in a mining investment dispute bne IntelliNews 2 days ago
8 Boris Johnson's successor will have a huge mess on their hands CNN 16 days ago
9 Boris Johnson puts south London home on the market for £1,600,000 14 hours ago
10 Boris Johnson is going, and strategists are betting on big changes to the UK economy CNBC 28 days ago
11 Q&A: Rory Stewart on Boris Johnson's resignation Yale News 27 days ago
12 U.K.'s Boris Johnson resigned. Here are likely contenders to replace him NPR 1 month ago
13 Boris Johnson’s Replacement Will Be Another Conservative Vanity Fair 1 month ago
14 Covering, and Contextualizing, Boris Johnson The New York Times 25 days ago
15 Ukrainians have a special place in their hearts for Boris Johnson NPR 1 month ago
16 Where’s Boris? Johnson takes back seat as Conservatives feud ABC News 21 days ago
17 ‘Zombie government’: more than half of departments delay key decisions The Guardian 22 hours ago
18 Boris Johnson Looms Large in the Race to Succeed Him The Wall Street Journal 12 days ago
19 Who’ll Replace Boris Johnson? Maybe Boris Johnson The Wall Street Journal 22 days ago
20 Boris Johnson Borrows Trump Playbook, Wants to Be Leader Again Newsweek 16 days ago
21 What did Boris Johnson discuss with Alexander Lebedev? Al Jazeera English 11 days ago
22 Boris Johnson says his time as UK PM was 'mission largely accomplished'. How does that actually stack up? The Conversation Indonesia 18 days ago
23 Boris Johnson: My removal was ‘greatest stitch-up since Bayeux Tapestry’ POLITICO Europe 7 days ago
24 Rishi Sunak, heir apparent who ran afoul of Boris Johnson The Associated Press 19 days ago
25 Boris Johnson Honours: Britain's House of Crony Lords Is National Embarrassment Bloomberg 2 days ago
26 Boris Johnson faces pressure to recall Parliament over cost of living crisis The Mirror 5 hours ago
27 Boris Johnson Signals Next Prime Minister Could Be Chosen Earlier Than Expected Bloomberg 26 days ago
28 The contenders vying to succeed Boris Johnson as Britain's next prime minister Los Angeles Times 27 days ago
29 Boris Johnson's Messy Political Legacy of Lies, Scandals, and Delivering Brexit to His Base American University 28 days ago
30 Boris Johnson Could Be Ousted as an MP If He's Suspended for Lying Bloomberg 18 days ago
31 'Hasta la vista, baby': Boris Johnson bows out to lawmakers' applause CNN 19 days ago
32 Boris Johnson is planning to fill the Lords with his cronies and legitimise bribery The Guardian 10 days ago
33 Boris Johnson would win Conservative Party leadership race: Poll Washington Examiner 3 days ago
34 'Crazy to ditch Boris!' Americans want outgoing PM to replace Biden as US President POLL 4 hours ago
35 UK parliamentary committee seeks documents for Boris Johnson probe Reuters 24 days ago
36 What Comes After Boris Johnson's 'Reactionary' Vision for Britain? Bloomberg 27 days ago
37 Boris Johnson’s allergy to the truth could be a winning strategy for Liz Truss The Guardian 5 days ago
38 Boris Johnson: Assisted suicide or fratricide? POLITICO Europe 28 days ago
39 Where Will the Conservative Party Go After Boris Johnson? The New Yorker 27 days ago
40 Meet the Navy reservist battling to succeed Boris Johnson as British prime minister CNBC 19 days ago
41 Boris Johnson and the Lebedevs: how I exposed the prime minister’s defining scandal The Guardian 22 days ago
42 UK PM Boris Johnson to discuss cost of living support with business leaders Reuters 19 days ago
43 Boris Johnson's downfall proves fruitful for Edinburgh Fringes comedians Sky News 1 day ago
44 Memo to Boris Johnson's successor: tell the truth, respect evidence and restore trust 28 days ago
45 Former aide likens Boris Johnson’s exit to storming of Capitol The Guardian 10 days ago
46 Boris Johnson plans backbench interventions ‘to protect legacy’ The Guardian 25 days ago
47 Boris Johnson 'should stay on as PM after Tory cybersecurity scare' says peer The Mirror 4 days ago
48 Boris Johnson emerges as most popular prime minister… among novelty jug buyers The Independent 3 days ago
49 Factbox: What's next in process to replace UK PM Boris Johnson? Reuters UK 19 days ago
50 Boris Johnson was no genius. He just took advantage of our weak constitution The Guardian 27 days ago
51 Lib Dems want answers to claims Boris Johnson tried to get woman City Hall job The Guardian 29 days ago
52 Being sacked was a stroke of luck for Boris Johnson iNews 3 days ago
53 Boris Johnson wins no-confidence vote days after being ousted Financial Times 21 days ago
54 Boris Johnson's resignation one-liner breaks the internet CNN 1 month ago
55 Boris Johnson tipped to ‘regularly cause mayhem’ for Tories as party’s fate ‘doomed' Express 3 days ago
56 Boris Johnson accused of trying to derail Rishi Sunak’s bid to be next PM The Guardian 30 days ago
57 Who will be the next UK prime minister? See the head-to-head matchup CNN 19 days ago
58 Boris Johnson insists he will leave office with 'head held high' – video The Guardian 26 days ago
59 Justice Alito mocks Prince Harry, Boris Johnson for opposing Roe reversal NBC News 10 days ago
60 Boris Johnson poised to go ahead with resignation honours list The Guardian 28 days ago
61 Fact Check: Boris Johnson was NOT interrogated by British cops, satirical video goes viral as real India Today 17 days ago
62 Boris Johnson didn't 'fix social care' the next PM must 4 days ago
63 'Need reality check!' John Curtice delivers brutal verdict on Boris Johnson comeback Express 15 days ago
64 POLL: Do you want Boris Johnson's resignation revoked? Express 3 days ago
65 Boris Johnson visited RAF Coningsby as Tories vote on his replacement The Guardian 22 days ago
66 Boris Johnson's book end revives tradition of donating to PM's library The Telegraph 1 day ago
67 Truss claims she wanted Johnson to stay as she pledges to rip up plans The Guardian 18 days ago
68 Boris Johnson throws a grenade as he visits Ukrainian troops being trained in UK Sky News 15 days ago
69 UK heatwave: Boris Johnson told to 'turn up for work' as he is set to miss third COBRA meeting Sky News 21 days ago
70 Boris Johnson was 'removed by a coup', claims Nadine Dorries Sky News 11 days ago
71 I bitterly regret backing Boris Johnson – now it’s clear who the fuel buyer’s choice for Prime Minister is... The Sun 4 days ago
72 Tory members demand option of voting for Boris Johnson to carry on as PM The Independent 20 days ago
73 Brexit: Boris Johnson suggests Keir Starmer and ‘deep state’ plotting to take UK back into EU The Independent 21 days ago
74 No 10 denies snub to Lionesses after Boris Johnson watches Euros final from Chequers The Guardian 6 days ago
75 Peter Obi's meeting with Boris Johnson significant Charly Boy The Nation Newspaper 3 days ago
76 Boris Johnson 'took control of bomb disposal robots' in Royal Navy visit Express 3 days ago
77 Boris Johnson's brother threatens claim against Mongolia GAR 4 days ago
78 Boris Johnson can't 'just walk away' from Ukraine as he plans goodbye trip The Telegraph 16 days ago
79 Boris Johnson's allies step up their attacks on Rishi Sunak Financial Times 22 days ago
80 Boris Johnson’s Successor Has Three Big Reasons to Be Cheerful BNN 7 days ago
81 Is Liz Truss as popular as Boris Johnson? Hopeful leads Sunak but trails Boris Express 5 days ago
82 Labour calls for investigation into Boris Johnson’s private meeting with ex-KGB agent Alexander Lebedev The Guardian 30 days ago
83 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits Ukrainian troops training in U.K. Global News 16 days ago
84 Boris Johnson tipped to become next secretary general of Nato The Telegraph 13 days ago
85 Liz Truss dismisses idea of Boris Johnson staying in Cabinet Daily Mail 14 days ago
86 Frankie Boyle rips into 'chewed toffee' Boris Johnson with brutal roast 17 days ago
87 Johnson's last act: tainted blood victims to get £100000 payouts The Times 1 day ago
88 Cumbria Chief Constable met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson | The Westmorland Gazette The Westmorland Gazette 2 days ago
89 Boris Johnson resignation: Sajid Javid says prayer meeting moved him to quit BBC 29 days ago
90 A new report blames Boris Johnson for allowing parties during COVID lockdown NPR 2 months ago
91 What's next for Boris Johnson? Here's what you need to know CNN 2 months ago
92 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson under fire for a party held during lockdown NPR 7 months ago
93 Despite waning support from his party, Britain's Boris Johnson says he won't resign NPR 1 month ago
94 No one knows what to do about Boris Johnson CNN 6 months ago
95 Boris Johnson is still in charge. But behind closed doors, rivals are plotting his ouster CNN 2 months ago
96 The Fall of Boris Johnson The New Yorker 7 months ago
97 Boris Johnson's tenure has been defined by scandal. Here are some of the biggest ones CNN 1 month ago
98 Boris Johnson again says BYOB party he attended during lockdown was a work event NPR 7 months ago