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1 Will Justice Brett Kavanaugh Change His Position on Abortion?
2 In Texas Abortion Law Case, a Spotlight on Brett Kavanaugh
3 Joy Reid compares Kyle Rittenhouse's 'male white tears' to Brett Kavanaugh's
4 Justice Kavanaugh Tests Positive for Covid
5 Surprise: Brett Kavanaugh Wasn’t Actually Vetted Before Being Given a Lifetime SCOTUS Appointment
6 Opinion | Supreme Court decisions on abortion, guns, more loom from newly radicalized institution
7 Opinion | How not to lobby Brett Kavanaugh
8 Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh rips NCAA in antitrust ruling, says it 'is not above the law'
9 Opinion | At the Supreme Court, a tale of two Bretts
10 Trump 'disappointed' in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh: 'He ... hasn't had the courage'
11 Opinion | There's a smarter way to be a conservative Democrat
12 Progressives call for new probe, impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh
13 Here's the Truth About Brett Kavanaugh's Finances – Mother Jones
14 Susan Collins Opposes Abortion Rights Bill After Backing Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court
15 Influential Judge, Loyal Friend, Conservative Warrior — and D.C. Insider
16 Brett Kavanaugh Vows to Fight ‘Smears’ and Will Not Withdraw
17 Kavanaugh Is Sworn In After Close Confirmation Vote in Senate
18 Trump Is “Very Disappointed” in Brett Kavanaugh for Not Helping Him Steal the Election
19 During Kavanaugh Hearings, Senator Alerted F.B.I. to New Allegation
20 Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Front-Runner, Once Argued Broad Grounds for Impeachment
21 9th Circuit nominee is grilled over statement calling Kavanaugh 'intellectually and morally bankrupt'
22 Kavanaugh Fixes Error in Election Opinion After Vermont Complaint
23 Post-ABC poll: Abortion rights have broad support as Supreme Court weighs Texas, Mississippi laws
24 Who is Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's pick for Supreme Court?
25 Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford Duel With Tears and Fury
26 The Women Who Have Accused Brett Kavanaugh
27 Analysis | The Supreme Court will hear cases that could undercut Biden's climate agenda. Here's what to know.
28 Calls for Kavanaugh’s Impeachment Come Amid New Misconduct Allegations
29 Brett Kavanaugh Fast Facts
30 Brett Kavanaugh already undercut Trump's Facebook lawsuit
31 Brett Kavanaugh, a Conservative Stalwart in Political Fights and on the Bench
32 Brett Kavanaugh: The News on the Accusations, the Hearing and More
33 Brett Kavanaugh Is Trump’s Pick for Supreme Court
34 Sen. Collins repeatedly asserted that Kavanaugh considered abortion rights settled law. The justice's decision on Texas's restrictive law suggests otherwise.
35 Brett Kavanaugh Fit In With the Privileged Kids. She Did Not.
36 ‘Best Professor.’ ‘Very Evenhanded.’ ‘Great Hair!’: Brett Kavanaugh, as Seen by His Law Students
37 Brett Kavanaugh on the Issues: Abortion, Guns, Climate and More
38 Who is Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's nominee?
39 Answers to Reader Questions on Our Brett Kavanaugh Essay
40 Letter Claims Attempted Assault by a Teenage Brett Kavanaugh
41 Susan Collins, Brett Kavanaugh, and Texas’s Abortion Ban
42 Justice Kavanaugh Takes the Bench on the Supreme Court
43 Who Is Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's Pick For The Supreme Court?
44 New reporting details how FBI limited investigation of Kavanaugh allegations
45 Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Hearing, Judge Kavanaugh Testimony
46 FBI accused of ‘fake’ Brett Kavanaugh background investigation
47 Allegations remain in forefront for Kavanaugh, 7 months after his confirmation
48 Brett Kavanaugh, a Washington veteran, is Trump's second pick for the Supreme Court
49 Issues for Brett Kavanaugh: the president who chose him and the Supreme Court he would change
50 Brett Kavanaugh
51 ‘So, So Jaded’: The Campaign to Stop Brett Kavanaugh Struggles for Liftoff
52 Kavanaugh’s ‘Golden Résumé’ Turns Into a Lead Weight
53 Opinion | The FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh turns out to be more of a sham than it seemed
54 Kavanaugh’s 1983 Letter Offers Inside Look at High School Clique
55 Where Brett Kavanaugh stands on key issues
56 Kavanaugh’s Opponents Protest Ex-Aide’s Role in Screening of Documents
57 Inside Brett Kavanaugh's finances: Nominee dwells among elite but hasn't chased riches
58 Analysis | Brett Kavanaugh just got remarkably angry — and political — for a Supreme Court nominee
59 Retired Justice John Paul Stevens Says Kavanaugh Is Not Fit for Supreme Court
60 Kavanaugh Vote on Friday Will Be a Showdown in the Senate
61 Trump Accuses Democrats of Running ‘Con Game’ Against Kavanaugh
62 Column: OK, the FBI's Brett Kavanaugh inquiry was clearly a sham. So now what?
63 Judiciary dismisses ‘serious’ misconduct complaints against Brett M. Kavanaugh
64 Brett Kavanaugh: Who is he? Bio, facts, background and political views
65 At Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Welcome, a Tableau of Trump Legal Controversies
66 Brett Kavanaugh’s Expert Evasions, Learned From Past Masters
67 Brett Kavanaugh’s Eviction Lesson
68 How Brett Kavanaugh Would Transform the Supreme Court
69 The elite world of Brett Kavanaugh
70 Opinion | I've known Brett Kavanaugh for his entire professional life. It would be an honor to address him as 'Justice.'
71 Brett Kavanaugh Urged Graphic Questions in Clinton Inquiry
72 Chad Ludington’s Statement on Kavanaugh’s Drinking and Senate Testimony
73 What Teenagers Think About the Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh
74 Show How You Feel, Kavanaugh Was Told, and a Nomination Was Saved
75 White House counts on Kavanaugh in battle against 'administrative state'
76 The Partisan Battle Brett Kavanaugh Now Regrets
77 Trump's conclusion that Brett Kavanaugh was 'proven innocent' is wrong
78 Opinion | Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh: A New Uproar
79 Opinion | I filed one of the 83 dismissed misconduct complaints against Brett Kavanaugh. Here's why.
80 Using a Public Records Request to Learn More About Brett Kavanaugh
81 Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, Justices With Much in Common, Take Different Paths
82 In His First Supreme Court Opinion, Justice Brett Kavanaugh Favors Arbitration
83 Perspective | Women are deeply divided on Brett Kavanaugh. Here's why.
84 Barrett, Kavanaugh didn't join conservative dissenters who called for SCOTUS to hear election challenge
85 Brett Kavanaugh worried that scandal would end his coaching days. Now the Supreme Court justice is back on the basketball court.
86 4 big questions about Brett Kavanaugh
87 Justice Dept. to Honor Team That Worked on Kavanaugh Confirmation Process
88 Roe Is ‘Settled Law,’ Kavanaugh Tells Collins. Democrats Aren’t Moved.
89 Brett Kavanaugh’s Opening Statement: Full Transcript
90 Perspective | Brett Kavanaugh and the terrible, lingering price of his denials
91 At the Center of the Kavanaugh Accusations: Heavy Drinking
92 At Times, Kavanaugh’s Defense Misleads or Veers Off Point
93 How to Tell Where Brett Kavanaugh Stands on Citizens United
94 What Students Are Saying About: Brett Kavanaugh, Household Chores and Creating Community
95 Brett Kavanaugh Likely to Bring Pro-Business Views to Supreme Court
96 Takeaways From Day 1 of Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings
97 Brett Kavanaugh potential witness Leland Keyser gives interview
98 Kavanaugh Was Questioned by Police After Bar Fight in 1985
99 Julie Swetnick Is Third Woman to Accuse Brett Kavanaugh of Sexual Misconduct
100 Collins and Manchin Will Vote for Kavanaugh, Ensuring His Confirmation