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1 Why Is Bruce Banner No Longer Hulk In Shang-Chi (Endgame Retcon)?
2 How & Why Shang-Chi Reverses Bruce Banner's Smart Hulk Transformation
3 'Shang-Chi' post-credits theory solves a major 'She-Hulk' mystery
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5 Shang-Chi Mid Credits Mark Ruffalo Cameo, Explained
6 Marvel May Have Killed Hulk's MCU Weakness: Bruce Banner's Influence
7 Here's How Bruce Banner Could Possibly Appear In Moon Knight
8 'Avengers: Endgame' theory solves 'Shang-Chi’s biggest post-credits mystery
9 The MCU’s Abomination Redesign Connects Back To The Avengers
10 Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner Will Reportedly Be Human In She-Hulk
11 Fan-Made Funko Imagines Bob Ross as Hulk Instead of Bruce Banner
12 Bruce Banner Winds up on a Weird Version of Earth on ‘What If Zombies’
13 Marvel Comics: 10 Strongest Gamma Powered Characters (Who Aren't Bruce Banner)
14 First Look: Bruce Banner Piloting Hulk #1 by Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley
15 Zombie Iron Man Saves Bruce Banner In First What If Episode 5 Clip
16 The MCU Finally Rectifies Hulk's Infinity War Disservice
17 'What If' Recasts Edward Norton in 'The Incredible Hulk' With Mark Ruffalo
18 Wolverine Proves He Really Can Kill Hulk, in The Cruelest Way
19 Marvel's What If? Confirmed The Incredible Hulk Move Is Still Canon
20 Hulk's "I'm Always Angry" Line Just Got a New Meaning
21 Phase 4 Proves Marvel Is Finally Embracing The Incredible Hulk
22 Tim Roth on Why He Returned to the MCU for She-Hulk
23 Stan Lee's Darkest Cameo Turned Hulk into a Murderer
24 Marvel Star Mark Ruffalo Reacts to Shang-Chi's Mid-Credits Scene
25 Hulk Takes His Ultimate Form in Epic Variant Cover | Screen Rant
26 The First 10 Supervillains The Hulk Ever Fought In Comics
27 Shang-Chi Confirms The Avengers Still Exist In MCU Phase 4
28 She-Hulk Star Tim Roth Joined the MCU to Embarrass His Children
29 Hulk's Funniest On-Screen Kill Is Also Marvel's Dumbest Moment
30 What If...? Finally Has the Hulk Face off Against Wanda | CBR
31 Why Shang-Chi Redesigned Incredible Hulk's Abomination
32 Why Abomination Looks Different in Shang-Chi Than He Did in Incredible Hulk
33 Hulk's Most Violent Transformations were Caused by Freddie Prinze Jr.
34 Killmonger’s ‘What If…?’ Continues Trend Of Marvel Murdering Everyone For Fun
35 What If? Every Character Who Survived Marvel Zombies | CBR
36 Link Tank: Colin Farrell's The Penguin is Getting an HBO Max Spinoff Series
37 Marvel’s ‘What If...?’ Episode 5 review: A fun break with a dark ending
38 Marvel’s What If episode 3: Fans in shock over gruesome fate of Hulk
39 The MCU Just Recast TWO Phase One Hulk Actors | Screen Rant
40 Bruce E. McBride, 69
41 December 2021 Marvel Comics revealed
42 What If Episode 5 Ending, Explained: Are the Hulk and Vision Dead?
43 Why Hulk Appearing in Marvel’s Disney+ Moon Knight Series Makes Sense
44 ‘What If…?’ is a tantalizing glimpse of future Avengers lineups
45 'What If…?' Zombie Episode is Full of Fun and Action
46 Perspective | How concerned should we be about Gen. Milley?
47 Would Hulk Survive The Marvel Zombie Attack? | Screen Rant
48 Marvel Zombies Story Recreated With Live-Action MCU Cast In What If Art
49 Marvel Revisits the Apocalypse With Five New Wastelanders Titles
50 What If...?: 10 Strongest MCU Zombies, Ranked | ScreenRant
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54 10 off-camera moments from the MCU that Marvel needs to explain
55 Benedict Cumberbatch on Replacing Iron Man in the MCU
56 The Hulk's Savage Avengers Fate Is Even Darker Than the Immortal Hulk
57 Marvel’s Avengers: Where Else You've Heard The Voice Actors
58 Tips for Success This Semester – The Journal
59 Marvel's Project Runway Has Heroes Create Iron Man Armor
60 Why Hawkeye Isn't An Avenger Anymore In His Disney+ Show
61 The MCU Perfectly Reverses Maguire's Most Iconic Spider-Man Moment
62 What If's Zombie Fatalities, Ranked | CBR
63 Which Avengers Are in Hawkeye's Rogers: The Musical | CBR
64 Five of the best movies on TV for your Thursday night in
65 The Rundown: September 15, 2021 – Multiversity Comics
66 Doctor Strange Learned Thanos Isn't Marvel's Most Terrifying Villain
67 When Did Hulk and Bruce Banner First Meet Each Other in Comics?
68 Loki: 10 Cruelest Things Loki Has Ever Done In The MCU | CBR
69 The Suicide Squad Actors Could Appear in GOTG 3, Says James Gunn
70 The Incredible Hulk's Absurd Reason For Changing Bruce Banner's Name
71 Why The MCU Doesn't Call Bruce Banner “Smart Hulk”
72 The MCU Has Failed Hulk (By Not Exploring Bruce Banner's Humanity)
73 Bruce Banner's Latest Death is So Pathetic Even Hulk is Embarrassed
74 Marvel’s crazy ‘Shang-Chi’ post-credits scenes just leaked
75 How Strong Is The Hulk? & 9 Other Questions About Bruce Banner, Answered
76 MCU: 10 Things That Make Zero Sense About Bruce Banner | CBR
77 10 Ways Bruce Banner Changed Between Incredible Hulk & Avengers
78 She-Hulk is Officially Stronger AND Smarter Than Bruce Banner
79 If Bruce Banner Hadn't Become the Hulk, He'd Have Been a Murderer
80 The Hulk: 10 Times Bruce Banner Was His Own Worst Enemy | CBR
81 Red She-Hulk Just Cheated on Bruce Banner with The Darkest Hulk
82 The Hulk: Why Marvel Should Retire Bruce Banner For Good
83 Hulk Preview Reveals How Bruce Banner Really Survives on the Run
84 Endgame: Fat Thor Justifies Bruce Banner’s Smart Hulk Transition
85 Marvel Admit Bruce Banner Is Not the Best Hulk | Screen Rant
86 Hulk: How Bruce Banner Became an Indestructible Agent of SHIELD
87 Maestro: Is Bruce Banner Still Hiding Inside Marvel's Most Tyrannical Hulk?
88 Hulk: How "Return of the Monster" Took Bruce Banner Back to His Roots
89 Bruce Banner Will Reportedly Become A Savage And More Powerful Hulk In The MCU Soon
90 David Duchovny was this close to being the MCU's Bruce Banner
91 Hulk: How Scott Lang, MCU's Ant-Man, Saved Bruce Banner's Life
92 Incredible Hulk Theory: Bruce Banner Perfected the Super Soldier Serum
93 Kang Tried To Destroy The Avengers By Making Hulk Kill Bruce Banner
94 Immortal Hulk Brings Bruce Banner and Betty Ross Back Together
95 Hulk: Maestro Is About to Learn How Immortal Bruce Banner REALLY Is
96 Why Mark Ruffalo Won't Get His Own 'Hulk' Movie
97 Mark Ruffalo Returning As Bruce Banner In MCU Phase 4 For She-Hulk
98 10 Ways Bruce Banner Has Changed Since Becoming The Hulk | CBR
99 Wolverine's Most Vicious Hulk Battle Was With Bruce Banner's Wife
100 Immortal Hulk: An Avenger Betrays the Team to Save Bruce Banner