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1 DC: All 6 Animated Films Considered Part Of The "Timmverse" | CBR
2 Batman variants
3 Condiment King Confronts James Gunn About Not Being In The Suicide Squad
4 Margot Robbie Wants Harley Quinn to Date New Guys In the DCEU
5 The Long Halloween: Comic v. Movies
6 Harley Quinn Deserves a Spot Alongside DC's Trinity, Says James Gunn
7 DCAU: The 10 Saddest Moments From The Series | CBR
8 HBO Max – The Superman Animated Series Comes Into Service
9 Gotham star set to reprise her role in Batwoman twist
10 Damon Lindelof, Matt Reeves Team with Oscar Sharp for HBO Max Magical Medical Drama
11 Bruce Timm Is Making an Animated Batman Series for HBO Max
12 Obscure DC Villain Condiment King Gets Suicide Squad 2 Fan Poster
13 The Suicide Squad: 10 Harley Quinn Comic Stories To Read Before The Movie
14 DC Announces NEW Bruce Timm Batman Animated Series... with J.J. Abrams. And Superman.
15 Harley Quinn Has Her Own Version Of Marvel’s Super-Soldier Serum
16 Batman: The Telltale Series Understood the Value of What-If Storytelling
17 'Batman: The Long Halloween' two-parter was written as though it were a live-action movie
18 DC ROUND-UP: The DCAU continues in exciting fashion with JUSTICE LEAGUE INFINITY #1
19 Space Jam: Every World in the Serververse | CBR
20 Justice League Infinity #1 review | Batman News
21 Batman: What Happened to Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke's Rejected Story?
22 REPORT: Batwoman Season 3 to Introduce Renee Montoya | CBR
23 Damon Lindelof, Matt Reeves, Oscar Sharp to make medical drama for HBO Max
24 Batman Beyond Co-Creator Bruce Timm Reacts to Michael Keaton's Return as Older Bruce Wayne
25 Bat for more: what can we expect from Bruce Timm's new Batman animated show?
26 Bruce Timm's Elseworlds Adventure 'Batman: Soul Of The Dragon' Heads To 4K UHD This January
27 The most underrated superhero show ever is finally streaming on HBO Max
28 Batman Legend Bruce Timm Reportedly Returning With New DC Animation Movie
29 JJ Abrams, Matt Reeves and Bruce Timm to serve as EP on new Batman animated seri
30 New Batman: Caped Crusader Animated Series From Bruce Timm Revealed! – WhatCulture
31 Bruce Timm is making sure animation still has a say in the world of superhero entertainment
32 Batman Beyond Crew Member Is Giving Fans Hope For A Big TV Revival
33 10 Biggest Things The DCAU Changed From The Comics | ScreenRant
34 Batman faces the ultimate kung fu showdown in SOUL OF THE DRAGON trailer
35 Batman Beyond: Terry McGinnis' 'Mother' Was Almost Catwoman | CBR
36 Batman: TAS Almost Had a Catwoman Spin-Off
37 Batman Beyond Co-Creator Approves Of Old Bruce Wayne Michael Keaton Casting
38 From Bruce Wayne's Bat-a-wang to Harley Quinn’s hot-tubbing, 10 racy moments from the Batman canon
39 Batman: Caped Crusader: 5 Things We Know About The HBO Max And Cartoon Network Series
40 Every Single Entry In The DCAU, In Chronological Order | CBR
41 10 Justice League Episodes To Watch Before The Snyder Cut | CBR
42 Bruce Timm discusses the Batman he was never allowed to make ... until now
43 10 Things We Want From The Upcoming Batman: Caped Crusader HBO Max Animated Series
44 Superman: The Animated Series Could've Had a RADICALLY Different Look
45 Bruce Timm Is Reportedly Developing Batman: Soul of the Dragon
46 Bruce Timm reportedly working on Batman: Soul of the Dragon animated movie
47 Batman Beyond: Bruce Timm Weighs in on Chances of Series Revival
48 NYCC 2017: Twenty-Five Years Later Bruce Timm Talks 'Batman: The Animated Series'
49 The 10 best Batman Beyond episodes ever
50 'Batman: The Animated Series' Sequel Now Rumored for HBO Max
51 How Supergirl's Bruce Timm Cartoon Design Was Worked Into the DCU
52 DCAU: 10 Times Batman & Wonder Woman Were Couple Goals
53 Things You Forgot Happened In He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe
54 DC’s Batman: The Adventures Continue Season II is Coming In May
55 ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ and ‘Batman Beyond’ Coming to HBO Max in January
56 Bruce Timm Was Unaware Of Harley Quinn's Popularity
57 'Soul of the Dragon': Lots of funk and cheese
58 Batman: The Adventure Continues Season 2 #1 Carries Deadly Potential
59 Rumour: HBO Max developing Batman: The Animated Series revival
60 Bruce Timm wants Superman: Red Son for next DC animated Elseworlds film
61 'Justice League Vs The Fatal Five' Interview: Bruce Timm Talks Film, More
62 Injustice DC Animated Movie in the Works
63 10 DC Villains Perfect For Batman: Caped Crusader | ScreenRant
64 Just Making a Good Show: A Birthday Tribute to Bruce Timm
65 NCA all-stars: Notes from Monday's boys all-star game, including Kwat's North Star swan song
66 10 DC Heroes Who Could Appear On Batman: Caped Crusader
67 Batman Beyond Director Encourages Fans to Rally for Additional Stories
68 EXCLUSIVE: Batman: The Animated Series Sequel Is In The Works For HBO Max
69 Batman: Soul of the Dragon
70 Exclusive: Ronnie Del Carmen, Co-Director Of 'Inside Out,' Is Developing An Animated Feature At Netflix
71 Watch: Harley Quinn co-creator Bruce Timm on her legacy
72 Watch: Bruce Timm reveals the origin of Harley Quinn's origin story
73 Bruce Timm Open To More Batman: The Animated Series Movies
74 How HBO Max Should Bring Back The DC Animated Universe
75 10 DC Animated Universe Fates Worse Than Death
76 Who is the Batman in Batman Beyond? Identity Explained
77 22 covers (and counting) for Batman/Catwoman #1
78 Michael Keaton Has Signed On For Three More DC Movies
79 Harley Quinn co-creator Bruce Timm thinks Suicide Squad's Harley is pretty cute
80 Watch: Bruce Timm on Batman and Harley Quinn
81 Batman The Killing Joke Bruce Timm Addresses Controversy
82 Batman: Urban Legends Sees the Return of Batman Beyond | CBR
83 10 Characters Who Could Join The JLU In Justice League Infinity
84 INTERVIEW: Subverting expectations with the cast & crew of BATMAN: SOUL OF THE DRAGON
85 Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One Clip Has Bruce and Alfred Discussing the Holiday
86 DC Revives Justice League Unlimted In New Comic Series
87 Bruce Timm On His Return to Batman In 'Strange Days'
88 J.J. Abrams & Matt Reeves Teaming Up for Batman Animated Series at HBO Max | THR News
89 ‘Batman Beyond’ Director Urges Fans to Demand Revival from Warner Bros.: ‘We Would Like to Make It’
90 'Batman and Harley Quinn' is written by Bruce Timm
91 Bruce Wayne Is an Ass in First Batman: Soul of the Dragon Clip
92 Batman: Soul of the Dragon Director Sam Liu Interview | CBR
93 Best Justice League Animated Episodes Not About Batman
94 Batman Beyond: The Classic That Nobody Wanted
95 10 Things To Know Before Watching Batman: Soul Of The Dragon
96 Batman, Superman animated shows heading to HBO Max, Cartoon Network
97 The Batman: The Animated Series Episode Bruce Time Won't Watch
98 Harley Quinn creator Paul Dini reflects on 25 years of high jinks |
99 Batmania Has Officially Begun As HBO Max & CN Announce New Batman Animated Series
100 Justice League Animated Series Stars Reprise Their DC Superhero Roles in Cast Reunion