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1 Nightwing #84 Brings Anti-Oracle to the DC Universe | CBR
2 If You Like That, You Should See His Butt
3 Nightwing: Blockbuster & Gotham’s Rejects Are Targeting Bludhaven
4 Nightwing #81
5 DC Comics & September 2021 Solicitations Spoilers: Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, But Tim Drake & Batman MIA?!
6 Nightwing Issue 81 Review: “Leaping into the Light Part 4”
7 Slideshow: Nightwing #81 Preview
8 Nightwing Shows How Bludhaven Is Better Than Gotham City | CBR
9 What's In A Name? Nightwing, Bitewing, Haley And More (Spoilers)
10 Nightwing: How Bitewing Got Her Secret Identity | CBR
11 Gotham Gossip: Dick Grayson Keeping It In The Family? (Spoilers
12 Nightwing Is A Fan Of Adam West's Batman, DC Confirms
13 Upcoming September 2021 DC Comics revealed: Fear State grips the Batman books
14 DC Spotlight June 15, 2021 Releases: The Comic Source Podcast
15 Nightwing #80 Review: A Winner |
16 Nightwing is Edging Dangerously Close To Becoming A Villain
17 Batman Just Roasted Nightwing with the Perfect Gift | Screen Rant
18 Nightwing's New Weapon Shows His Big Difference From Batman
19 Red Hood Takes on Nightwing, Robin and Signal With Brutal New Weapon
20 Nightwing Is Finally Getting the Villains He Deserves
21 Even Batman Is Teasing Nightwing About His Stolen Wallet | CBR
22 The Joker's Last Words Before Batman Finally Killed Him Were Chilling
23 Tim Drake is Finally Confirmed To Be DC's Best Robin
24 Nightwing Has One Reason He Doesn't Work With Cops | Screen Rant
25 Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo Have A New DC Comic Together Again
26 Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo On Nightwing #78 with Batgirl
27 DC Comics & August 2021 Solicitations Spoilers: Batman's Robins Rumble With Nightwing, Red Hood, Shazam, Teen Titans Academy & Lobo?!
28 Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo Save Dick Grayson in Nightwing #78
29 PREVIEW: Dick meets his new best friend in Taylor & Redondo’s NIGHTWING #78
30 Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 6/16/2021
31 The Weekly Round-Up #601 With Far Sector #12, Oblivion Song #31, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #13, X-Men #21 & More Plus The Week In Music!
32 NEWS WATCH: Tom Taylor & Bruno Redondo's NIGHTWING #78 gets 2nd printing with New Cover
33 Full DC Comics August 2021 Solicitations, Batman and the World Beyond
34 DC ADVANCE ROUND-UP: Taylor & Redondo’s NIGHTWING #78 breathes new life into the series
35 Separated At Birth: Taylor/Redondo Nightwing & Fraction/Aja Hawkeye
36 Suicide Squad Artist Shares Unused Art from Death of Deadshot Issue
37 Batgirl & Nightwing Talk @#$% Behind Batman's Back in Nightwing #79
38 REVIEW: Nightwing #78 Returns Dick Grayson to His Former Glory
39 DC ROUND-UP: NIGHTWING #79 shows the heart of the character
40 COVER REVEAL: NIGHTWING #80 introduces a new foe for Dick
41 Nightwing Pulls off a Quick Outfit Change on Issue #83 Cover
42 Nightwing Has The Best Alibi Any Murder Suspect Could Want (Spoilers)
43 Nightwing Issue 80 Review: “Introducing Heartless” |
44 Nightwing’s New Villain Is One of DC’s Most Brutal Ever
45 Nightwing #80 Preview Reveals a Robin Reunion | CBR
46 Preview – ‘Nightwing’ #78: A Tail-Wagging New Era
47 Nightwing #79 review | Batman News
48 Nightwing Issue 78 Review: “Leaping Into the Light
49 The Weekly Pull: Shang-Chi, Batman/Fortnite, Rangers of the Divide, and More
50 Suicide Squad: One DC Hero Has a SHOCKING Cosmic Heritage | CBR
51 DC Reveals Robin Reunion and Nightwing Second Printing
52 Nightwing: DC Wants Fans to Name Dick Grayson's New Puppy | CBR
53 Nightwing Is Fully Aware That ‘Kids Can Be Cruel’ in DC Comics
54 First Look: Tom Taylor and Artist Bruno Redondo Reunite for Suicide Squad #1
55 No, Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo's Suicide Squad is Not Cancelled With #6
56 Don't Touch Dick's Puppy
57 Dick Grayson Is Accused of Murder in New Nightwing #80 Preview
58 Suicide Squad Comics Avoided An R-Rating In A Way The DCEU Never Could
59 Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo are redefining the SUICIDE SQUAD
60 DC Comics Announces New Nightwing Creative Team And Political Story
61 Exclusive: Nightwing Is Back In Action In New Look At Upcoming Series
62 Nightwing #79 Review: Dick Grayson Soars to All New Heights
63 Harley Quinn Debuts a New Costume in Suicide Squad's Final Issue
64 Full Roster Revealed for Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo's Suicide Squad... Who Will Die First?
65 Government Official Endorses Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo's Suicide Squad
66 DC Reveals That Nightwing is Now Richer Than Batman
67 DC Comics' Pride 2021 Variant Covers Are Absolutely Stunning
68 Suicide Squad: Blue Beetle Explains Why He Really Didn't Break Bad
69 Nightwing: How Blockbuster Became DC's Kingpin of Crime | CBR
70 Nightwing Adjusts To Puppy Ownership In Comics Preview
71 Nightwing's Greatest Allies Will Always Be His Family
72 DC Writer Reveals Name Of Nightwing's New Puppy Partner
73 Nightwing #78 Advanced Review: One Of The Best Superhero Comics in Years
74 Batman: Robin's Flatline & Nightwing's Heartless Have the Same Final Move
75 Nightwing Is Spending His Billions Better Than Batman Ever Did
76 NEWS WATCH: First Look; DC's Suicide Squad Character Lineup by Bruno Redondo!
77 Batman: The Bat-Family Has a Group Chat and It's Roasting Nightwing
78 Suicide Squad: How the Team Survives Black Mask’s EXPLOSIVE Attack
79 INTERVIEW: Bruno Redondo Talks About INJUSTICE 2’s New Look
80 Dick Grayson's heart is on the line
81 Nightwing is Accused of Murder in Comic Sneak Peak | Screen Rant
82 Nightwing Teases WHy Dick Grayson Really Started Teen Titans Academy
83 The best Suicide Squad comics DC fans need to read
84 Suicide Squad #9 Review: Wildly Entertaining
85 Suicide Squad: Bad Blood HC Reviews
86 DC Spotlight May 18, 2021 Releases: The Comic Source Podcast
87 Nightwing & Batman's Biggest Difference is Called Out By DC
88 Superman wouldn't kill Deadshot, would he? Someone will in Suicide Squad #9
89 Nightwing's Adorable New Puppy Needs a Name (Here's How You Can Vote)
90 Suicide Squad #10 Review: Urgency and Momentum
91 The Weekly Pull: Justice League, Captain America, Ultramega, and More
92 Review: Nightwing #79 – The Batman Universe |
93 J. Jon Bruno, former L.A. Episcopal bishop, dies at 74
94 Justice League: How Comics Predicted Batman's Knightmare | CBR
95 Nightwing Confirms Batman and Alfred Raised Him Together
96 Nightwing Reveals Why Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon Were Always Soulmates
97 10 Comic Storylines Where Robin Has Superpowers | CBR
98 Nightwing is Finally Bringing Down His Family's Killers
99 CHECKMATE debuts, BATMAN meets FORTNITE, and more in the DC Comics June 2021 Solicitations
100 The Batman Family Has A Group Chat, And Nightwing Just Got Roasted In It