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11 ’Take it seriously,' Tampa woman says after bufo toad poisons her dog Tampa Bay Times 1 year ago
12 5-MeO-DMT: The 20-Minute Psychoactive Toad Experience That’s Transforming Lives Forbes 2 years ago
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14 Large, Invasive Toxic Cane Toads Enjoy Summer Nights In South Florida & Threaten Your Pets CBS Miami 7 months ago
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16 I Wanted Ego Death. This Powerful Psychedelic Gave It To Me. BuzzFeed News 4 months ago
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19 Palm Beach invaded by bufo toads? Some say yes Palm Beach Post 2 years ago
20 Psychedelic Toad Venom Clinical Research Boosted by $80M in Funding High Times 5 months ago
21 Bufo toad kills another Florida dog as poisonous invader leaps north Orlando Sentinel 3 years ago
22 Experts warn: toxic Bufo Toads are back in season WPEC 2 years ago
23 Psychedelic Toad Venom Is the New Trendy Hallucinogenic Addiction Center 2 years ago
24 Record number of Bufo toads infesting local communities 2 years ago
25 Beware the bufo: Toxic toads are on the march and could kill your pet South Florida Sun Sentinel 3 years ago
26 Bufo toads, coral snakes, oh my! Poisonous reptiles emerge after recent rains 4 years ago
27 A Vice Show Led to Identifying the Denton Creators of a Guide to Hallucinogenic Toad Venom Dallas Observer 10 months ago
28 The secret life of toads, from frenzied procreation to hunting snakes in the night Country Life 8 months ago
29 Tampa woman says her dog died after ingesting Bufo toad's toxin ABC Action News 3 years ago
30 Deadly bufo toads spotted in Central Florida WESH 2 Orlando 3 years ago
31 They’re baaack: It’s breeding season, so these toxic critters are here by the thousands Miami Herald 3 years ago
32 Toxic toads infested a Florida neighborhood. Here's what to know about cane toads. USA TODAY 3 years ago
33 Editorial: Toads and tripping The Gila Herald 6 months ago
34 Mike Tyson Says He Once 'Died' While Tripping on Psychedelic Toad Venom Maxim 2 months ago
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36 58 European films to tempt festival directors in 2022 Screen International 6 days ago
37 Toxic toads can kill your pet in minutes — here’s how to stop them WFLA 2 years ago
38 Spanish couple arrested over toad-venom and ayahuasca rituals The Guardian 5 months ago
39 FWC: Learn to spot the differences between native southern toads and non-native invasive cane toads Florida Trend 2 years ago
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44 Collier County man found with 60 pounds of hallucinogens Wink News 3 months ago
45 GH Research Goes Public To Turn 5-MeO-DMT Into Medicine For Treatment-Resistant Depression Forbes 7 months ago
46 Florida wildlife: Toxic toads are infesting communities in record numbers Palm Beach Post 2 years ago
47 Dog owner issues warning after dog poisoned by bufo toad FOX 13 Tampa Bay 2 years ago
48 It's that time of year again: Protect pets from bufo toads Florida Weekly 3 years ago
49 Coronavirus can't stop cane toads, aka bufos; they're active again on Treasure Coast TCPalm 2 years ago
50 Why Are Celebrities Smoking Toad Venom? Yahoo Lifestyle 6 months ago
51 Parkland Man Says Cane Toad Nearly Killed 1 of His Goldendoodles Parkland Talk 4 months ago
52 Swim Ignorant Fire creator digs into African rhythms WGLT 4 months ago
53 Toadly toxic toads are invading Florida yards: Here’s how to deal with those froggers WJXT News4JAX 2 years ago
54 40 nabbed as police bust gangs dealing with protected animals SHINE 1 month ago
55 Stop Milking Toads To Get High, Say Conservationists IFLScience 12 months ago
56 The hottest new psychedelic drug among trendy New Yorkers is illegal toad venom New York Post 2 years ago
57 Bushfires helping cane toads thrive: study Liverpool City Champion 19 days ago
58 Christina Haack Smoked Toad Venom Before Meeting New Flame Joshua Hall Entertainment Tonight 7 months ago
59 Toxic, dog-killing toads are invading Florida yards; here's how to get rid of them Florida Today 3 years ago
60 Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack Had a Disagreement on 'Flip or Flop' Set, Source Says CBS News 8 6 months ago
61 8 On Your Side Warning: Poisonous Bufo toads in Tampa Bay area can kill pets WFLA 6 years ago
62 $80 Million Granted to Research Psychedelic Properties of Ingesting Toad Venom Newsweek 4 months ago
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65 Psychedelic Toad Venom Relieves Depression, Anxiety And Stress, Studies Find Marijuana Moment 3 years ago
66 Smoking Psychedelic Toad Milk Could Alleviate Depression For Up To Four Weeks IFLScience 3 years ago
67 Poisonous toads: Bufo toads infest Palm Beach Gardens, Florida CBS News 3 years ago
68 Cane toads spotted in Cape Coral Fox 4 1 year ago
69 They show up in your yard after it rains. And they can kill your dog. Miami Herald 4 years ago
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72 Creepy, toxic toads all the rage in Southwest Florida The News-Press 5 years ago
73 Chilly with a chance of poisonous toads. That’s the weekend forecast for South Florida Miami Herald 3 years ago
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75 March Madness: Which invasive species is Florida's Pest of the Year? (Spoiler: Bufo toad) TCPalm 3 years ago
76 Toad Tadpoles Turn Homegrown Poisons on One Another Scientific American 4 years ago
77 Tiny California college is haven for love-struck toads Los Angeles Times 10 months ago
78 Adult Film Star Charged with Reckless Homicide Following Toad Venom Death MovieWeb 10 months ago
79 Toxic Toads: Bufo, giant, cane or marine toads; it's all the same toxic species TCPalm 2 years ago
80 The Indigenous Mexican Tribe That Honors Rare Psychedelic Toads VICE 4 years ago
81 Toxic, dog-killing toads invading Florida yards; here's how to get rid of them WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando 3 years ago
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83 Scientists debunk a long-held theory about oysters, chocolate, honey, and Spanish fly Inverse 10 months ago
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86 Poisonous Toads Are Swarming This Florida Town TIME 3 years ago
87 Giant toxic toads come out after heavy rain in South Florida FOX 35 Orlando 2 years ago
88 Adult film star arrested after man dies from inhaling toad fumes The Daily Dot 2 years ago
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90 Aphrodisiacs From These Toads Lead to Heart Attacks, Not Sex Slate Magazine 7 years ago
91 Dog lovers beware: Poisonous giant bufo toad is rearing its toxic head in expanding areas, experts say New York Daily News 7 years ago
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93 Giant toxic toads come out in South Florida as heavy rains set the perfect mood for breeding Miami Herald 2 years ago
94 Amphibians Of Saudi Arabia World Atlas 4 years ago
95 In Search of Hallucinogenic Toads VICE 7 years ago
96 Local woman opens 'Toad Busters' business to help eliminate poisonous toads, save pets 4 years ago
97 Golden Retriever Almost Dies After Killing Bofu Toad in Parkland Parkland Talk 4 years ago
98 Swarms of baby toads invade Mirabella neighborhood in Palm Beach Gardens Palm Beach Post 3 years ago
99 At monsoon time, Tucson's toads go looking for love — and maybe a swim Arizona Daily Star 2 years ago
100 Poisonous baby toads plague Florida neighborhood by the thousands: report Fox News 3 years ago