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1 Relax, America: Willow, the White House Cat, Has Arrived The New York Times 11 hours ago
2 Scottish Cat Missing 11 Years Reunites with Owner After Rescuers Find Him 80 Miles from Home PEOPLE 8 hours ago
3 This $33 Cat Scratcher on Amazon Doubles as a Bed, and Reviewers Say Their Pets Are Obsessed PEOPLE 4 hours ago
4 The Cat and the Magpies | Craig Press 10 hours ago
5 Revisiting The Amazing Adventures of Space Cat! 10 hours ago
6 Cat and Elk Meet Face-to-Face at Colorado Window and Try to Cuddle Through Glass PEOPLE 2 days ago
7 Nubbins, a cherished Bay Area cat, allegedly taken by Airbnb guests from Southern California SF Gate 7 hours ago
8 Plymouth woman helps cats with disabilities have happy lives Minneapolis Star Tribune 6 hours ago
9 This Cat Holds Ecosystems Together Psychology Today 12 hours ago
10 Make Sure Your Cats Stay Hydrated While You're at the Office Entrepreneur 13 hours ago
11 'Crazy Cat Lady' from Monument wins $12.5 million jackpot Colorado Springs and Pueblo News 8 hours ago
12 Daniil Medvedev has epic Australian Open meltdown: 'You are a small cat' New York Post 12 hours ago
13 Dallas police looking for boys who injured cat in Pleasant Grove The Dallas Morning News 3 hours ago
14 Hilarious Video Shows Cat Scaring Goat at Ohio Farm Newsweek 12 hours ago
15 What It's Like Making Your Cat Famous on TikTok DrexelNow 10 hours ago
16 I’m a real-life furry and my lifestyle is no dirty ‘cat litter box’ joke New York Post 1 day ago
17 Cat found abandoned inside box in Trumbull County 1 day ago
18 Simba, Luna the most popular cat names in NL last year NL Times 11 hours ago
19 Cats on Road Trips: What Could Go Wrong? The Wall Street Journal 3 days ago
20 Hilary Fannin: I recently shelled out 200 quid on cat paraphernalia The Irish Times 21 hours ago
21 Here, kitty: Bidens welcome cat named Willow to White House KCBD 16 hours ago
22 Cat Financial Announces 2021 Year-End Results Yahoo Finance 15 hours ago
23 20 Of The Funniest Tweets About Cats And Dogs This Week (Jan. 22-28) HuffPost 5 hours ago
24 Bidens welcome their cat, Willow, to White House MSNBC 10 hours ago
25 This Guy Designs Custom 3D-Printed Helmets for His Cat and It's Adorable My Modern Met 9 hours ago
26 'I was definitely out of my mind' Daniil Medvedev on 'small cat' rant at umpire in semi-final 9 hours ago
27 Watch the most calculating cat steal a ball from a dog Boing Boing 7 hours ago
28 Cat's Hilariously Sad Expressions at Being 'Excluded From Dinner' Go Viral Newsweek 4 days ago
29 Catsbury Park cat rescue finds new home in Asbury Park, opening details announced Asbury Park Press 17 hours ago
30 Uncle-to-be has hilarious reaction to sister's pregnancy announcement USA TODAY 9 hours ago
31 This Giant Maine Coon Cat Is So Big That People Think He's a Dog My Modern Met 2 days ago
32 Aspire Credit Union warns members of copy-cat website KX NEWS 5 hours ago
33 Elderly Cat Set To Celebrate 23rd Birthday Melts Hearts Online: 'Queen' Newsweek 9 days ago
34 Photos of the Week: Breyer retirement, bridge collapse and White House cat Willow | TheHill The Hill 4 hours ago
35 RAW EMOTIONS' Lucky Cat Release Celebrates Valentine's Day and the Lunar New Year HYPEBEAST 17 hours ago
36 An Open Letter From a Diehard Jaguars Fan Big Cat Country 8 hours ago
37 Does my cat think I’m just a bigger cat? It’s complicated Inverse 19 days ago
38 Pres. Bidens New Cat, Willow, Named After Willow Grove 5 hours ago
39 Expert calls for cat flaps to be banned unless garden is escape-proof The Mirror 9 hours ago
40 Cat climbing wall suddenly meets fox. Feline pauses for a moment, runs away Hindustan Times 22 hours ago
41 Cats' weekslong Vitamix standoff is entertaining thousands of people on Facebook NPR 15 days ago
42 Why Do Cats Purr? DISCOVER Magazine 26 days ago
43 Why cat-like creatures vanished from North America for 6 million years New Scientist 17 days ago
44 Is Your Cat Gaslighting You? 4 Confusing Behaviors, Explained Yahoo Lifestyle 3 days ago
45 Cat charity CEO quits over colleague keeping 18 cats in house The Guardian 9 days ago
46 'Enraged' Cat Attacks Owner After She Warned She Would 'Put It in Its Room': Police Newsweek 16 days ago
47 Busting cat-color myths: Your orange tabby isn't dumber than its feline pals CNET 27 days ago
48 Cat Survives Colorado Wildfire After Escaping to Porch of Only Home Left Standing After Blaze PEOPLE 24 days ago
49 Cats caused more than 100 house fires in the past 3 years, South Korea officials say CNN 30 days ago
50 ‘No House Cat': Exotic Cat Found in Mass., Thousands of Miles From Home NBC10 Boston 24 days ago
51 Cat people, there's cool new tech for you at CES 2022, too CNET 23 days ago
52 Caterpillar (CAT) Gears Up For Q4 Earnings: What to Expect? Yahoo Finance 4 days ago
53 Owner of the Late Instagram-Famous Feline Lil Bub Introduces Fans to His 'New Magical Space Cat' Mr. Marbles PEOPLE 16 days ago
54 A Rare Jaguar ‘Big Cat’ XJR-15 Road Car Is Expected to Fetch $1.95 Million at Auction Robb Report 6 hours ago
55 'Groundbreaking' news for your feline friends! FDA approves first-ever arthritis pain management drug for cats USA TODAY 15 days ago
56 This "Grinch" cat requires princess-level pampering, no kids and will yell at you if her demands aren't met. And she just got adopted. CBS News 29 days ago
57 A Cat Has Gone Viral for Resembling Queen's Freddie Mercury Loudwire 19 days ago
58 Fourth-Generation Girl Group Members with Cat-like features allkpop 8 hours ago
59 Outdoor Cats Are Using $500 Starlink Satellite Dishes as Self-Heating Beds Smithsonian 15 days ago
60 Born again and a 3D felt cat: Friday's photo highlights The Guardian 7 days ago
61 Feral cat welfare organizations in Kingston receive 'windfall' food donation Kingstonist 1 day ago
62 San Francisco’s most ‘fancy lookin’ shop cat is now an internet celebrity SF Gate 26 days ago
63 People can’t get enough of this ‘majestic’ cat walking in the snow. Watch Hindustan Times 13 days ago
64 Frozen Tools Forensics: Multi-Cat Kings in Tkachuk, Trouba, and Weegar 13 hours ago
65 Cat patiently listens as human sings Soft Kitty from The Big Bang Theory Hindustan Times 7 days ago
66 Man given suspended prison term after abandoned cat found dead at home Lynn News 9 hours ago
67 Man makes bomb threat to jump line for Doja Cat concert at Monument Circle IndyStar 21 days ago
68 The Pirate Kitty of Ferny Hills: How a thieving ginger cat brought joy to a Brisbane neighbourhood ABC News 17 days ago
69 Cats provide comfort to Pittsburg cat, and other tales of feline empathy The Mercury News 1 month ago
70 Cats can track your 'invisible presence,' study says CNN 3 months ago
71 Cats Are So Not Appreciated. Think Again. The New York Times 5 months ago
72 I Can’t Give My Cat the Perfect Life. ‘TV for Cats’ Gives Her a Taste. The New York Times 2 months ago
73 How Cute Cats Help Spread Misinformation Online The New York Times 2 months ago
74 The inner lives of cats: what our feline friends really think about hugs, happiness and humans The Guardian 2 months ago
75 How the Cat Gets Its Stripes: It’s Genetics, Not a Folk Tale The New York Times 3 months ago
76 Opinion | I Can’t Stop Wondering What’s Going On Inside My Cat’s Head The New York Times 5 months ago
77 The joys of cat ownership The Washington Post 6 months ago
78 DC's cat count put the city's feline population at roughly 200,000 The Washington Post 4 months ago
79 A Cat Led A Rescue Team To An 83-Year-Old Woman Who Had Fallen Down A Ravine NPR 5 months ago
80 Why doesn’t my cat like me? Six ways to put your pet at ease Inverse 2 months ago
81 Here’s How to Build Your Own Cat Trees, Catwalks, and Cat Furniture Architectural Digest 2 months ago
82 Cat Years to Human Years: Your Feline's Lifespan Explained Newsweek 3 months ago
83 Family Adopts Oldest Cat in Shelter for 101-Year-Old Woman Looking for an Elderly Companion PEOPLE 4 months ago
84 Did you know your pet cat may be tracking your every move? NPR 2 months ago
85 What Should I Do About My Bird-Killing Cat? The New York Times 4 months ago
86 Cat's Hilarious Reaction to Being Sat on by Family Dog Goes Viral Newsweek 3 months ago
87 A cat got stuck in a tree for five days. It took more than 30 people to get him down. The Washington Post 2 months ago
88 Feline okay? The app that tells you if your cat's happy Reuters 6 months ago
89 New study proves unsuspected social ability in cats Haaretz 2 months ago
90 A "talking" cat is giving scientists insight into how felines think Salon 2 months ago
91 Now we know how tabby cats get their stripes National Geographic 5 months ago
92 The hidden world of cats: what our feline friends are doing when we’re not looking The Guardian 6 months ago
93 Miami Fans Save Cat From Upper Deck Fall Using American Flag CalBearsMaven 5 months ago
94 Video Explaining How to Hold Cats Viewed Almost 10m Times: 'All About the Butt' Newsweek 5 months ago
95 Rescue Cat Realizes It's 'Found Its Forever Home' in Heartwarming Video Newsweek 2 months ago
96 What it means when cats knead with their paws CNN 5 months ago
97 ‘A Christmas Miracle': Missing Cat Found After Three Years in Bristol NBC Connecticut 2 months ago
98 How long can I leave my cat alone? Cat experts reveal a surprising answer Inverse 4 months ago
99 ‘They would help me write, as cats do, by climbing on to the keyboard’: Margaret Atwood on her feline familiars The Guardian 3 months ago
100 Maine cat missing for 2 months spotted on trail cam with a fox before being reunited with its family Bangor Daily News 1 month ago