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1 With Dems' prized bill at stake, a numbers game looms ahead
2 C.B.O. Finds Biden's Spending Bill Not Fully Paid For
3 Fact Check Team: How reliable is the CBO?
4 An Honest Score for the Spending Bill
5 Democrats battle CBO over whether the rich will be spooked into tax compliance
6 CBO Director Called Mild Tax Hikes Proposed by Obama “Class Warfare”
7 Will Biden's climate plan survive the budget wonks?
8 Biden's Build Back Better Bill Set for House Vote; CBO Releases Cost Estimate
9 CBO: Democrats' package saves about $160B on drug prices | TheHill
10 How Revenue for Biden's Social Policy Bill Depends on the I.R.S.
11 Moderate Democrats press for score before vote on Biden package | TheHill
12 'Your World' on spending bill's CBO score, holiday shopping update
13 Biden’s massive spending bill set to collide with debt ceiling, funding fights after CBO score delay
14 Congress’ budget gurus may slow down Biden’s Build Back Better plan
15 5 Dems are most important holdouts as Pelosi tries to jam through reconciliation bill with no CBO score
16 CBO says Biden spending plan adds to deficit, jeopardizing bill's passage
17 House passes Build Back Better bill after overnight delay
18 Opinion | A CBO 'score' of Biden's big domestic program is crucial
19 Democrats' 'Plan A' amnesty plan would increase federal deficit by over $500 billion by 2041: CBO
20 Commentary: Ignoring debt is not an option
21 AGC Biologics Appoints Jean-Baptiste Agnus As CBO
22 The Hill's 12:30 Report — Presented by Facebook — Dems anxiously await CBO score on Build Back Better | TheHill
23 Biden social and climate bill gets a boost as nonpartisan panel says plan is unlikely to add to long-term deficits
24 Pelosi insists 'Build Back' bill will pass next week -- despite budget concerns
25 AOC explains why she voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill
26 Penn Wharton Budget Model enjoys public lashings from both the Biden and Trump administrations
27 Still no Rittenhouse verdict, CBO weighs Biden’s bill, and Julius Jones commutation
28 Explaining the Prescription Drug Provisions in the Build Back Better Act
29 Amphista Therapeutics Appoints CBO, Beverley Carr
30 What is the Build Back Better Act, and what's in it for Georgia?
31 Sound On: Biden Approval, Biden Agenda CBO Score (Radio)
32 Manchin undecided on helping start debate on Biden spending bill | TheHill
33 Biden's massive spending spree stalled by Democratic allies pushing back on far-left demands
34 This element of Biden’s agenda ‘has led to higher inflation’: Congress’s Budget Chief
35 Tax assistance for low income: Get the best help near you to prepare for taxes
36 Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Warn Build Back Better Bill Will Hurt Florida
37 Democrats might drop union bonus for electric vehicle credit
38 No, Better Tax Enforcement Will Not Raise $400 Billion
39 'It Was All Nonsense': GOP Lawmaker Cites CBO Score As He Criticizes Build Back Better Agenda
40 Blackburn Demands Answers On Biden Administration's Attack On State Medicaid Programs
41 Infrastructure bill would add $256 billion to deficits over a decade, CBO says
42 Lyons steps aside as Columbus Crew CBO
43 Opinion: Double standards for Republican deficit hawks | Anthony Hascheff
44 Answer to a Question for the Record Following a Hearing on CBO's Efforts to Enhance Its Transparency, Effectiveness, and Efficiency
45 CBO Simulates the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act
46 CBO Details How Pentagon Can Save $1 Trillion
47 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, November 19, 2021
48 CBO Analysis Of House's Build Back Better Act, HHS Proposes Rescinding “Good Guidance” Rule
49 CBO 'unclear' when it will have cost estimate of House reconciliation bill | TheHill
50 CBO's Estimate of the Statutory Pay-As-You-Go Effects of H.R. 3193, the E-BRIDGE Act
51 Analysis | Why Biden says his plan is 'fiscally responsible,' while Manchin decries 'gimmicks'
52 READ: Congressional Budget Office report on the bipartisan infrastructure plan and what it costs
53 Congress's fiscal referees, CBO and JCT, guide fate of Biden bills
54 Nancy Pelosi Says No More GOP-Shaped Questions
55 CBO Director Joins Yahoo Finance-Bipartisan Policy Center Seminar To Talk Inflation, Infrastructure
56 CBO: Proposed Medicare pricing plan could curb drug development
57 'Well The Numbers Are In': Blackburn Rips Build Back Better Plan After CBO Score Released
58 Harold Hill shoplifter Bradley Thomas sentenced to 94 weeks
59 House Budget Committee 'not considering' firing CBO director | TheHill
60 CBO projects $3T budget gap this year thanks to pandemic
61 Jayapal: Members Of The Progressive Caucus Are "Going To Be Fine" With New "Build Back Better" Bill
62 Charting the Latest CBO Data on Incomes, Taxes, and Inequality
63 Divided House OKs Democrats' sweeping social, climate bill
64 U.S. Debt-Limit Measures May Run Out in Late October, CBO Says
65 Debt limit deadline likely October or November, CBO says
66 McConnell and Graham ask CBO for 'true cost' of Biden spending plan
67 Senate Democrats need to leave Congress’s scorekeepers alone
68 When It Comes to the CBO, Hypocrisy Is Bipartisan
69 US deficit has reached $2.7 trillion in the past year, CBO estimates | TheHill
70 ADA vs CBO: Including Dental Coverage Under Medicare
71 CBO Blows Up Democrats’ Spin on Taxes
72 CBO Pegs Price Of Navy's FY22 Plans For Distributed Fleet: Over $32B
73 CBO Extends Timeline for Social Security Trust Fund Depletion
74 CBO sees rapid growth recovery, labor force returning to pre-pandemic level by 2022
75 CBO Expects $200 Billion From IRS Boost, Below Biden Targets
76 CBO: Navy's FY22 Shipbuilding Plan to Cost $25B to $33B Per Year Over 30 Years
77 $15 Minimum Wage Would Reduce Poverty But Cost Jobs, CBO Says
78 C.B.O. Report Says U.S. Economy Is Healing, But Workers Have A Ways to Go
79 Biden Budgets Challenge Agency That Kept Predicting Deficit Doom
80 McHenry, Emmer Urge CBO to Study Disastrous Impact of Democrats' Reckless Spending Proposals
81 CBO's Metaphysical Medicaid Madness
82 Sen. Rick Scott on “Infrastructure” CBO Score: The American People Deserve Better
83 Mounting federal debt puts the U.S. at risk of a fiscal crisis, Congressional Budget Office warns.
84 Why 'CBO' Is Showing Up All Over the Place
85 CBO Has Made Important Progress in Transparency, but Additional Steps Are Needed
86 CBO Analyzes American Rescue Plan Coverage Expansions
87 Democrats' Next Plan to Get Biden's Agenda Over the Finish Line: Fire the Scorekeeper – Mother Jones
88 CBO projects $2.26 trillion U.S. deficit in 2021 before Biden stimulus spending
89 Feds ran second-highest deficit ever in 2021: CBO
90 Former CBO director calls Democrats’ $3.5T reconciliation bill a ‘mess,’ argues it may not pass
91 Congressional Budget Office Scores Medicare-For-All: Universal Coverage For Less Spending
92 U.S. CBO sees debt default in Oct or Nov if no debt limit hike
93 Michigan and Church Street
94 Thanks to the CBO, the Democrats Are Irrationally Paranoid about Deficits
95 One More Republican Needs to Go—the Head of CBO
96 Deficit projected at $2.3 trillion for 2021, not counting additional stimulus, CBO says
97 CBO: Funding for Biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan comes up short
98 The legal fight over Biden's vaccine order begins
99 The Democrats Have a Lot of Cutting to Do
100 New Report Shows TCJA Reduced Tax Rates Across the Board