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1 Pittsburgh CBP Officers Seize Counterfeit COVID-19 Vaccination Cards from China
2 CBP Officers Prevent Human Smuggling Attempt
3 Chicago CBP Seize Counterfeit COVID Vaccination Cards
4 CBP Officers Seize Assault Weapons and Ammunition at the DeConcini Port of Entry
5 Painters in Presidio
6 CBP at the Del Rio Port of Entry Commemorates 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks
7 Suquamish Tribe Begins Issuing Tribal Card Through Agreement with CBP
8 Cincinnati CBP Discover More Than Peanuts and Cosmetics
9 Philadelphia CBP Officers Seize $99K in Unreported Currency from Travelers bound to the Palestinian Territories
10 Maritime Smuggling Activity Increases in Orange, Los Angeles, and Ventura Counties
11 CBP Announces Temporary Closure for Site Renovation
12 Chicago CBP Seizes Counterfeit DEA Badges, Again! | US Customs and Border Protection
13 86 Counterfeit Championship Rings Seized by Chicago CBP
14 CBP Officers at the El Paso ports of entry seize over $2 million worth of narcotics and arrest 25 fugitives
15 CBP Officers Seize over $900K in Cocaine and Methamphetamine at Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas Port of Entry
16 CBP Laredo Port of Entry Holds 20th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial Ceremony at the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge
17 Eagle Pass CBP Officers Seize Over $400K Worth of Heroin
18 CBP Officers in Douglas Seize Suspect Drug Proceeds
19 Baltimore CBP Officers Seize 550 Non-Compliant Tires from Malaysia
20 CBP officers prevent potentially fatal overdose of drugged woman
21 213 Collegiate & Professional Championship Rings Seized by Indianapolis CBP
22 CBP Officers at the Laredo Port of Entry Seize Cocaine Worth $88K
23 CBP Officers at Anzalduas International Bridge Snatch Fugitive Wanted on Indecency with a Child Warrant
24 CBP Offers Enrollment on Arrival in Cleveland & Indianapolis
25 $5.2 Million worth of fake Cartier jewelry Seized by Cincinnati CBP
26 ReCoM Partners Gear up for Labor Day Weekend
27 CBP Officers Seize over $16 Million in Methamphetamine at Pharr International Bridge
28 CBP Foils Attempts to Smuggle Over $53 Million Worth of Fake Designer Products
29 Customs officials seize fake watches | |
30 CBP Brownsville Port of Entry Conducts its 20th Anniversary 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony
31 Laredo CBP Officers Seize Methamphetamine Worth Over $20 Million at World Trade Bridge
32 CBP Field Operations at Hidalgo International Bridge Prevents over $4 Million in Hard Narcotics from Crossing the Border
33 CBP Finds $13.9 Million Worth of Cocaine inside a Container Arriving from the Dominican Republic
34 St. Louis CBP Intercepts Fraudulent Documents for Undocumented Migrants
35 CBP Field Operations at Pharr International Bridge Thwart Three Smuggling Attempts of Hard Narcotics Worth Nearly $3.5 Million
36 $2 Million Worth Of Narcotics Seized, 25 Fugitives Arrested At Texas-Mexico Border Last Week
37 LaFonda Sutton-Burke Takes Command of CBP's Chicago Field Office; Largest geographic field office in the nation
38 USBP Agents Rescue Drowning Man Near Border
39 CBP Field Operations at Hidalgo International Bridge Arrests Man Wanted on Child Indecency Charges
40 CBP Field Operations at Hidalgo International Bridge Scores Big with Nearly $1.5 Million in Hard Narcotics Interceptions and Unreported Currency
41 CBP Field Operations at Pharr International Bridge Seizes $6.5 Million in Hard Narcotics in Commercial Shipment
42 State of Border Patrol: Security at Risk with Agents Overwhelmed
43 Eagle Pass U.S. Customs And Border Protection Officers Seize $400K+ Worth Of Heroin
44 CBP Field Operations Arrests Two Women with Nearly $2 Million in Hard Narcotics at Mid-Valley International Bridges
45 CBP Field Operations at Pharr International Bridge Discover More Than Produce and Seize $11.5 Million in Methamphetamine
46 CBP Field Operations at Pharr International Bridge Executes Double Play, Intercepting over $8 Million in Narcotics
47 CBP's Secretive Tactical Terrorism Response Teams
48 Over $5 million worth of counterfeit jewelry seized by Customs and Border Protection in Cincinnati
49 CBP Field Operations at Pharr International Bridge Seizes over $4 Million in Methamphetamine
50 CBP Ag Specialists Block Bologna at Border Crossing
51 Black History Month in New Orleans with Assistant Director of Field Operations Terence Hudson
52 CBP Field Operations at Hidalgo International Bridge Apprehend Man Wanted on Child Sex Related Charges
53 CBP Field Operations at Hidalgo International Bridge Intercepts $2.2 Million Worth of Methamphetamine
54 Kevin A. Hunter Appointed Patrol Agent in Charge in Fort Fairfield, Maine
55 CBP Field Operations at Hidalgo International Bridge Arrests Local Man with $1.3 Million Worth of Methamphetamine
56 CBP Officers Seize Mexico-Bound Assault Weapons and Ammunition at the DeConcini Port of Entry
57 Chief Carla Provost
58 CBP Field Operations at Anzalduas International Bridge Arrests Starr County Man Wanted on Vehicular Manslaughter Charges
59 'Very small number' of Afghan evacuees flagged for concern by CBP at bases around the world
60 Texas Pays the Price as the Biden Border Crisis Continues
61 CBP Field Operations at Hidalgo International Bridge Arrests Woman with $2.2 Million in Methamphetamine
62 Counterfeit DEA and FBI Badges Stopped by Chicago CBP
63 Tweets Misrepresent Border Data
64 CBP Field Operations at Pharr International Bridge Seize Over $4 Million in Methamphetamine Found In Fresh Produce Shipment
65 CBP Agents and Officers Begin Use of Body-Worn Cameras
66 New $71.7M Land Port of Entry Being Built at Maine-Canada Border : CEG
67 Securing the Super Bowl: CBP Gears Up for Super Bowl LV in Tampa
68 CBP and NIKE, Inc. partner to prevent counterfeit shipments from entering the United States
69 Nationwide Encounters
70 CBP Officers Seize about 12000 Lbs. of Marijuana, Worth $27 Million, Commingled within a Shipment of Papayas
71 Feds: Shipment headed to Houston had enough fentanyl to kill hundreds of thousands of people
72 Philadelphia CBP Scores Ecstasy Trifecta | US Customs and Border Protection
73 CBP Year in Review: Caribbean Operations Reach Important Milestones to Secure and Facilitate Travel and Trade
74 Customs and Border Protection to Temporarily Close Monticello, Maine Port of Entry
75 CBP Finds $13.9M Worth of Cocaine Inside Container Arriving from Dominican Republic | Hstoday
76 Philadelphia CBP Seizes Nearly $300k in Counterfeit Auto Parts from China
77 CBP Announces Temporary Closure due to Construction
78 CBP's Baltimore Director of Field Operations Beverly Good Dies at Age 52
79 Dulles CBP Officer's Referral Leads to Seizure of $101k in Unreported Currency, Prohibited Agriculture, Immigration Violation
80 CBP Officers Seize $7k in Counterfeit Currency from Traveler Arriving from Jamaica
81 Dulles CBP Agriculture Specialists Find Cake Surprise in Leftover Baggage
82 Dangerous Items Intercepted by Louisville CBP are Setting Records
83 CBP Field Operations Intercepts Over $3 Million in Hard Narcotics at Hidalgo International Bridge
84 CBP Nets Another Ton of Marijuana at Detroit Border
85 CBP Announces January 2021 Operational Update
86 CBP Designs CBP One™ Mobile App to streamline lawful travel to United States
87 CBP field operations seizes over $3 million in narcotics at Progreso Port of Entry
88 Dulles CBP Silences 85 Guitars Out of Tune with U.S. Laws
89 CBP, Fire Rescue Save Unresponsive Infant Boy at BWI Airport
90 CBP Officers Seize Semi-Automatic Weapons at Del Rio Port of Entry
91 Louisville CBP Seizes Three Shipments Worth Over $5.5M in Two Days
92 CBP Officers Seize More Than a Ton of Methamphetamine in Medical Supply Shipment
93 CBP Announces March 2021 Operational Update
94 CBP Advises International Passengers to Prepare as Peak Summer Air Travel Returns to Chicago's Airports
95 Sweetgrass CBP Officers Seize Cocaine in Commercial Vehicle
96 Dulles CBP Welcomes 65 Ukraine Orphans to the U.S.
97 Dulles CBP Officers Helps Revive Unresponsive Traveler from India
98 Phone Scam Alert
99 Alberto A. Flores Enters on Duty as Port Director for Laredo Port of Entry
100 Authorities Seize 44 Pounds of Cocaine on a Freighter anchored near Baltimore