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1 Senior al-Qaida leader killed in northwest Syria drone strike: CENTCOM
2 Air Force scrubbed hijacking claim from news release after CENTCOM disputed story
3 IG to study how doctors, CENTCOM handled TBIs after 2020 al-Asad attack
4 CENTCOM: Keeping Bagram Airbase Was 'Untenable' Under White House Rules for Afghanistan Withdrawal
5 CENTCOM IDs 'senior al-Qaida leader' killed in airstrike in Syria
6 Largest CENTCOM C-130 Squadron hosts coalition partners
7 CENTCOM disputes Air Force account of attempted hijacking at Kabul airport during Afghanistan evacuation
8 Threat posed by Iran is 'unlikely' to extend beyond CENTCOM region, report
9 This Compass Call squadron is coming home after 20 years of hacking and jamming enemies in CENTCOM
10 CENTCOM commander acknowledges he did not try to stop Taliban from entering Kabul
11 CENTCOM Chief, UAE Defense brass talk keeping pressure on IS in Iraq, Syria
12 Opinion | Good Riddance to the Horrible Failures of CENTCOM
13 CENTCOM Commander Confirms to Gallagher that Taliban's Badri 313 Unit Guarded Kabul Airpot
14 The American Empire Is Unwinding
15 World News | CENTCOM Chief, UAE Defense Brass Talk Keeping Pressure on IS in Iraq, Syria
16 US base in Syria hit with suspected drone attack
17 US Military Leaders Say They're Not Prepared for 'Over the Horizon' in Afghanistan
18 CENTCOM commander vows to keep the pressure on adversaries even after leaving Afghanistan: Exclusive interview
19 Task Force Phoenix CEMA cell in the fight against adversary unmanned aerial systems
20 CENTCOM commander: As US scales back in Mideast, China may step in
21 Why Israel's move to CENTCOM matters
22 Top general says military was aware within hours that Kabul drone strike killed civilians
23 The US Brings Israel into CENTCOM
24 Israel formally moves to US Central Command’s area of responsibility
25 US Central Command absorbs Israel into its area of responsibility
26 3rd SFAB supports CENTCOM objectives | News |
27 CENTCOM Boss Takes Command of Afghanistan Mission as Drawdown Continues
28 Space Command Supports CENTCOM Mission as Troops Exit Afghanistan
29 CENTCOM Commander Announces Completion Of U.S. Military Withdrawal From Afghanistan
30 CENTCOM Commander: Drones Dropping Explosives 'Probably Concerns Me the Most'
31 In waning days, Trump shakes up CENTCOM to increase Arab-Israeli efforts against Iran
32 CENTCOM IDs man it says was ISIS-K facilitator killed in Aug. 27 drone strike
33 CENTCOM opens command, civilian casualty investigations into Kabul drone strike that US said killed ISIS terrorist
34 CENTCOM Chief Says US Won't Use Airstrikes to Support Afghan Forces After Withdrawal: Report
35 ECS Named Prime on $36.7M CENTCOM Contract
36 'It was a mistake.' CENTCOM admits Aug. 29 drone strike killed civilians, not ISIS
37 The US Is Now Halfway Out of Afghanistan, CENTCOM Commander Says
38 CENTCOM commander says U.S. sharing intel with Taliban
39 Centcom Commander Describes Regional Threats to Stability > US Department of Defense > Defense Department News
40 CENTCOM head says talks between Afghan government and Taliban are 'critical' as US drawdown reaches halfway mark
41 ECS Named Prime on $36.7 Million USCENTCOM Contract
42 US strike kills al-Qaida leader in Syria, 'no indications' of civilian casualties: CENTCOM
43 CENTCOM Commander: US 'Completely Focused' on Responsible Afghanistan Withdrawal
44 CENTCOM commander warns about Iranian drone threat during House hearing
45 Troops in Qatar running on fumes as CENTCOM bases continue to take in Afghan evacuees
46 US to withdraw air defences from CENTCOM
47 Israel officially moves into US military's CENTCOM area of responsibility
48 CENTCOM chief: 'We expect those attacks to continue'
49 CENTCOM Commander Reveals U.S. Intelligence-Sharing Operation with Taliban
50 Pentagon Shifts Israel to CENTCOM Responsibility
51 Former CENTCOM commander says US 'may have underestimated' Taliban's 'planning capabilities'
52 Here's why CENTCOM thinks Iran was behind a fatal drone attack on a ship last month
53 US, coalition airstrikes in CENTCOM region plummet amid withdrawal plans
54 ISIS-K 'planner' killed in drone strike, CENTCOM says
55 US withdrawal from Afghanistan nearly complete, CENTCOM says
56 U.S. Centcom Commander visits Egypt to attend part of 'Bright Star 2021' exercises
57 US CENTCOM Commander Will Visit Israel This Week to Talk Iran, Normalization With Arab States
58 US troop death toll now at 13, with 18 wounded, in HKIA attack: CENTCOM
59 US drone strike takes out ISIS-K suicide vehicle in Kabul: CENTCOM
60 CENTCOM Commander Says US Has Reached 'Contested Deterrence' With Iran, Shares Threat With Saudi Arabia
61 Recruits take oath from 4-star general, CentCom commander at MacDill
62 Opinion: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin must resign
63 COMM-I Officers keep the signal strong in CENTCOM AOR
64 GERD issue is concerning to US: CENTCOM Commander
65 Centcom Commander: Middle East Refugee Camps Rife for Extreme Ideology
66 US brings Israel into CENTCOM
67 Here’s how CentCom’s COVID-19 shot-givers beat the heat in Middle East
68 CRW Airmen support CENTCOM Resolute Support Mission
69 Air Force inspector general to review CENTCOM investigation of Kabul drone strike that killed 10 civilians
70 More B-52s to CENTCOM, Ground Troops Reportedly Deploying to Afghanistan
71 Here's how CENTCOM's COVID shot-givers beat the heat
72 Iran has taken air superiority from U.S., says CENTCOM
73 CENTCOM is releasing drawdown updates, but they don't include troop numbers
74 CENTCOM investigating reported civilian casualties after drone strike on ISIS-K suicide vehicle
75 Peraton to Support CENTCOM Mission Under $979M Task Order; Tom Afferton Quoted
76 Afghan Military May Not 'Hold On' After US Withdrawal, CENTCOM Commander Says
77 60 planeloads of US military equipment leave Afghanistan as drawdown begins, CENTCOM says
78 Pentagon remains mum as CENTCOM investigates questionable Afghan airstrikes
79 CENTCOM Commander General McKenzie Says Iraqi Government Wants U.S. to Stay
80 Israel Gets Ready for the Big Move—to U.S. CENTCOM
81 DODIG: Pandemic Made CENTCOM Base Security Investigation Impossible
82 Focus on China can diminish CENTCOM's outsized influence on US politics
83 CENTCOM Commander: US ships have no any security issues when passing through Suez Canal
84 CENTCOM head reiterates US support for YPG terrorists in Syria | Daily Sabah
85 Iran's Interest in Russian Satellite 'Not Particularly Concerning' to US Security, CENTCOM Chief Tells VOA
86 General champions troubled Armenia as member of CentCom Coalition in Tampa
87 A Short History of US Central Command > US Department of Defense > Defense Department News
88 Fort Carson soldiers train to counter small drones ahead of CENTCOM deployment
89 Former US Centcom chief: military alone 'insufficient' to achieve goals in Afghanistan
90 After COVID-19 'spike' in CENTCOM, more vaccine on the way to deployed troops
91 Israel Joins the Arab Club, With U.S. Sponsorship | Opinion
92 Turkey’s Kurdish obsession explains Putin’s gains and US strains
93 US military aircraft flying over Kabul 'routine' and 'will continue' until end of evac, CENTCOM says
94 CENTCOM identifies Iranian delta-wing UAV used in tanker attack
95 U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan more than 50% complete, CENTCOM says
96 A Central American missile crisis?
97 CENTCOM commander eyes future of Middle East | Military Times Reports
98 US-made drones downed over Yemen weren't military's, CENTCOM says
99 CENTCOM chief: Iran 'currently possesses one of the most capable militaries” in West Asia
100 Foreign delegates visit Montana before U.S. CENTCOM event