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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Four-Year BREEDCAFS Project Shows Productivity Plus Quality in Resilient Arabica Hybrids Daily Coffee News 17 days ago
2 Gambia Needs a Stronger Focus On Nutrition to Improve Food Security AllAfrica 3 days ago
3 Calling on natural defenses to turn back banana pandemic 1 month ago
4 FAO and Cirad join forces to advance sustainable fruit and vegetable production 8 months ago
5 Global Coffee Giants Join CIRAD-Led Effort to Reduce Pesticide Use in Coffee Farming Daily Coffee News 1 year ago
6 Gambia: FAO, EU and CIRAD Reaffirm Commitment to Support Efforts to Combat Food Insecurity, Malnutrition AllAfrica 9 months ago
7 Correlation between varied agricultural production and women's dietary diversity 3 months ago
8 The citrus sector is faced with the yellow dragon disease 1 month ago
9 French Agricultural Research Centre, CIRAD, wants to restart cooperation with Togo Togo First 2 years ago
10 Making Malaysia a regional tropical agricultural research hub The Edge Markets MY 6 months ago
11 African and French institutions partner up through TSARA, a research plan for food and agricultural systems EurekAlert 3 months ago
12 Tropical forests can recover surprisingly quickly on deforested lands – and letting them regrow naturally is an effective and low-cost way to slow climate change The Conversation Indonesia 5 months ago
13 Princeton academics accuse EU biofuels policy of harming climate aims EURACTIV 1 month ago
14 Is a European proposal on imported deforestation too punitive? (commentary) 3 months ago
15 Origin of the Covid-19 virus: the trail of mink farming The Conversation Indonesia 1 year ago
16 Zim benefits from US$6,9m animal health project The Herald 8 months ago
17 CAMEROON: France’s role in the Camvert palm plantation project highlighted AFRIK 21 5 months ago
18 Somalia Launch of Stakeholders Consultation Workshop on the Assessment of Food Systems ahead of the Global UN Food Systems Summit Somalia 8 months ago
19 UZ partners AFD, Cirad – DailyNews DailyNews 2 years ago
20 What Researchers Learned from the Remarkable Stenophylla TastingDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine Daily Coffee News 1 year ago
21 Europe witnesses most significant price drop for bananas in ten years 3 months ago
22 There can be no sustainable development without profound changes in food systems EurekAlert 4 years ago
23 February: Parents in prime produce best offspring | News and features University of Bristol 3 months ago
24 UZ to benefit from French partnership with African universities The Herald 7 months ago
25 GABON: Digital Platform Reports Wildlife Data AFRIK 21 6 months ago
26 Scientists and Industry Convene for a Remarkable Tasting of Three Wild Coffee Species Daily Coffee News 1 year ago
27 Costa Rica – Visit by Jean-Yves Le Drian (Dec. 22-23, 2021) France Diplomatie 5 months ago
28 CIRAD Donates €9,000 in Seeds to Ministry of Agriculture GIS Dominica 6 years ago
29 Covid: Why bats are not to blame, say scientists BBC 2 years ago
30 AFD provides $1.8m grant to protect rubber sector in Cambodia Khmer Times 9 months ago
31 Gov't working to transform country's food systems — Green Jamaica Observer 9 months ago
32 Japanese encephalitis also affects urban area EurekAlert 4 years ago
33 The Indians of the Ecuadorian Amazon were using cocoa 5300 years ago EurekAlert 4 years ago
34 To beat back citrus greening, Florida State researchers need to grow bacteria behind it ABC Action News Tampa Bay 3 years ago
35 Sahel launches a new regional agroecological project Farmers Review Africa 11 months ago
36 French-Zim cooperate in animal health The Herald 1 year ago
37 Senegal: The eradication of the tsetse fly will boost the livestock sector EurekAlert 3 years ago
38 Moonlight Is Messing with the Circadian Rhythm of Coffee Plants Daily Coffee News 2 years ago
39 Locust invasions are cyclical: African states shouldn't be caught napping The Conversation Indonesia 2 years ago
40 Eucalyptus 2018: Plantation managers and researchers are working to deal with climate change EurekAlert 4 years ago
41 Ag genetics startup Meiogenix joins McGovern Center | Cornell Chronicle Cornell Chronicle 2 months ago
42 Côte d’Ivoire-Ghana: Should the ‘cocoa OPEC’ believe in Nestlé’s premiums? The Africa Report 3 months ago
43 Usutu: An African virus under surveillance in Europe EurekAlert 4 years ago
44 A global perspective on agroecology in aquaculture The Fish Site 4 years ago
45 IPCC to take greater account of carbon storage by agroforestry systems EurekAlert 3 years ago
46 Modernising Malaysia's agriculture sector The Star Online 5 months ago
47 What's driving tropical deforestation? Scientists map 45 years of satellite images EurekAlert 3 years ago
48 Reunion: new pollinating insect to fertilize the flowers of greenhouse tomatoes 3 months ago
49 Forests of Central Africa have varying levels of climate sensitivity 1 year ago
50 What's the science behind mink and coronavirus? BBC 2 years ago
51 Wild meat trade targeted The Phnom Penh Post 2 years ago