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1 CRT for K-12: Feminists Team Up to Create a Curriculum on Critical Race Theory for Students of All Ages
2 Poet Claudia Rankine talks about CRT and microaggressions at UR forum
3 San Dieguito removes proposed CRT ban from agenda
4 Condoleezza Rice Rejects CRT: 'I Don't Have to Make White Kids Feel Bad for Being White'
5 Walmart stands by CRT training as 'thought provoking' and 'instructive'
6 South Kitsap School Board policy revision raises CRT question
7 CRT not part of elementary school | Letters |
8 Letter: Cranston hit the nail on the head about CRT
9 The CRT 'monster' | News, Sports, Jobs
10 When anti-racism is just more racism: Yes, a form of CRT is being taught in schools | opinion
11 CRT presentation draws a crowd, mixed reaction | News, Sports, Jobs
12 Thomas Mills | CRT and Holocaust denialism
13 What Is Critical Race Theory? What Is an Example of CRT in America?
14 His View: Claims of CRT being taught in public schools are false
15 CRT in schools is very scary | News, Sports, Jobs
16 Garland doesn't say if he sought ethics guidance regarding ties to son-in-law's CRT-promoting company
17 LETTER: CRT debate
18 Condoleezza Rice says white kids shouldn’t be made to feel bad over CRT on ‘The View’
19 Critical Race Theory Bans Are Expanding To Cover Broad Collection Of Issues
20 Ignorant, Westport Parents 06880, brings CRT debate to Westport
21 'Lady Trump' Governor Candidate Shoots 'CRT,' 'Vaccine Mandate' Bottles in Over-the-Top Ad
22 ACLU challenges Oklahoma CRT ban | WORLD
23 Nevada gov candidate shoots 'CRT,' 'vaccine mandate' beer bottles in campaign video
24 Letter To The Editor: Systemic Racism, White Supremacy Culture & CRT … Any Connection?
25 Fact check: False claim the FBI deemed critical race theory protesters a terror threat
26 Expert says CRT designed to undermine American values
27 Muncie School Board president addresses critical race theory, social emotional learning
28 Augusta County School Board candidates talk transgender policies, CRT and parents' rights
29 Beware of CRT | News, Sports, Jobs
30 State council endorses updated teacher ethics code, some say it includes CRT
31 Legislation aims to make teaching CRT in federally funded schools a civil rights violation
32 Superintendent's Corner: Defining CRT, updating facilities plan
33 Biden Criminalizes CRT Dissent
34 Walmart CRT Training Encourages Employees to Accept That ‘White Is Not Right’
35 Critical Race Theory infiltrating America’s 25 most elite private K-12 schools, according to new study
36 Getting critical race theory out of public schools is harder than passing a law
37 Column: Critical Race Theory Seeks 'Equity' by a Rebalancing
38 Opinion: CRT does not belong at USU
39 What white students say about a critical race theory course (opinion)
40 CDA SCHOOLS: CRT and big deficit | Coeur d'Alene Press
41 A Citizen's Action Plan to Keep CRT Out of Schools
42 Walmart slammed after its CRT training 'accuses' White staff of 'supremacy thinking'
43 Loudoun County Schools Institutionalized CRT Despite Public Opposition
44 The Day
45 Texas GOP says anti-CRT law would never require 'opposing views' of Holocaust atrocities
46 Oklahoma’s Anti-CRT Law Is Having A Chilling Effect On Speech
47 District's first Black principal punished, accused of teaching CRT by school board
48 Are Lancaster County schools 'indoctrinating' children with critical race theory? Educators, experts say no
49 Reconciliation bill includes funding for CRT programs for nurses: 'Tip of the iceberg'
50 In tight governor's race, Virginia GOP targeting critical race theory to draw votes
51 Letters for October 17: CRT, faith and cash bail
52 One Brave Professor Calls CRT Marxism
53 Reviewing SPS servers for CRT is a costly action for a non-issue
54 Philly Fed website links to pro-CRT materials, pushes video that argues 'race-neutral policies uphold racism'
55 Alamogordo Public Schools approves petition about social studies standard, addresses CRT
56 Open Forum: CRT — The boogeyman this Halloween | Winchester Star |
57 Letter: Let's get straight what CRT really is
58 Springfield parents opposed to CRT host rally in park
59 Ballots are here. Peninsula School Board candidates talk about CRT, impacts of COVID, other issues
60 Exclusive: Trump blasts Biden on anti-CRT parents
61 Representatives tell group to be watchful to keep CRT out of schools
62 School board group labels CRT critics as terrorists; Oklahoma lawmakers respond
63 Texas principal fights for his job as race roils school district
64 Area Districts Respond to Controversial WEA Resource on CRT, Parents
65 Are government bans on the teaching of critical race theory unconstitutional?
66 Is the MPSD Staff Being Trained in CRT Concepts? Board Member Says Yes, Superintendent Says No
67 Christopher Rufo: The media is lying about CRT -- parents of every race oppose teaching it in schools
68 WaPo columnist warns CRT is 'potent' in VA governor race: Dismissing parents as racist is 'doomed to backfire'
69 Connecticut teachers clarify what's being taught in their classrooms
70 WWW SCCPSS Using Data to Respond to Student Needs
71 Bring your pennies to CRT's production of 'Urinetown,' just in case
72 School Board Updates CRT Policy
73 From CRT to mask mandates, NC Policy Watch education reporter Greg Childress discusses some of the latest policy battles in the world of public education
74 Anti-critical race theory org launching $1M in ads targeting McAuliffe before Virginia governor race
75 Letter: Banning CRT deprives kids of what truly matters: Talking and listening
76 A Critical Conversation: Board, community voices opposition to CRT resolution
77 Royal Oak Schools' Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator Works to Prepare Kids for the Future
78 Letter: Get the facts on CRT
79 Requiring cursive, banning CRT and new 'Born-alive' legislation | Wisconsin lawmakers busy last week
80 Column: Concerned parents aren't 'domestic terrorists,' except when they behave like one
81 Anti-CRT Group Congratulates Lakeland On Superintendent's Ouster
82 CRT message: Out to frighten you | News, Sports, Jobs
83 Letters to the editor | Opinion |
84 Virginia Heffernan: How to stop worrying that CRT will corrupt your kids
85 SPS asks for at least $170,000 to search for 'critical race theory' records sought by Missouri lawmaker
86 NC school board gets $7.9 million, but only after it OKs limits on how race is taught
87 Guest view: Acknowledging structural racism is important
88 GOP’s School Board Meetings Video That Dems Rejected Uses Black Parents To Push Anti-CRT Propaganda
89 Your Opinion: With CRT, ignorance is not bliss
90 GOP's Anti-CRT Hysteria Leads To Requiring Teachers To Find 'Balance' On The Holocaust
91 A Glimmer of Hope in the Fight against CRT
92 Herbster talks CRT, immigration, governor's race in Norfolk
93 CRT and Holocaust denialism
94 Judge: Sony may have more CRT responsibility in Ohio
95 Misusing CRT to try to discredit diversity and inclusion efforts
96 Biden administration appoints critical race theory activist to Education Department
97 Changing Culture with the Other CRT
98 Critical Race Theory doesn't go far enough
99 Why the Koch Network Opposes Anti-CRT Laws
100 US CRT Report 2021 download your copy