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1 Overlooked vulnerabilities in GraphQL open the door to cross-site request forgery attacks
2 Mysuru district administration collects Rs 12.53 crore under CSRF – Mysuru Today
3 Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
4 Tackling cross-site request forgery (CSRF) on company websites
5 CSRF tokens | Web Security Academy
6 Preventing CSRF Attacks
7 Christina Glassman Obituary (2021)
8 Using Burp to Test for Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
9 Critical CSRF flaw in Glassdoor nets security researcher $3,000 bug bounty
10 Break Into Vulnerable Systems and Fix Exploits With This Ethical Hacking Course
11 CSRF Asks Cushing's Community to Promote Awareness Day, April 8
12 Play framework vulnerability could lead to CSRF protection bypass
13 DOM Invader
14 XSS vs CSRF | Web Security Academy
15 What Is a CSRF Attack
16 Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Vulnerabilities
17 The Civil Service Retirement Fellowship: Friendship in retirement – it matters
18 Korenix patches multiple critical vulnerabilities in networking devices
19 Browser security briefing: Google and Mozilla lay the groundwork for a ‘post-XSS world’
20 Lab: CSRF where token is duplicated in cookie | Web Security Academy
21 How to protect against cross-site request forgery attacks
22 Lab: CSRF where token validation depends on request method | Web Security Academy
23 Lab: CSRF where token is tied to non-session cookie | Web Security Academy
24 Cruise warning for non-vaccinated cruise…
25 Using Burp's Session Handling Rules with anti-CSRF Tokens
26 Critical WordPress Plugin Flaw Allows Site Takeover
27 Lab: CSRF vulnerability with no defenses | Web Security Academy
28 What Is Web Application Forensics and How to Successfully Conduct It?
29 Conflict Sensitivity Resource Facility
30 The Cruise: Jane McDonald opens up about ex husband & being 'selfish'…
31 WordPress Redux Plugin Vulnerability Affects +1 Million Sites
32 Generate CSRF PoC
33 Lab: CSRF with broken Referer validation | Web Security Academy
34 Cisco DNA Center Bug Opens Enterprises to Remote Attack
35 It’s Okay, We’re All On the SameSite
36 Google Rolls Out SameSite Cookie Changes to Chrome
37 Top Security Anti-Patterns in ASP.NET Core Applications
38 Lab: Basic clickjacking with CSRF token protection | Web Security Academy
39 Cross-Site Request Forgery: How to protect your app from CSRF attacks
40 TikTok Patches Bugs Enabling One-Click Account Takeover
41 PayPal Fixes CSRF Vulnerability in
42 CSRF Still Armed And Dangerous — Dark Reading
43 P&O Cruises cancelled: Latest update for 2021…
44 OAuth 2.0 authentication vulnerabilities | Web Security
45 Websites that use mix of HTTP, HTTPS schemes may break under new Chrome SameSite rules
46 NSA workflow application Emissary vulnerable to malicious takeover
47 WordPress Plugin Bug Opens 100K Websites to Compromise
48 Unpatched WordPress Plugin Security Bug Hits 50K
49 XSS is Most Rewarding Bug Bounty as CSRF is Revived
50 Firefox Improves CSRF Protection With Support For Same-Site Cookies
51 A Java Implementation of CSRF Mitigation Using 'Double Submit Cookie' Pattern
52 Web-based Application Security: Part 2: Cross-Site Forgery
53 WordPress security flaws: 800,000 sites running NextGen Gallery plugin potentially vulnerable to pwnage
54 Facebook Fixes CSRF Vulnerability in Instagram
55 Princess Cruises to sail Caribbean in September & Disney announces…
56 Cross-site WebSocket hijacking | Web Security Academy
57 Facebook flaw could have allowed an attacker to hijack accounts
58 NC National Guard deploys cybersecurity response force | Article | The United States Army
59 Rails Security: Eliminating CSRF and XSS Vulnerabilities
60 Cisco Warns of Severe DoS Flaws in Network Security Software
61 Out on Safari: Apple touts third-party cookie blocking in WebKit browser engine
62 What is Clickjacking? Tutorial & Examples | Web Security Academy In this section we will
63 Lagos Commends CSRF on Community Development Projects
64 Alexa flaws may have let hackers steal voice history
65 WordPress Page Builder Plugin Bugs Threaten 1 Million Sites with Full Takeover
66 Latest firmware updates for Asus routers fix CSRF security flaws
67 Facebook awards $55k bug bounty for third-party vulnerabilities that could compromise its internal network
68 WordPress fixes XSS, CSRF flaws in latest core update
69 eBay Open to Cross-Site Request Forgery, Account Hijacking
70 Using Sanctum to authenticate a React SPA
71 SRVE0260E what is this?sorry if this is the wrong place to
72 NC National Guard and Emergency Management's Cyber Team Help Maintain Security
73 Google Fixes Gmail Cross-site Request Forgery Vulnerability | Netcraft News
74 Hidden OAuth attack vectors
75 How to prevent OAuth authentication vulnerabilities | Web Security Academy
76 Large-scale attack uses browsers to hijack routers
77 eBay patches input, XSS, CSRF vulnerabilities in Magento e-commerce platform
78 No Limit On Password Attempts Exposed Zoom Private Meetings To Cyber Attacks
79 Drupal Core: Behind the Vulnerability
80 CSRF foil on ceramic current sense chip resistors offer low values in small sizes
81 Magento Sites Vulnerable to RCE Stemming From Magmi Plugin Flaws
82 Winston Privacy devices vulnerable to RCE via chained exploits
83 CSRF understands that CIDE-royalties is imposed regardless of technology transfer
84 Trend Micro addresses remote takeover threat in InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance
85 Critical Flaws in Khan Academy Opened Door to Account Takeovers
86 Angelo State international grad student wins prestigious humanitarian award
87 Infographic: How CSRF Attacks Work
88 Shopify
89 Patchstack Whitepaper: 582 WordPress Security Issues Found in 2020, Over 96% From Third-Party Extensions
90 June 17th, 2015 Excluding Routes from the CSRF Middleware
91 Cisco tags critical security holes in SD-WAN software
92 Spring Security 3.2.0 RC1 Highlights: CSRF Protection
93 TotoLink Routers Plagued By Serious RCE, XSS, CSRF Vulnerabilities
94 Microsoft Warns SameSite Cookie Changes Could Break Some Apps
95 Samsung Patches CSRF Issues That Could Allow Hackers to Take Over User Accounts
96 Rapid7 : Indiscriminate Exploitation of Microsoft Exchange Servers (CVE-2021-24085)
97 What is CORS (cross-origin resource sharing)? Tutorial & Examples | Web Security Academy
98 Three C-Words of Web App Security: Part 3 – Clickjacking
99 What Is an XSS Attack, and Are You Protected from One?
100 WordPress plugin Page Builder by SiteOrigin patched against code execution attacks