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1 Californians can vote to make abortion a part of the state's constitution NPR 11 hours ago
2 Millions of Californians could receive 'inflation relief' checks up to $1,050 KSBY News 12 hours ago
3 Abortion fight is far from over for Californians Lake County Record-Bee 4 hours ago
4 LA Times Today: Why these Californians moved to Texas Los Angeles Times 22 hours ago
5 Raw politics determine Californians’ medical care Lake County Record-Bee 4 hours ago
6 Trip to Las Vegas worth high cost of gas, Californians say Las Vegas Sun 8 hours ago
7 Californians are starting to reject progressive policies—but not fast enough New York Post 3 days ago
8 What happens if Californians pass two sports betting initiatives? CalMatters 5 days ago
9 Californians brace for increased healthcare premiums if federal subsidies expire Los Angeles Times 8 days ago
10 Ways Californians can reduce water consumption during drought Los Angeles Times 12 days ago
11 Help is now available for more Californians who are behind on their mortgages Los Angeles Times 12 days ago
12 Around 35000 Californians are waiting for their wage theft claims to be investigated NPR 7 days ago
13 Opinion: Medicare Decision to Deny New Drug Harms Californians with Alzheimer's Times of San Diego 2 days ago
14 LGBTQ Californians worry they will lose rights after Roe decision Los Angeles Times 3 days ago
15 California bill would help poor people access cancer trials Los Angeles Times 1 day ago
16 Video: Californians and Their Government Public Policy Institute of California 26 days ago
17 Californians finally climbed on water conservation wagon in May Courthouse News Service 7 days ago
18 Plastics fight would inconvenience Californians, not do much to help the planet OCRegister 6 days ago
19 Governor Newsom Launches New Initiative to Protect Californians from Gun Violence | California Governor Office of Governor Gavin Newsom 25 days ago
20 Budget Surplus Divides Californians Public Policy Institute of California 26 days ago
21 No deal reached yet on gas price relief for Californians KCRA Sacramento 15 days ago
22 Our View: California legislators: Give Californians gas pain relief The Bakersfield Californian 9 days ago
23 Californians for Fossil Fuels? The Wall Street Journal 11 days ago
24 AAA Predicts Over 5 Million Californians Will Travel This 4th of July EastCountyToday 22 hours ago
25 Listen: What could reparations for Black Californians look like? The Oaklandside 19 days ago
26 Why Californians are fleeing to Mexico CNBC 17 days ago
27 Governor Newsom’s plan to help unhoused Californians passes to Assembly KRON4 7 days ago
28 Californians Say Health Care is Improving, New Poll Finds Blue Shield of California | News Center 20 days ago
29 Why didn’t more Californians vote? CalMatters 19 days ago
30 Californians increased water use 18% in April Los Angeles Times 21 days ago
31 Californians fleeing the expensive state for Mexico Washington Examiner 14 days ago
32 Southern Californians have to cut back on watering their yards due to severe drought NPR 26 days ago
33 Attorney General Bonta Issues Consumer Alert Warning Californians That Crisis Pregnancy Centers Do Not Offer Abortion or Comprehensive Reproductive Care California Department of Justice 27 days ago
34 Rental housing industry and Californians hopeful after June primary election The California Apartment Association 18 days ago
35 Analysis: My Mom Lost Disability Benefits Like Thousands of Californians — This Is The Wrong Way to Prevent Fraud California Health Report 14 days ago
36 Some Californians got a temporary reprieve from record high gas prices NPR 13 days ago
37 Opinion: What's the real reason for stalemate over how to help Californians hurt by inflation? The San Diego Union-Tribune 11 days ago
38 Californians are reaping the disasters they choose Ceres Courier 13 days ago
39 Reparations could be ‘difference’ for unhoused Black Californians Al Jazeera English 12 days ago
40 Broad Support among Californians for Admitting Ukrainian Refugees Public Policy Institute of California 11 days ago
41 Reparations for Black Californians Could Include Tuition and Housing Grants, Task Force Says KQED 27 days ago
42 Why are Californians bankrolling ‘high stakes’ national races in states where they don’t vote? Sacramento Bee 20 days ago
43 Californians experiencing homelessness have the right to vote. Here's how it works. Capital Public Radio News 25 days ago
44 Mass shootings and higher prices. What Californians are worried about Sacramento Bee 28 days ago
45 Californians' 'glamping' business accused of exploiting Hawaii SFGATE 16 days ago
46 Opinion: How Texting Could Help Californians Access Health Care and Food Banks California Health Report 19 days ago
47 306 Moving Into Chattanooga For Every 100 Moving Out; Californians Make Up 20% Of Inflow The Chattanoogan 6 days ago
48 Californians Cut Back On Spending Amid Soaring Inflation CBS Sacramento 12 days ago
49 REAL ID deadline is in less than a year. Here’s what Californians need to do KRON4 15 days ago
50 This SF pop-up is out to prove that Californians can make good gumbo San Francisco Chronicle 7 days ago
51 Where Californians go, homelessness and violence follow Washington Examiner 12 days ago
52 Dividing issue in the race for state controller pits Californians' hearts against their wallets San Francisco Chronicle 25 days ago
53 Californians Could Get a Tax Credit for Not Owning Cars Planetizen 20 days ago
54 List: As Jan. 6 Hearings Begin, Here Are the Southern Californians Charged In U.S. Capitol Riot NBC Southern California 19 days ago
55 ‘Looks Like The Value Of The Dollar Is Going Down’: Californians Cut Back On Spending Amid Soaring Inflation CBS Sacramento 13 days ago
56 New Report Offers Solutions for Low-Income Californians to Switch to EVs JD Supra 11 days ago
57 Studio Schicketanz embeds weekend home into Californian hillside Dezeen 22 hours ago
58 Crime in spotlight as Californians head to the polls in key races grabbing national attention Fox News 21 days ago
59 As The Votes Roll In, It Suddenly Doesn’t Seem Like Californians Rejected Criminal Justice Reformers HuffPost 11 days ago
60 Californians express concern about equity in zero-emission vehicle proposal Courthouse News Service 19 days ago
61 Butte County voters discuss most significant issues impacting Californians KRCR 21 days ago
62 Racial/Ethnic Differences in Who's Leaving California Public Policy Institute of California 20 days ago
63 PPIC polling: How Californians view Joe Biden National Republican Congressional Committee 20 days ago
64 Inflation Impacting Southern Californians NBC Southern California 13 days ago
65 Drought, wildfires... Will Californians head off to greener pastures? 11 days ago
66 Video Californians gear up for primaries ABC News 25 days ago
67 Disneyland Offers Californians Ticket Discounts This Summer The Epoch Times 27 days ago
68 Podcast: Welcome to Portugal, now go home Los Angeles Times 21 days ago
69 Governor Newsom Proposes $11 Billion Relief Package for Californians Facing Higher Gas Prices | California Governor Office of Governor Gavin Newsom 3 months ago
70 Governor Newsom Proposes $18.1 Billion Inflation Relief Package | California Governor Office of Governor Gavin Newsom 2 months ago
71 Californians are saving less water as drought worsens Los Angeles Times 4 months ago
72 The best California experiences, according to Californians Los Angeles Times 1 month ago
73 Watch: Why are Californians moving to Texas? The Texas Tribune 5 months ago
74 PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government Public Policy Institute of California 4 months ago
75 Most Californians concerned about housing costs, poll finds Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
76 Californians with Low Incomes Are in Most Need of Support for Basic Costs California Budget & Policy Center 2 months ago
77 Governor Newsom Proclaims Older Californians Month 2022 | California Governor Office of Governor Gavin Newsom 2 months ago
78 Nashville's Southern hospitality beckons Californians Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
79 Frustrated With Utilities, Some Californians Are Leaving the Grid The New York Times 4 months ago
80 Newsom Administration Defends Efforts to Get Vulnerable Californians Off the Streets in Alameda County | California Governor Office of Governor Gavin Newsom 3 months ago
81 6 million Southern Californians face unprecedented order to conserve water CalMatters 2 months ago
82 State Leaders Have Opportunity to Provide Targeted Relief to Californians Struggling to Make Ends Meet California Budget & Policy Center 2 months ago
83 What Californians Love About Spring The New York Times 3 months ago
84 Californians could see mandatory water cuts amid continuing drought PBS NewsHour 1 month ago
85 PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Education Public Policy Institute of California 3 months ago
86 Californians Now Willing to Admit Why They Are Leaving The Wall Street Journal 5 months ago
87 We have the tools to help Californians. Why are policymakers ignoring them? California Budget & Policy Center 3 months ago
88 'An enormous disabling event': Long COVID could have inequitable impact on Californians CalMatters 3 months ago
89 ‘We don’t count’: The Californians who can’t return to normal as COVID fatigue grips state CalMatters 4 months ago
90 Californians should look to California for its oil CalMatters 2 months ago
91 Investing in Primary Care: Why It Matters for Californians with Commercial Coverage California Health Care Foundation 2 months ago
92 What is causing Californians to leave California? San Bernardino County Sun 3 months ago
93 Governor Newsom Receives Second Booster Dose, Urges Eligible Californians to Get Boosted and Keep Up Their Guard Against COVID-19 | California Governor Office of Governor Gavin Newsom 1 month ago
94 Study tracks Californians moving to Montana NBC Montana 5 months ago
95 Millions of Californians at risk of losing health coverage when federal COVID programs end CalMatters 4 months ago
96 Governor Newsom Expands Drought Emergency Statewide, Urges Californians to Redouble Water Conservation Efforts | California Governor Office of Governor Gavin Newsom 8 months ago
97 Goodbye Golden State: Ex-Californians seek out lower costs of living | firsttuesday Journal first tuesday Journal 7 months ago
98 PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Economic Well-Being Public Policy Institute of California 8 months ago
99 As COVID-19 recedes, Californians have new worries CalMatters 2 months ago
100 California residents love the state for weather, culture, outdoors The New York Times 1 month ago