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1 How canine heart disease was tied to grain-free dog food Oregon Public Broadcasting 22 days ago
2 Diagnosing feline myocardial disease DVM 360 1 day ago
3 Meet Laddie Boy: The First Celebrity Presidential Pet Literary Hub 10 hours ago
4 Texas A&M Seeks Dogs With Cardiac Condition For Study On Heart Drug Texas A&M University Today 9 months ago
5 Development and initial validation of a dog quality of life instrument | Scientific Reports 13 days ago
6 Cardiac Arrest In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments DogTime 6 months ago
7 Meet Finnian the globetrotting service dog whose antics have turned him into a social media hit Daily Mail 22 days ago
8 Robotic Pets, Real Comfort? What the Research Says 16 days ago
9 I Don't Have Pet Insurance, and My Dog's Heart Condition Costs Me Thousands Per Year The Motley Fool 3 months ago
10 Use of the Functional Evaluation of Cardiac Health questionnaire to assess health-related quality of life before and after mitral valve repair in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease American Veterinary Medical Association 3 months ago
11 Heart Murmurs in Dogs: Signs and Symptoms The Bark 5 months ago
12 Assessment of age, gender, and anxiety on ECG waveform morphology in a large population of domestic dogs | Scientific Reports 3 months ago
13 'The pulse of it:' does pulse-inclusive dog food affect heart health? Pet Food Processing 5 months ago
14 COVID-19 may cause heart inflammation in cats and dogs Medical News Today 9 months ago
15 Best CBD Calming Chews For Dogs Of 2022: Top 3 Picks For Calming Treats For Pets The Island Now 21 days ago
16 Covid linked to heart inflammation in cats and dogs NBC News 9 months ago
17 Ask Dr. Kait: Heart murmurs and heart failure in dogs Hanford Sentinel 10 months ago
18 Purina launches cardiac diet for dogs VetSurgeon News 1 year ago
19 Study: Dogs Make Neighborhoods Safer Simplemost 29 days ago
20 Functional human cell-based vascularised cardiac tissue model for biomedical research and testing | Scientific Reports 5 days ago
21 Don't take a wait-and-see approach to heart murmurs DVM 360 10 months ago
22 The Unhealthiest Dog Breeds Gizmodo Australia 28 days ago
23 Heartened by his pets: Norton resident credits recovery from cardiac issues to his poodles The Sun Chronicle 6 months ago
24 Tiny dog's big heart procedure is first of its kind at Cornell | Cornell Chronicle Cornell Chronicle 1 year ago
25 Texas canine massage offers sweet relief for dogs ... because they get stressed, too Fort Worth Star-Telegram 26 days ago
26 Evaluating a new radiographic tool for canine heart disease diagnosis-dvm360 DVM 360 2 years ago
27 Huntington Beach Fire Department peer support dog Kingman gets a round of a-paws Los Angeles Times 12 days ago
28 3 Must-reads on veterinary cardiology DVM 360 1 year ago
29 New 'piece of the puzzle': Why some dog foods may be linked to deadly heart disease NBC News 1 year ago
30 US study finds potential dog food link to canine heart disease The Guardian 1 year ago
31 Service Dog Saved Life of Illinois Man Who Suffered Heart Attack Newsweek 10 months ago
32 FDA continues investigation into dog heart damage linked to diet NBC News 1 year ago
33 Peas in Dog Food May Be Linked to DCM Heart Disease, Says New Study American Kennel Club 1 year ago
34 Falling in love with the heart: Veterinary student wins Young Investigator Award Virginia Tech Daily 6 months ago
35 Veterinarians, MDs team up for canine open-heart surgery | Cornell Chronicle Cornell Chronicle 2 years ago
36 Mumbai: Pet dog with extremely poor heartbeat rate gets pacemaker in unusual surgery Times of India 5 months ago
37 Owning a dog linked to lower risk of death after a heart attack, study finds NBC News 3 years ago
38 Have a hail and hearty heart | Serving Carson City for over 150 years Nevada Appeal 3 months ago
39 Pet Veterinary Tomography Market – 2022 by Manufacturers, Regions, Size, Share, Forecast to 2028 Digital Journal 8 hours ago
40 Valvular Disease In Small Breed Dogs: A Common Cause of Heart Failure American Kennel Club 3 years ago
41 Dog ownership associated with longer life, especially among heart attack and stroke survivors Science Daily 3 years ago
42 Pulmonic Stenosis In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments DogTime 5 months ago
43 Tufts study links some dog foods to canine heart disease Boston Herald 1 year ago
44 'It's not going away': Vets still seeing cases of dog heart problems linked to grain-free food NBC News 3 years ago
45 Having a dog can be good for your heart. Here's how to keep your dog's heart healthy, too. NBC News 3 years ago
46 Heart Disease in Dogs – Dogster 3 years ago
47 Cornell vets perform rare procedure to cure puppy's cardiac condition | Cornell Chronicle Cornell Chronicle 4 years ago
48 Pete the Vet: Having a heart to heart about your pet's health Irish Examiner 10 months ago
49 Dogs and health: A lower risk for heart disease-related death? Harvard Health 4 years ago
50 FDA names 16 brands of dog food linked to canine heart disease NBC News 3 years ago
51 Having a dog may boost survival after a heart attack or stroke Medical News Today 3 years ago
52 Sit, stay forever: Americans willing to pay top dollar to keep old dogs alive Reuters 2 years ago
53 Elanco Animal Health (NYSE:ELAN) Updates Q3 2022 Earnings Guidance MarketBeat 1 day ago
54 High-tech heart surgery helps dogs live a longer life NBC News 4 years ago
55 Has a Culprit for the Possible Grain-Free Dog Food Link to Heart Disease Been Discovered? This Dog's Life 1 year ago
56 Your dog's food may be linked to canine heart disease CNN 3 years ago
57 Having a dog can help your heart — literally Harvard Health 7 years ago
58 Owning a dog can improve your heart health BBC Science Focus Magazine 3 years ago
59 Couple's warning as dog suffers heart attack after getting overexcited Manchester Evening News 8 months ago
60 New Information Challenges DCM's Link to Grain Free Pet Food Truth about Pet Food 5 months ago
61 When death comes suddenly to a pet American Veterinary Medical Association 5 months ago
62 'When my dog needed pacemaker, cost was last thing in my mind' Times of India 5 months ago
63 A Perceptive Plott Hound Captures a Canine Researcher's Heart Garden & Gun 6 months ago
64 Cavalier King Charles spaniels at greater risk of heart problems than other dog breeds Study Finds 11 months ago
65 Vets warn of new Covid variant’s possible link to heart problems in pets The Guardian 1 year ago
66 New method to treat life-threatening heart arrhythmias in dogs Science Daily 4 years ago
67 Canine myxomatous mitral valve heart disease: When to medicate? DVM 360 5 years ago
68 The Food That Could Give Your Dog Heart Disease Reader's Digest 4 years ago
69 Tufts University study finds link between certain dog foods, heart disease Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News 1 year ago
70 The silent heart disease that is killing dogs The Signpost 1 year ago
71 New Treatment Offers Hope for Dogs With Heart Disease – American Kennel Club American Kennel Club 4 years ago
72 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Having a Dog — Best Life Best Life 5 months ago
73 Welcome to Best Friend Fridays American Heart Association 1 year ago
74 Dog heart disease linked to grain-free food, FDA says NBC News 4 years ago
75 Myocarditis Even Among Dogs, and Maybe, You Should Listen to Your Spouse! Infectious Disease Special Edition 9 months ago
76 Health-tracking dog collars claim to provide usable biometric data. Experts are preaching caution. Mashable 7 months ago
77 Veterinarians warn dog owners about diet that could cause heart issues FOX19 1 year ago
78 Site-directed deuteration of dronedarone mitigates cardiac adverse effects in canine arrhythmic hearts Medical Xpress 4 months ago
79 Use of cardiac sphericity index and manubrium heart scores to assess radiographic cardiac silhouettes in large-and small-breed dogs with and without cardiac disease American Veterinary Medical Association 2 years ago
80 Feeding your dog vegetables could cause heart problems The Telegraph 1 year ago
81 Cardiac Arrest In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes And Treatments The Holidog Times 4 years ago
82 A unique heart procedure saved Sophie the boxer. It could save other dogs, too. The Philadelphia Inquirer 2 years ago
83 Reading ECGs in veterinary patients: an introduction DVM 360 3 years ago
84 Surgery in a veterinary outpatient community medicine setting has a good outcome for dogs with pyometra American Veterinary Medical Association 2 months ago
85 Lawmaker seeks AG opinion on whether dog research at Wayne State is humane Detroit News 4 months ago
86 A cardiac nurse couldn't afford a pacemaker for her dog, so she started a program to donate used ones to pets CNN 3 years ago
87 'My dog saved my husband's life with CPR without him I'd be a widow' 6 months ago
88 Canine heart disease may relate to legumes, potatoes American Veterinary Medical Association 3 years ago
89 This Penn heart patient is a 9-year-old boxer dog named Sophie | Penn Today Penn Today 3 years ago
90 Dogs Fed Some Popular Diets Could Be at Risk of Heart Disease University of California, Davis 4 years ago
91 Your heart’s best friend: A canine companion? Harvard Health 2 years ago
92 COVID-19 variant link to pet heart problems scrutinized VIN News Service 1 year ago
93 What Is Your Diagnosis? in: Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association Volume 257 Issue 1 () American Veterinary Medical Association 2 years ago
94 F.D.A. Names 16 Brands of Dog Food That May Be Linked to Canine Heart Disease The New York Times 3 years ago
95 FDA urges collaboration as dilated cardiomyopathy afflicts more dogs American Veterinary Medical Association 2 years ago
96 Rover's Regurgitation: Veterinarian-Cardiologist Teamwork Could Speed Device Innovation, Training TCTMD 4 years ago
97 Dog owners: Less heart disease and longer life? Harvard Health 5 years ago
98 Having a Dog Could Boost Your Heart Health, Study Finds PEOPLE 3 years ago
99 Study finds spike in deadly heart disease linked to trendy dog diets 4 years ago
100 Grain-free dog food linked to heart problems in pets is puzzling situation for FDA WSB Atlanta 1 year ago