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1 Carnegie Institution sells DC headquarters building to Qatar
2 Weizmann Institute of Science joins Giant Magellan Telescope, a top priority for science worldwide | News | Physical Sciences Division | The University of Chicago
3 Science in our neighborhood: The Carnegie Broad Branch lectures resume
4 ADDING MULTIMEDIA Weizmann Institute of Science Joins Giant Magellan Telescope, a Top Priority for Science Worldwide
5 Weizmann Institute of Science Joins Giant Magellan Telescope, a Top Priority for Science Worldwide
6 Scientists find strange black 'superionic ice' that could exist inside other planets
7 How Do Ice Giants Like Uranus and Neptune Maintain Their Magnetic Fields?
8 NASA won't rename James Webb telescope — and astronomers are angry
9 Watson Institute honors Gregorian's legacy
10 Space discoveries that will blow your mind | Entertainment News |
11 Scoping out Mt. Wilson: Historic telescopes at LA's observatory can be yours for the night
12 Contrails: How tweaking flight plans can help the climate
13 Professor of geosciences honored with Arthur L. Day Medal | Penn State University
14 Carnegie Institution for Science in talks to sell DC headquarters to Qatar
15 2021 Class of AGU Fellows Announced
16 How Cancer Research May Play A Role In Saving Hawaii's Coral Reefs
17 Sale of building to Qatar deepens Carnegie rifts
18 A new state-of-the-art science center at Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks officially opens
19 $125M in Grants to Study Cellular Aging to Be Coordinated from Pittsburgh
20 In Memoriam: Edward RD Scott, 1947–2021 | Planetary News
21 Auburn University's McCrary Institute to bring together leading public and private cybersecurity experts to build partnerships to defend against cyber attacks
22 Don Brooks helped the Carnegie Institution run for a half-century. He died of covid-19 just months shy of retirement.
23 Is U.S. Foreign Policy Too Hostile to China?
24 How seeds know it's a good time to germinate
25 Personalized approach to radiation therapy predicts efficacy across cancer types
26 Washington-based Carnegie institute HQ sold to Qatar
27 FAU Engineering One Of The 'Top Three Fastest Improving Colleges' In The US
28 News Briefs
29 $125M in NIH Grants to Study Cellular Aging to Be Coordinated by PSC and Other Pittsburgh Institutions
30 Scientists create strange new form of silicon
31 Qatar buys Washington-based Carnegie institute HQ: reports
32 What causes the deep Earth's most mysterious earthquakes?
33 Caribbean coral reefs under siege from aggressive algae
34 Carnegie Institution gets pushback on HQ sale to Qatar
35 Record-breaking flare from Sun's nearest neighbor
36 Deep diamonds contain evidence of deep-Earth recycling processes
37 Henderson State invites public to meet chancellor candidates – SWARK Today
38 UTEP receives $3M grant from National Science Foundation; Will help enhance STEM education for Hispanic students
39 Carnegie Mellon University Presents 2021 CMU Alumni Awards
40 Where were Jupiter and Saturn born?
41 Renowned scholar Juna Kollmeier named director of U of T's Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
42 Did nature or nurture shape the Milky Way's most common planets?
43 American Athletic Conference Announces the Addition of Six Universities
44 New form of silicon could enable next-gen electronic and energy devices: Novel crystalline form of silicon could potentially be used to create next-generation electronic and energy devices
45 Waters and University of Delaware Announce Bioprocessing Innovation Partnership, Plan 2022 Opening of Immerse Delaware Lab
46 South Korea Beyond Northeast Asia: How Seoul Is Deepening Ties With India and ASEAN
47 Engineering Team Shoots for the Stars in NASA Contest
48 Vera Rubin, astronomer extraordinaire — a new biography
49 Philosopher, scientists propose new way to categorize minerals
50 Down to Earth With: Ecologist Chris Field
51 A Science-Themed Wedding at the Carnegie Institution for Science
52 A String Of Aleutian Volcanoes Might Actually Be One Mega Volcano, Scientists Say
53 Making history — and smashing atoms — in a leafy part of Chevy Chase, D.C.
54 How seeds know it's a good time to germinate: New work reveals a protein that plays a critical
55 Scientists Synthesize New Crystalline Form of Silicon
56 SPECIAL REPORT This Hot Lister advises Bill Gates on climate change
57 Federal Order Requires COVID-19 Vaccination for University Employees at UA, UAB, UAH and Auburn University
58 She's a priest. You'll never guess her other job
59 Can super-Earth interior dynamics set the table for habitability?
60 How to build a better wind farm: Turbine placement and maximum energy extraction
61 Congratulations to the 2021 AGU Union Medal, Award, and Prize Recipients
62 Carnegie Science's Steve Farber and Toby Horn Named 2019 AAAS Fellows
63 RIT postdoctoral researcher Erika Holmbeck named one of NASA's 2021 Hubble Fellows | College of Science | RIT
64 Peculiar planetary system architecture around three Orion stars explained
65 2021 AGU Section Awardees and Named Lecturers
66 News | Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
67 Scientists and philosopher team up, propose a new way to categorize minerals: A diamond lasts forever, but that doesn't mean all diamonds have a common history
68 Most-distant galaxy helps elucidate the early universe
69 Study shows faculty diversity took a hit in time of crisis
70 Infrastructure key to balancing climate and economic goals in developing countries
71 Rebecca Charbonneau: The Future of Scientific History
72 Not Un word from Kim
73 Covid means remote workers can live anywhere. So where's 'anywhere'?
74 UNCW chancellor reflects on progress | WilmingtonBiz
75 NSF partnerships expand National AI Research Institutes to 40 states
76 The Vera C. Rubin Observatory and Women of Chilean Astronomy
77 'Farfarout!' Solar system's most distant planetoid confirmed | University of Hawaiʻi System News
78 To Create a More Inclusive Future, Philanthropy Should Examine the Overlooked Chapters From its Past
79 POLITICO Playbook: Caitlyn Jenner's reality TV campaign
80 DOE Panel Finds US Falling Behind in Basic Energy Sciences
81 Microbiome species interactions reveal how bacteria collaborate to cheat death
82 Community Health Center Honored for Services Assisting Minority Women
83 First light on a next-gen astronomical survey toward a new understanding of the cosmos
84 Astronomers make first clear detection of am
85 Unraveling a mystery of dinoflagellate genomic architecture: Algal species vital to coral reef health could help elucidate the genomic organizational principles of all organisms
86 Quality control mechanism closes the protein production 'on-ramps'
87 Mars's core has been measured — and it's surprisingly large
88 Yoichi Shiga
89 California Judge Cuéllar to Lead Carnegie Endowment
90 The Earth Has a Pulse—A 27.5-Million-Year Cycle of Geological Activity
91 BioWorld MedTech Patent Highlights: Week 41
92 'Chemtrails' not real, say leading atmospheric science experts
93 NASA investigates renaming James Webb telescope after anti-LGBT+ claims
94 Astronomers Discover Fastest-Orbiting Asteroid Ever Seen | Astronomy
95 Mineral classification system needs revamping to be more useful to various scientists, according to report
96 The James Webb Space Telescope's First Year of Extraordinary Science Has Been Revealed
97 Texas A&M Energy Institute Director To Receive Prestigious Research Award
98 Diamonds Shed Light on How Super Deep Earthquakes Occur
99 See Photos From Washingtonian's 2015 Tech Titans Celebration at the Carnegie Institution for Science
100 Johns Hopkins is tearing down 'Old Carnegie,' training ground for generations of biologists