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1 Caucasian households in U.S. emit most carbon despite greater energy efficiency
2 Is Kyle Rittenhouse Hispanic or Caucasian? Court records list teen’s race differently
3 Microsoft Senior Project Manager: "I'm A Caucasian Man With Glasses And A Beard And I Go By He/Him"
4 Too many scientists still say Caucasian
5 Hogwarts for Wypipo: Acclaimed Caucasian Race Theorists Set to Open Whitest College Ever
6 Hispanic voices and perspectives are under threat
7 Kanye West dons new hair style after Caucasian face mask
8 Police identify man found murdered Wednesday
9 Memory of Caucasian people's exile preserved despite restalinization
10 Bosses at investment firm now need special permission to hire Caucasian men
11 Iran Turkey Cooperation Road Map can make Caucasian Region a Trade Hub
12 From oximeters to AI, where bias in medical devices may lurk
13 County reports 150th COVID-19-related death
14 Caucasian ‘Karen’ Fined RM3,000, Spotted Trying To Enter BSC
15 Spice Things Up With Adjika
16 Anaemia programme not working, needs a hard relook: Health Ministry
17 3,000 Caucasian pines planted to bring new life to burnt Borjomi forest
18 Significant interpopulation differentiation at candidate loci may underlie ethnic disparities in the prevalence of uterine fibroids
19 "Chechen scandal" leaves trace in Russian-Turkish relations
20 Georgian president calls on UNESCO to establish Caucasian languages day, including Abkhaz
21 Crowned in Curls: Teen publishes book celebrating Black hair
22 Letter to the Editor: "We have to continue to see the world through the eyes of everyone—not just those who are exactly like us"
23 Coast Guard searching for overdue boater in the vicinity of Frying Pan Shoals
24 Latest News
25 Ingush protest leaders outraged by prison terms claimed by prosecution
26 FBI involvement in cover-up of Malcolm X assassination produces more questions than answers
27 TV report with reprimands of women-sorcerers in Chechnya sparks bewilderment among social network users
28 The word 'caucasian' should be banned say Cambridge and UCL scientists
29 Murphy: We need each other
30 This 'Caucasians' T-shirt is going viral for mocking NFL's Redskins
31 Opinion: The pernicious myth of a Caucasian race
32 Saakashvili's associates announce an indefinite rally near prison
33 Gold Coast: Little boy at 'significant risk' after being taken from a home by a man in a grey Mazda
34 Activists worry about fate of Azerbaijani oppositionist
35 Tbilisi: commemoration participants urged to prevent demonstration dispersals
36 Nampa PD looking for 3 or 4 men who attempted to rob an ATM
37 Social network commentators dispute on genre of fights in "Akhmat" Club
38 Liquidation of the Armenian SIS puts an end to torture cases
39 Meet the slippery salesman who invented Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood
40 Video control over tests for maroon berets follows scandal with Chechen law enforcers
41 Authentic Caucasian dolma with local flair (RECIPE)
42 Here's What 'Succession' Gets So Right About Toxic Whiteness
43 Suit claims Villa Duchesne encourages 'the concept that all Caucasians are racist by virtue of being Caucasian'
44 Has ‘Caucasian’ Lost Its Meaning?
45 Montana State Police Seeking Idaho Citizens Help in Missing Person Case
46 What Is The Difference Between White And Caucasian?
47 Chicago home records still contain racist covenants
48 'Highly racist view of Caucasians': Hunterdon Central anti-bias training sparks controversy
49 The Racist Origins Of The Word ‘Caucasian’
50 Kanye West dons creepy prosthetic Caucasian mask for cab ride from JFK
51 Opinion: Compassion for homeless means action, not neglect
52 Buddhist communities increasing across Iowa | News, Sports, Jobs
53 Perspectives | Who were the Caucasian Albanians?
54 Rage, fury and noise – the new wave of feminist theatre is more vital than ever
55 New clinical risk management tools are needed to prevent COVID-19 deaths, say experts
56 Call for boycott of Miss Universe pageant is misguided and dangerous
57 Most people who call themselves Caucasian know nothing about the Caucasus
58 Diversity survey finds 38.3% of Democratic Senate staffers identify as non-Caucasian
59 Whose land are you celebrating Thanksgiving on?
60 ‘King Richard’: How HBO Max Viewers Tuned Into Will Smith Tennis Drama
61 I wore a 'Caucasians' shirt to expose the hypocrisy of racist logos
62 Missing Richmond and Langley kids may be together
63 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Calls Up $4.5M On Thursday Night – Deadline
64 Police closer to finding person responsible for attempted ‘decapitation’ of Fitzroy’s banana statue
65 ‘Encanto’ & ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Split Families, ‘House Of Gucci’ Best Opening For Drama In Two Years – Thanksgiving Box Office, Sunday Update
66 Stop Using the Word "Caucasian" to Mean White
67 'Must be Caucasian': Racist room-for-rent ad shows discrimination many face looking for housing
68 Police investigate Beechworth fires
69 Like Frankenstein and his monster, @yassifybot regrets yassification
70 As Arbery trial draws to a close, Black Americans again ask if there will be justice
71 Man feels 'malu' after seeing woman picking up trash in Geylang with her kids
72 'This Is Unreal': Bryant Gumbel Features the Amazing Redemption Story of Rams Coach Marcus Dixon Who Went from Being Falsely Accused of a Crime to Success In the NFL
73 Nostalgic Memories of my Pakistan Visits: 1996 to 2013
74 Hair Aging in Different Races and Ethnicities
75 Survey shows increase in cases of anaemia across India
76 Is There Racism in the Deed to Your Home?
77 What Manchester’s shelter dogs really want for Christmas
78 Are we ready for a 'Caucasian Spring'? | Daily Sabah
79 ‘Why Caucasians always think we look like Bey?’: Viral TikTok of girl telling Black girl she looks like Beyoncé sparks debate
80 The invention of whiteness: the long history of a dangerous idea
81 Khabib Nurmagomedov and the rise of the Caucasians
82 What Caucasian really means
83 Conundrum Over Caucasian Albania – OpEd – Eurasia Review
84 Community Voices: Gun violence – a new approach is needed
85 Balding, once a Caucasian problem, grows in Asian men
86 The racist history of Caucasian
87 Achimota PTA justifies selective application of school rules on Caucasians
88 White is not a colour – white is an ideology
89 What is Male Pattern Baldness?
90 Caucasian Buffalo and Mountain Honey are new Slow Food Presidia in Azerbaijan
91 Do White People Really Come From the Caucasus?
92 'Chasing Fame' Casting Call | SCAD
93 El Paso Mayor Dee Margo says Hispanics have higher COVID-19 hospital rates than “normal Caucasians”
94 Missing woman, Rubyvale
95 Young Americans do not expect to become parents
96 Is Kamala Harris Described as 'Caucasian' on Her Birth Certificate?
97 Five reasons why we should stop calling white people "Caucasian"
98 Māori Party co-leader Rawiri Waititi apologises after deleting tweet on 'archaic Caucasians'
99 #ACTRIMS2021
100 Discovering the ancient origin of cystic fibrosis, the most common genetic disease in Caucasians