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1 Nevada Republicans vote to censure SOS Cegavske over voter fraud allegations
2 Cegavske deserves credit for that rarest of political commodities these days: courage
3 Wild Women With Steak Knives: BLOOD TEA AND RED STRING
4 Cegavske: No 'evidentiary support' among NV GOP claims that 2020 election was plagued by widespread fraud
5 Cegavske censure, anti-mask madness: Spring is in the air for Nevada GOP
6 RJ investigation prompts state Senate GOP to demand audit of Cegavske censure vote
7 Republican Rumble: The 'storming' of a county GOP meeting
8 Washoe County Republican Party repudiates state GOP censure of Barbara Cegavske
9 Nevada asks judge to dismiss Trump, GOP vote-by-mail lawsuit
10 Nevada GOP brings election complaints to secretary of state
11 Nevada secretary of state finds no 'evidentiary support' for GOP election fraud claims
12 Secretary of state opens up about threats she received after no evidence of 'widespread' voter fraud found
13 Secretary of State Cegavske issues FAQ page to answer several post-election questions
14 Signs emerging that fever of lunacy may yet break in Republican Party
15 Nevada secretary of state can wear GOP's censure vote like a badge of honor
16 Nevada Republicans seek probe of Proud Boys' ties to Cegavske vote
17 Social partitioning
18 GOP elections chief Cegavske mum as Democrats defend Nevada vote
19 A Republican election official just got censured for not buying into the Big Lie
20 Clark County Sheriff Lombardo announces run for governor as Republican; says he'll veto new taxes, take 'law and order' tack
21 Secretary of State Cegavske submits emergency regulation request to Gov. Sisolak
22 Secretary of State: No evidence of 'wide-spread fraud' in Nevada's 2020 election
23 Nevada's election results will not be hijacked by conspiracy theories
24 Sisolak rejects Cegavske's request for 'ballot harvesting' regulations, says it echoes 'voter suppression rhetoric'
25 Corona v. Cegavske: Nevada Dems go to court over upcoming all-mail primary
26 Nevada election lawsuit against GOP official dropped
27 Trump campaign sues in Nevada to stop Vegas-area vote count LAS VEGAS
28 Former Harry Reid staffer running for Nevada secretary of state
29 Top elections official seeks oversight of 'ballot harvesting' allowed under new Nevada law
30 Nevada Secretary of State found far fewer GOP fraud complaints than claimed
31 Nevada Secretary of State Cegavske Issues Statement in Response to USPS Postcard
32 ‘New Nevada’: Republicans seek to form another state by ousting Las Vegas to stop ‘urban people’
33 Nevada Secretary of State: Majority of election fraud allegations were baseless, inaccurately interpreted
34 All-mail vote not planned for general election despite COVID-19 spike
35 'This has to stop': Harassed and threatened, GOP election officials urge party leaders to take stand
36 Exodus of election officials raises concerns of partisanship
37 Sparse Voter-Fraud Cases Undercut Claims of Widespread Abuses
38 Nevada Senate GOP Calls for Audit of SOS Censure Vote After Reports of Proud Boys Involvement
39 Nevada's GOP Secretary of State silent about legal challenges to vote
40 Secretary Cegavske Announces Plan to Conduct the June 9, 2020 Primary Election by All Mail
41 Nevada moves to dismiss election lawsuit
42 Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske running for second term
43 Nevada judge denies request to halt state certification of election results
44 Bill expanding mail-in voting during times of emergencies passes Assembly on party lines
45 Nevada GOP in turmoil after avowed Proud Boy said he participated in censure of state official
46 6 reasons why Barbara Cegavske survived Nevada’s blue wave
47 Nevada Secretary of State: No discussions with members of Congress on election
48 Laxalt files new lawsuit challenging Nevada's alleged inability to keep noncitizens off of voter rolls
49 Activists with ties to Proud Boys may seek leadership of Clark County GOP
50 Secretary of state: No voter info sent to Pakistani government; state election system has not been hacked
51 Nevada passes bill to mail all voters ballots amid pandemic
52 Judge rejects Trump campaign lawsuit over Clark County mail ballot counting
53 Biden win over Trump in Nevada made official by court
54 Nevada: GOP filed far fewer election complaints than claimed
55 Heller: GOP secretary of state should be 'standing on soapbox' opposing controversial election law changes
56 As potential challengers emerge, Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske 'absolutely running' again
57 Big lie-obsessed Nevada GOP content to eat its own
58 Another lawsuit filed against planned mail-only primary election by conservative voting monitoring group
59 Voter list maintenance in Nevada is impartial, fair: Cegavske
60 Nevada Secretary of State speaks out on critics, lawsuits and more
61 The reason for Nevada's vote count delay? The law requires it.
62 Both major parties in Nevada lose voters in March
63 Federal judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit over Nevada mail-in voting bill
64 Nevada wants no part of Arizona Republicans' election audit fantasy
65 Secretary of State Cegavske Announces Statewide Collaboration with National Election Security Group
66 Activists don’t have right to join Clark County GOP, judge rules
67 Trump's misleading claim about ballot signatures in Nevada
68 Surprise! Chairman McDonald blames others in GOP-Proud Boys mess
69 Nevada Secretary of State Cegavske seeks re-election
70 Nevada is still counting votes. Track election results by county here
71 State approves first of four state worker collective bargaining agreements, though many hurdles remain
72 Why Trump's lawsuit seeking to overturn Nevada's presidential race sputtered in court
73 Nevada: State proposes new system to potentially speed up voter verification during elections
74 Trump campaign asks US judge to kill Nevada vote-by-mail law
75 Nevada Judge Agrees to Expedite GOP Suit Over 3000 Ballots (3)
76 Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske Advises Nevada Voters
77 USPS Mailers Contain Inaccurate Information Regarding Nevada's General Election Voting Process
78 Douglas County to remain at high risk level as county reports 4 cases, 1 death and another drive-thru vaccine clinic
79 Nevada Gov. Sisolak signs bill allowing mail-in voting amid pandemic
80 Sharron Angle files lawsuit challenging expanded mail-in voting
81 Republican Sparks councilman to run for secretary of state
82 With latest blowup, Nevada GOP continues its march to Crazytown
83 Most 2020 Nevada election integrity cases resolved without finding of fraud; recent Republican document drop under review
84 Five Oregon counties said 'yes' to Greater Idaho ballot measures Tuesday
85 Sisolak rejects four bills including legislative ethics commissions and housing discrimination changes
86 Parking fees have been eliminated at Douglas County Parks
87 KUNR Today: Nevada Prepares For Federal Pandemic Funds, Mining Ban Considered To Protect Sage Grouse
88 Lawmaker wants to make universal mail-in voting permanent in Nevada
89 Dems: Lawsuit over Nevada primary voting plan about making sure voters can safely participate
90 Judge rejects conservative group's attempt to block planned all-mail primary
91 13 new COVID-19 cases as Umpqua Dairy and Roseburg Forest Products locations join outbreak list
92 County commissioners ask governor for emergency drought order
93 Former Roseburg VA director retires early after he was punished for disciplining surgeon
94 11 new COVID-19 cases reported Tuesday as Aviva Health, Roseburg VA suspend use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine
95 Secretary of State says she has evidence of 3 illegal noncitizen votes in 2016, offers more details about voter fraud probe
96 Legislators get $2-$4 million of relief money for their districts. Here's how ours want to spend it
97 Nevada officials award $1.38M to man wrongfully convicted of murder
98 Sisolak rejects 80 percent seizure from inmate accounts in favor of half
99 Nevada Supreme Court unanimously approves Biden win | TheHill
100 What we know now: Election results for Reno, Sparks, Washoe County and Nevada