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1 'Whoa, that's not right': Georgia towns lead census appeals Fairfield Citizen 2 days ago
2 Census interference by Trump administration detailed in email NPR 9 days ago
3 Border Congress Members Could Meet With Census Director Next Week – 710am KURV kurv 19 hours ago
4 Census corrections are possible through Count Question Resolution NPR 23 days ago
5 Viewpoint: Census 'outmigration' misrepresents Massachusetts population trends Boston Business Journal 3 days ago
6 Census Household Pulse Survey shows many don't trust COVID vaccine, worry about side effects Lake County News 21 days ago
7 Yes, the American Community Survey from the US Census Bureau is real KXTV 17 days ago
8 Census Reports of Covid Cases Rose 27% After Omicron's Arrival Bloomberg 3 days ago
9 Land Trust pilots 'bird census' in Hailey | Community | Idaho Mountain Express and Guide 4 days ago
10 Tracking Pay, Jobs Is About to Get Harder on US Census Changes Bloomberg Law 10 days ago
11 Census ranks Utica 9th in NYS for poverty WUTR/WFXV 3 days ago
12 What do the census, voting rights and democracy have in common? Roll Call 3 days ago
13 December US housing starts rise 1.4% on month: US Census S&P Global 5 days ago
14 Ministries partner for annual homeless census Morganton News Herald 2 days ago
15 Palm Desert to discuss redistricting based on 2020 Census data kuna noticias y kuna radio 4 days ago
16 Saudi statistics authority prepares for fifth national census Arab News 16 hours ago
17 What's Wrong with the 2020 Census Why You Should Care 19 days ago
18 San Diego Homeless Census Gets Postponed — Voice of San Diego Voice of San Diego 12 days ago
19 Census Bureau: World grew by 74 million over past year ABC News 25 days ago
20 'Home is here': Northeast Wisconsin's surge in diversity forged by opportunities, grit and an inclusive vision Post-Crescent 6 days ago
21 1921 Census of England and Wales reveals nation reeling from war The Guardian 18 days ago
22 These are the Illinois cities with the most people living in poverty WGN TV Chicago 11 hours ago
23 The Final Count: Unpacking The 2020 Census Data – 1A 5 months ago
24 Census release shows America is more diverse and more multiracial than ever CNN 6 months ago
25 Census Bureau checks count's accuracy with Post-Enumeration Survey NPR 4 months ago
26 Census undercounts mean less Medicaid money for most Southern states Facing South 2 months ago
27 Census 2020 results: Live updates on redistricting and reactions CNN 6 months ago
28 How the Census Bureau Stood Up to Donald Trump’s Meddling The New York Times 6 months ago
29 Census Bureau announces 331 million people in US, Texas will add two congressional seats CNN 9 months ago
30 2020 Census undercounted population in select Detroit neighborhoods by 8% Poverty Solutions 1 month ago
31 Bill Would Criminalize Census Disinformation Nextgov 3 months ago
32 The 2020 count is not the only major program the Census Bureau has had to delay Federal News Network 2 months ago
33 Challenges to Census Data National Conference of State Legislatures 21 days ago
34 Biden Is Reviving An Effort To Change How The Census Asks About Race And Ethnicity NPR 6 months ago
35 Latino statistician becomes Census Bureau director The Washington Post 3 months ago
36 Census and Redistricting Data FAQs National Conference of State Legislatures 6 months ago
37 Census Bureau to skip annual 2020 American Community Survey The Washington Post 6 months ago
38 U.S. population growth has nearly flatlined, new census data shows Brookings Institution 1 month ago
39 Data Scientists Ask: How Accurate Is the 2020 Census? Bloomberg 6 months ago
40 There’s a simple solution to the latest census fight The Boston Globe 6 months ago
41 After A Disrupted Census, Congress Tries Again To Extend Deadlines For Results NPR 9 months ago
42 Census delays 5-year ACS data for first time ever The Washington Post 3 months ago
43 2020 Census Results By State: Study Finds No Major Irregularities NPR 4 months ago
44 Lower-than-expected state population totals stoke concerns about the 2020 Census The Washington Post 9 months ago
45 2020 Census: Innovations Helped with Implementation, but Bureau Can Do More to Realize Future Benefits Government Accountability Office 7 months ago
46 2020 Census Data And Differential Privacy: What You Need To Know NPR 8 months ago
47 Trump's payroll tax deferral for census workers cost taxpayers NPR 3 months ago
48 US Census Bureau releases block-level population data – Ballotpedia News Ballotpedia News 5 months ago
49 How many people live in Lawrence County after the 2020 Census count? Ellwood City Ledger 5 months ago
50 Census Stories Beyond the Numbers – Poynter Poynter 6 months ago
51 VERIFY: Yes, the American Community Survey is legitimate WXIA 7 months ago
52 College Towns Challenging Census Results After Pandemic Poses Count Problems Route Fifty 3 months ago
53 2020 Census: Many Latinos Identified With 'Some Other Race' NPR 4 months ago
54 What the 2020 census can and can't tell us about race : Code Switch NPR 3 months ago
55 2020 Census: Big cities grew and became more diverse, especially among their youth Brookings Institution 3 months ago
56 Poverty rose in 2020 amid pandemic even as stimulus payments helped some 11.7 million Americans avoid it CNN 4 months ago
57 Court Rules In Alabama's Census Case Over Redistricting Data, Privacy NPR 7 months ago
58 Report: Census Hit by Cyberattack, US Count Unaffected U.S. News & World Report 5 months ago
59 During pandemic's first year, Americans moved at the lowest rate in over 70 years, new census data shows The Washington Post 2 months ago
60 Decennial Census | US GAO Government Accountability Office 5 years ago
61 Why States Should Wait for Census Data to Draw Voting Districts 7 months ago
62 States Are Suing the Census Bureau Over Its Attempts to Make Data More Private Slate 6 months ago
63 The 2020 census: North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Montana among states gaining US House seats 9 months ago
64 Why Military Census Numbers May Shift House Seats, Electoral College NPR 9 months ago
65 Census: Insured Population Holds Steady, With a Slight Shift From Private to Public Coverage Kaiser Health News 4 months ago
66 Experts differ on whether Census Bureau plans to protect the privacy of 2020 Census responders will make the data unusable The Washington Post 8 months ago
67 Does The Census Not Adequately Capture Your Racial Identity? We Want To Hear Your Story. FiveThirtyEight 4 months ago
68 Five Census Findings You May Have Missed The New York Times 5 months ago
69 Alabama drops lawsuit challenging Census privacy method ABC News 5 months ago
70 People, homes vanish due to 2020 census’ new privacy method The Denver Post 3 months ago
71 2020 Census: Office Managers' Perspectives on Recent Operations Would Strengthen Planning for 2030 Government Accountability Office 6 months ago
72 DiNapoli Releases Interactive Map of Local Census Results 2 months ago
73 Census: 1 in 5 dorms, prisons had no data in 2020 count Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
74 The 1870 census was attacked just like the 2020 count The Washington Post 9 months ago
75 Census Data Show Historic Investments in Social Safety Net Alleviated Poverty in 2020 Center For American Progress 4 months ago
76 Census Redistricting Data Release: What to Know The New York Times 2 months ago
77 How Small Census Numbers Can Decide A State's Share Of Power In Congress NPR 9 months ago
78 Census release 2 months ago
79 Census pushes to get LGBTQ+ Americans counted in key pandemic survey CNN 7 months ago
80 How the US census led to the first data processing company 125 years ago – and kick-started America’s computing industry The Conversation US 2 months ago
81 What’s behind the growth slump? Takeaways from U.S. census data. The Denver Post 9 months ago
82 White fear is the wrong way to tell the Census story CNN 5 months ago
83 Census ponders producing less granular data in next release Associated Press 4 months ago
84 Detroit's population decline continues for 7th straight decade, 2020 census data shows Detroit Free Press 6 months ago
85 The 2020 Census Was Made Possible by the Technology That Powered It FedTech Magazine 7 months ago
86 Census: California, Northeast, Midwest lose House seats Roll Call 9 months ago
87 Watchdog: Wilbur Ross misled on reason for 2020 Census citizenship question USA TODAY 6 months ago
88 Number of journalists behind bars reaches global high CPJ Press Freedom Online 2 months ago
89 2020 census results: A quick breakdown | City News Red and Black 4 months ago
90 2020 Census Ranks San Diego as 8th Most Populous U.S. City, County as 5th Largest Times of San Diego 6 months ago
91 Census puts official Fort Worth population at 918,915 – Welcome to City of Fort Worth 5 months ago
92 Fears of Latino census undercount persist despite dramatic growth NBC News 5 months ago
93 Officials announce 2020 Census results CNN 9 months ago
94 How does the US census affect Congress? US Embassy & Consulates in Italy 6 months ago
95 Looking out for census scams 4 months ago
96 Here's central Ohio cities that have changed the most, according to US census data The Columbus Dispatch 6 months ago
97 2020 Census results: Middle Tennessee drives population growth as state becomes more racially diverse Tennessean 6 months ago
98 Latinos' next census task: Get money and power through redistricting NBC News 6 months ago
99 Counting Little Kids Is a Big Challenge for the U.S. Census The Wall Street Journal 5 months ago
100 Analysis | Are You a Citizen? The Trump Census Controversy, Explained Washington Post 9 months ago