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1 UK-led Carrier Strike Group heads for South China Sea
2 UK Welcomes Chance to Put British F-35Bs on American Warships
3 HMS Queen Elizabeth Transits Suez Canal as UK Strike Group Heads East
4 How carrier strike deployment is flying the flag for UK trade
5 French Carrier Strike Group Begins 2021 Deployment
6 Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Returns From Deployment, Earns Navy Unit Commendation
7 Carrier Air Wing 3 Returns from 2021 Eisenhower Strike Group Deployment
8 News
9 Ike completing dual carrier operations with French carrier Charles de Gaulle
10 Welcome home sailors! Three ships arrive at Naval Station Mayport
11 All hands on deck | The American Legion
12 Eisenhower carrier home after back-to-back deployments
13 U.S., French Carrier Strike Groups Conduct Dual Carrier Operations in 5th Fleet
14 French Carrier Strike Group Begins 'Clemenceau 21' Deployment
15 French, US Carrier Strike Groups' Ballet For Persian Gulf Stability
16 HMS Queen Elizabeth sails along the Suez Canal for the first time
17 An Update on the French Navy: July 2021
18 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower returns from deployment Sunday
19 Navy destroyer arrives home to Jacksonville base following maiden deployment, 2 more on the way
20 Allons-y! Eisenhower strike group operates with France’s flagship around the Gulf
21 French
22 British name enormous carrier strike group heading for the Indo-Pacific
23 UK signaling Pacific clouds of war
24 French Carrier Strike Group to Deploy to Eastern Mediterranean and Indian Ocean
25 USS Donald Cook joins French carrier strike group in NATO exercise
26 France Assumes Command of US Task Force 50
27 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Launching Anti-ISIS Missions from Mediterranean, French Carrier Takes Helm of CTF 50
28 UK Carrier Strike Group Begins Deployment | Defense News
29 All French CSG Sailors to be Vaccinated to Avoid COVID-19 Outbreak Repeat
30 French Carrier Strike Group Begins 'Foch' Deployment
31 NATO Anti-Sub Exercise Dynamic Manta 2021 Will Include French Carrier Strike Group, US Attack Boat
32 VIDEO: Eisenhower Strike Group Now in Middle East After Suez Canal Transit
33 Britain’s HMS Queen Elizabeth to lead strike group to Indo-Pacific
34 Indian and French navies begin three-day wargame in Arabian Sea
35 USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: April 19, 2021
36 French Navy Aircraft Carrier went through Degaussing ahead of Deployment
37 Carrier Strike Group sets sail on seven-month maiden deployment
38 US Navy destroyer joins French CSG in the Mediterranean
39 Cyprus Welcomes France's Flagship Carrier After Operations With IKE
40 President Macron Announces Start of New French Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Program
41 USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: March 22, 2021
42 UK Carrier Strike Group Sets Sail on 7-Month First Deployment
43 Britain and France send their aircraft-carriers out together
44 Official Announcement on France's New Aircraft Carrier Expected Soon
45 Carrier Air Wing 3 comes home after seven-month deployment
46 Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Could Extend Stay in Middle East to Cover Afghanistan Withdrawal
47 France, Belgium, Japan and U.S. Forces Complete Group Arabian Sea Warfare Exercise
48 Charles de Gaulle carrier back at sea after "COVID-19 adjustments"
49 CNO Gilday Pledges Closer Working Relationships With British, French Navies
50 French CSG brings 'plug-and-fight' carrier capability to NATO Mediterranean ASW exercise
51 UK's 'HMS Queen Elizabeth' to form powerful armada with French nuclear-powered carrier
52 French Navy Decommissions Second Durance-Class Replenishment Vessel
53 French Indian Naval Exercise VARUNA 2021 Concludes
54 Egyptian, French naval forces hold joint drills in Red Sea
55 Aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower played key role in Afghanistan drawdown
56 India, France, UAE to test combat skills at Varuna naval exercise from Sunday
57 Ike Carrier Strike Group launches flight operations against ISIS
58 Belgian Navy Frigate to Once Again Be Part of French CSG in 2021
59 HMS Queen Elizabeth: The Royal Navy's Latest Aircraft Carrier Is Ready for Action
60 USS Thomas Hudner joints French Carrier Strike Group
61 Japan-based USS Ronald Reagan Now in the Middle East to Cover Afghanistan Withdrawal
62 US Navy Destroyer USS Ross Joins French Carrier Strike Group
63 French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle arrives in Abu Dhabi
64 France, U.S., others participate in Group Arabian Sea Warfare Exercise
65 Royal Navy Assembles Largest Carrier Strike Group in Decades
66 Royal Navy's new Carrier Strike Group assembles for the first time
67 France’s aircraft carrier in Gulf after Israeli ship reportedly targeted
68 Interview: French Asia Pacific Commander Rear Adm. Jean-Mathieu Rey
69 Quad, France and UAE join hands in 2 naval exercises to dominate Indo-Pacific
70 Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, a sign of French support
71 French Navy Chief in Japan as Rubis-class SSN Pays Rare Visit to Guam
72 CNO Awards French Carrier de Gaulle Meritorious Unit Award
73 French aircraft carrier set for lengthy patrol of Mediterranean, Indo-Pacific
74 Top Stories 2020: COVID-19 Pandemic
75 Rule, Britannia! UK deploys carriers to Indo-Pacific
76 US Marine Corps commits detachment of F-35Bs to HMS Queen Elizabeth
77 France takes command of US Central Task Force 50
78 French Navy CSG Ends Indo-Pacific Mission
79 Makin Island ARG, 15th MEU Leaves Middle East for INDO-PACOM, Eisenhower Supporting Anti-ISIS Fight from Mediterranean
80 France's Only Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle Taken Out of Service by COVID-19
81 The Coronavirus Crisis: The Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier Returns to Port
82 British Aircraft Carrier Departs on Landmark Deployment with Marine Corps F-35s Aboard
83 France's Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier arrives in Singapore
84 Allison Collection August, 1944
85 French President Lifts Lid On Next-gen Aircraft Carrier Platform
86 US aircraft carrier returns to Middle East as Suez Canal opens
87 France Belgium Japan and the US conduct maritime exercise in the Arabian Sea
88 Top Stories 2020: International Naval Acquisition
89 Britain’s HMS Queen Elizabeth converges on Indo-Pacific amid China tensions
90 US and French aircraft carriers swapped fighters during an exercise in the Mediterranean
91 UK Royal Navy assembles carrier strike group for first time
92 Makin Island ARG, 15th MEU to return from 7-month deployment
93 France Sending Carrier Charles de Gaulle Back to ISIS Fight Later This Year
94 New British carriers can transform Europe's NATO naval capabilities
95 HMS Queen Elizabeth sends combat jets into harm's way
96 Defense Official: French Carrier Enters Persian Gulf, ISIS Strike Missions Could Start Soon
97 Brexit Britannia flotilla steams East
98 Light Carrier Studies Already Underway As US Navy Considers Role for CVLs in Future Fleet
99 India, France to hold naval drills
100 New Refueling Pod for French Navy Rafale M Achieves IOC