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1 X-ray dark-field imaging may help diagnose lung disease – Physics World
2 In chest x-ray AI, two views are better than one
3 MRI vs. X-Ray: Pros, Cons, Costs & More
4 X-ray Dark-Field Imaging Shows Potential for Diagnostic Assessment of Lungs
5 Two views better than one in chest X-ray AI for classifying adenopathy: Study
6 Australian radiology centre Sonic Imaging to implement's chest x-ray platform
7 Google Health's AI tool slashes abnormal chest X-ray turnaround times by 28%
8 Google’s new deep learning system could help radiologists analyze X-rays
9 Google Uses Apollo Hospitals' X-Ray Data To Identify Chest Abnormalities
10 Google AI's New Deep Learning Model Detects Abnormal Chest X-rays, Identifying Lung Abnormalities Absent in Training Data Set
11 6 steps for seamlessly integrating an artificial intelligence solution into daily clinical practice
12 Pandemic leads to need for more X-ray techs
13 Daily chest x-rays not needed in COVID-19 patients
14 Computer-aided X-ray screening for tuberculosis and HIV testing among adults with cough in Malawi (the PROSPECT study): A randomised trial and cost-effectiveness analysis
15 Google's New Deep Learning System To Distinguish Abnormal Chest Radiographs
16 Chest X-Ray I Ohio State Medical Center
17 Chest x-ray particularly useful in older patients with COVID-19
18 Delivering chest X-rays through glass helps hospital save tens of thousands during pandemic
19 AI-Fueled Chest X-ray Can Provide Near-Perfect COVID-19 Identification
20 Effect of a comprehensive deep-learning model on the accuracy of chest x-ray interpretation by radiologists: a retrospective, multireader multicase study
21 Artificial Intelligence Tool Uses Chest X-Rays to Differentiate Worst Cases of COVID-19
22 Randomly initialized convolutional neural network for the recognition of COVID‐19 using X‐ray images
23 Curbing daily use of chest x-ray in ICU cuts major costs
24 Chest x-ray may predict risk of hospitalization in COVID-19
25 AI helps triage tuberculosis patients on chest x-ray
26 Chest X-Ray Algorithm on Par with Radiologists for Tuberculosis Detection
27 Chest x-ray predicts outcomes in COVID-19 patients
28 Christ Community Health Services helps make healthcare accessible and affordable
29 Dr. Marvin Malek: The new Phil Scott is AWOL on Covid
30 Modified Chest X-Ray Scoring System in Evaluating Severity of COVID-19 | IJGM
31 Chest X-Ray Assessment is Incomplete without the Lateral View [Letter] | AMEP
32 AI model identifies SARS-CoV-2 from blood tests, chest x-rays
33 AI Tool Uses Chest X-ray to Differentiate Worst Cases of COVID-19
34 X-ray Market Growth to register a CAGR of 7.8% to Surpass US$ 16.0 Billion By 2027
35 UofL doctor shares lung X-rays to show how vaccine can help those infected with COVID-19
36 Prognostication of patients with COVID-19 using artificial intelligence based on chest x-rays and clinical data: a retrospective study
37 Study Reveals New Comprehensive AI Chest X-ray Solution Improves Radiologist Accuracy
38 India develops AI tool to detect COVID-19 in Chest X-rays
39 WHO recommends CAD with chest x-rays to fight tuberculosis
40 AI as a Second Chest X-ray Reader Better Informs Chest CT Recommendations for Lung Cancer
41 Fujifilm Introduces its AI-powered Product for Chest X-ray in Japan, in Collaboration with Lunit
42 What does a future with AI-aided TB screening look like?
43 Machine-learning models that detect COVID-19 on chest X-rays are not suitable for clinical use – Physics World
44 COVID-19 lung x-rays show difference vaccination can make
45 Radiologists interpret chest X-rays better with AI than without it
46 SC doctors show x-rays of COVID damaged lungs as young adults skip vaccine
47 COVID lung X-rays show difference between vaccinated, unvaccinated
48 ‘Anonymized’ X-ray datasets can reveal patient identities
49 Fujifilm launches AI-powered chest X-ray in Japan
50 Chest x-ray misses more than half of blunt trauma injuries CT finds
51 Deep learning triages chest X-rays with tuberculosis, rivaling radiologists and pulmonary experts
52 Department of Health | News
53 Machine learning model applied on chest x-ray images | IJGM
54 A.I. detects COVID-19 on chest X-rays with accuracy and speed
55 Chest X-Rays with Artificial Intelligence Catches More Lung Cancer
56 Teaching Medical Students How to Interpret Chest X-Rays: The Design an | AMEP
57 These Algorithms Look at X-Rays—and Somehow Detect Your Race
58 Here's how lung X-rays look between vaccinated and unvaccinated patients
59 Chest X-ray Interpretation Better with AI
60 Post-COVID lungs look worse than smoker's lung, trauma surgeon says
61 Body position on x-ray affects radiation dose in children
62 Doctor Examines Lung X-Rays of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated COVID-19 Patients
63 Lunit Partners with Philips on Chest X-ray AI Solution
64 Radiologists Spot Chest X-ray Abnormalities Better with Deep-Learning Detection
65 Artificial Intelligence System Analyzes Chest X-Rays in 10 Seconds
66 Chest X-ray and Chest CT Critical to Early Diagnosis of TB
67 Zebra Medical earns its stripes with FDA nod for AI to catch calcium buildup in arteries
68 2021 NFL season: Notable injuries, news from Sunday's Week 3 games
69 AI-based analysis of chest X-rays detects cardioembolic stroke
70 Chest Imaging Shows Little Long-Term Lung Scarring from COVID-19
71 Chest X-Ray Findings and Lung Changes in COVID-19 Pneumonia
72 '1 CT scan is equivalent to 300 chest X-rays', Guleria warns against risk of cancer
73 With structured reporting, chest x-rays have high likelihood of predicting positive RT-PCR test results
74 CXR-Age algorithm assesses biological age on chest radiographs
75 From the Archives, 1951: Compulsory chest X-rays to combat the spread of TB in Victoria
76 Radiologists find chest X-rays highly predictive of COVID-19
77 Computed tomography turns 50: Physics Today: Vol 74, No 9
78 Northwestern University Has Developed An AI System That Helps Detect Covid-19 On Chest X-Rays
79 The role of chest radiography in confirming covid-19 pneumonia
80 DRDO designs AI-based algorithm to detect COVID-19 in chest X-Rays
81 X-rays Combined with AI Offer Fast Diagnostic Tool in Detecting COVID-19
82 AI and X-rays: Identifying the many faces of COVID-19
83 Transfer learning technique achieves 99.24% success when detecting COVID-19 in chest x-rays
84 Former COVID-19 vaccine skeptic changes outlook after virus kills his dad, nearly kills him
85 Chest X-rays in the ER Can Help Predict Severity of COVID-19 in Younger Patients
86 Perfect Timing: equipment bought pre-pandemic helping P.A. hospital fight back against COVID
87 Physicians urge peers to quash 'low value' use of daily chest x-rays in the ICU
88 ARTPARK launches AI-driven chest X-ray interpretation for COVID-19
89 Chest x-ray falls well short of lab testing in pinpointing COVID-19
90 RADLogics Secures FDA Clearance for AI-Powered Chest X-Ray App for Triage & Prioritization
91 RAM Clinic providing free medical care in Lee County this weekend
92 Texas surgeon: 'post-COVID lungs look worse than any type of terrible smokers lung we've ever seen'
93 Chest X-ray Isn't Reliable in Detecting COVID-19 Lung Infections
94 Radiology Extenders Outperform Radiology Residents with Chest X-ray Interpretations
95 Chest radiography useful for early COVID detection, particularly in older adults: Study
96 Deep Learning Tool Analyzes Chest X-Rays to Predict Mortality
97 CDC releases new resources to help identify MIS-C in children
98 University of Minnesota develops AI algorithm to analyze chest X-rays for COVID-19 | University of Minnesota
99 Top 5 X-ray News in 2020
100 Smartphone Image Analysis OK for Tuberculosis Dx