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1 Red Bull boss Christian Horner issued official warning for 'rogue ge marshal' comment ESPN 14 days ago
2 Christian Horner slams F1 ‘inconsistency’ after Lewis Hamilton escapes penalty at Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Yahoo News 13 hours ago
3 Christian Horner complains Red Bull drivers 'got Tsunoda'd' ESPN 29 days ago
4 Christian Horner says Wolff would make a good pantomime villain ESPN 1 month ago
5 Horner unsure about Verstappen gearbox after crash ruins ‘lap of the year’ RACER 13 hours ago
6 “He’s vital" Red Bull boss Christian Horner highlights the significance of Sergio Perez in the fight... 1 day ago
7 Horner blames ‘rogue marshal’ for Verstappen penalty RACER 14 days ago
8 Toto Wolff and Christian Horner feud labelled ‘terrible, tacky and childish’ The Independent 10 days ago
9 Christian's Column: The Final Two Red Bull Australia 4 days ago
10 F1 news: Christian Horner comments on Lewis Hamilton's fresh engine ClutchPoints 23 days ago
11 "Mercedes have still got a bit in their pocket"– Christian Horner is suspicious that Mercedes is concealing... The Sportsrush 29 days ago
12 "We would get a better Checo if we gave him security"– Christian Horner reveals contract extension improved... The Sportsrush 6 days ago
13 Toto Wolff vs Christian Horner Net Worth Comparison: Which F1 Boss is Richer? EssentiallySports 21 days ago
14 Christian Horner: Max Verstappen will throw everything at it in Saudi Arabia Sky Sports 2 days ago
15 Deadline passes for Red Bull F1 Hamilton appeal, Edition: Global 13 hours ago
16 There Is the Red Bull Boss Christian Horner but Who Is Karen Horner in F1? EssentiallySports 15 days ago
17 F1: How Red Bull caught up with the Mercedes 'juggernaut' CNN 3 days ago
18 F1 Director Reveals It Was Actually Red Bull Boss Christian Horner Who Pushed for Disputed Broadcasting Decision EssentiallySports 26 days ago
19 Christian Horner sees 'big mistake' with Formula 1's proposed 2026 engine rules PlanetF1 25 days ago
20 Horner: Max crash a great shame | Video | Watch TV Show Sky Sports 15 hours ago
21 Horner, Hill disagree on stewards' decision | Video | Watch TV Show Sky Sports 16 days ago
22 Horner: Max crash 'pretty brutal' | Video | Watch TV Show Sky Sports 13 hours ago
23 Red Bull's Christian Horner explains evidence against Mercedes Sky Sports 15 days ago
24 Max Verstappen 'doesn't care' about British bias, says his father Jos PlanetF1 18 hours ago
25 Christian Horner 'The more Toto gets wound up, the more fun it becomes' 2 months ago
26 Christian Horner labels Lewis Hamilton 'amateur', says he put Max Verstappen's safety in jeopardy ESPN 5 months ago
27 Red Bull's Christian Horner: “It's such a tough call knowing whether to pit or not” The Checkered Flag 2 months ago
28 The story behind Christian Horner and Toto Wolff's latest beef ESPN 6 months ago
29 'It’s about time somebody kicked (Toto's) ass': Christian Horner on pressuring Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes and Max Verstappen The Athletic 1 month ago
30 Max Verstappen refuses Saudi GP penalty as Red Bull calls to copy Lewis Hamilton snubbed Daily Express 9 hours ago
31 Christian Horner lifts the lid on working relationship with Max Verstappen at Red Bull PlanetF1 2 months ago
32 Red Bull's Christian Horner: “What an incredible victory and double podium for the Team!” The Checkered Flag 1 month ago
33 Christian Horner: Mercedes' finger-pointing is a 'clear strategy' PlanetF1 4 months ago
34 Christian Horner was just 'some kid' made Red Bull boss PlanetF1 6 months ago
35 Red Bull's Christian Horner: “Everybody did their best to try and put a race on” The Checkered Flag 3 months ago
36 Red Bull's Christian Horner: “An enormously frustrating way to end the weekend” The Checkered Flag 4 months ago
37 Christian Horner a 'windbag who just wants to be on camera' PlanetF1 6 months ago
38 Christian Horner quizzed about suspicions over Mercedes engine power PlanetF1 2 months ago
39 Christian Horner: 'It's about time Toto Wolff had something to do' | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 6 months ago
40 Christian Horner's net worth 2021, salary and Red Bull F1 team association Republic World 6 months ago
41 Christian Horner identifies the moment 'the gloves came off' against Mercedes PlanetF1 1 month ago
42 Horner calls on Red Bull to ‘keep turning the screw’ on Mercedes after four wins in a row for his team Formula 1 RSS UK 5 months ago
43 Horner denies Merc PU query instigated by poached staff | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 3 months ago
44 "It was another impeccable drive from Max" Red Bull's Christian Horner 5 months ago
45 Inside Christian Horner’s luxury country mansion Red Bull F1 chief shares with Spice Girl Geri & three m... The Sun 1 month ago
46 Formula 1 news: Christian Horner on Verstappen's crash at Silverstone ClutchPoints 2 months ago
47 Christian Horner responds to Lewis Hamilton's 'gamesmanship' PlanetF1 4 months ago
48 Christian Horner in no rush to extend Sergio Perez's contract PlanetF1 6 months ago
49 Christian Horner: F1 must avoid equivalent of 'diving footballers' | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 5 months ago
50 Christian Horner has a 'lucky toilet' at every circuit | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 6 months ago
51 Formula 1 news: Christian Horner admission on Sergio Perez recent form ClutchPoints 1 month ago
52 Christian Horner: Red Bull 'in a good place' with current drivers | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 4 months ago
53 Last Years Lessons 'Key' to 2021 Success Red Bull's Christian Horner 9 months ago
54 Christian's Column: Threesy Does It Red Bull Australia 3 months ago
55 Christian Horner's Column: Unleash The Bulls Red Bull Australia 9 months ago
56 Toto Wolff has 'respect' for Christian Horner's achievements PlanetF1 6 months ago
57 Christian Horner interview: We’re enjoying challenging Lewis again Evening Standard 5 months ago
58 Sergio Perez 'desperately unlucky' to be penalised Christian Horner 3 months ago
59 Christian Horner warns FIA they risk becoming 'disingenuous' | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 5 months ago
60 Christian Horner calls out both Hamilton and Wolff | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 7 months ago
61 Christian Horner's Column: Monaco Matters Red Bull Australia 6 months ago
62 Red Bull F1 Boss Christian Horner Divulges Possibility of Further Max Verstappen Penalties EssentiallySports 2 months ago
63 Christian Horner: Red Bull weren't ready for Max Verstappen's stop PlanetF1 7 months ago
64 Christian Horner refuses to rule out Pierre Gasly Red Bull return | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 2 months ago
65 Pierre Gasly responds to Christian Horner's talk of Red Bull return PlanetF1 2 months ago
66 Christian Horner calls for more clarity in Formula 1 track limits issue | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 8 months ago
67 Christian Horner's Column: Max Attack Red Bull 7 months ago
68 Christian Horner: Red Bull aren't the favorites for F1 title CNN 13 days ago
69 Formula 1 news: Christian Horner honest admission on Mercedes upgrade ClutchPoints 1 month ago
70 Lewis Hamilton has suggestion for how Toto Wolff and Christian Horner can settle F1 dispute Sky Sports 6 months ago
71 "We will be following his progress closely" Christian Horner confirms Alex Albon still remains a part of the... 3 months ago
72 Christian Horner: No Red Bull plan in place for big boss retirements | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 4 months ago
73 Christian Horner hails 'most dominant' win against Mercedes PlanetF1 5 months ago
74 "I’m sad to see him having the struggles"– Christian Horner on Daniel Ricciardo The Sportsrush 5 months ago
75 Christian Horner 'desperately needs' Sergio Perez fighting at the front | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 7 months ago
76 Lewis Hamilton row: Christian Horner warned he will 'regret' his 'out of order' comments Daily Express 3 months ago
77 Christian Horner: 'Foolish' to underestimate Mercedes | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 9 months ago
78 Sergio Perez took days to realise Christian Horner had his wallet PlanetF1 7 months ago
79 Christian Horner wary of McLaren's 'great progress' | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 2 months ago
80 Christian Horner accuses Lewis Hamilton of playing mind games in title battle Yahoo News UK 2 months ago
81 "Having him as close to the front as we can" Christian Horner ranks the pairing of Max Verstappen and Sergio... 2 months ago
82 Christian Horner calls for changes to points system PlanetF1 7 months ago
83 Christian Horner: Win shows RB16B was legal all along | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 6 months ago
84 Christian Horner: Some F1 teams vote 'like they're on a string' PlanetF1 7 months ago
85 Horner sees great races ahead for Perez despite Imola blank ESPN 8 months ago
86 Christian Horner: Rear wing saga is being 'overhyped' | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 6 months ago
87 Christian Horner discusses Mercedes 'device' to increase W12's straight-line speed PlanetF1 1 month ago
88 Jaime Alguersuari not a fan of 'unfriendly' boss Christian Horner | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 6 months ago
89 Geri Halliwell celebrates happy news with husband Christian Horner HELLO! 3 months ago
90 Christian Horner 'winced' watching Drive to Survive | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 9 months ago
91 Red Bull boss Christian Horner 'winced constantly' while watching Drive to Survive Daily Express 9 months ago
92 "I can't see how Lewis can take any satisfaction"– Christian Horner claims Lewis Hamilton could have crashed... The Sportsrush 5 months ago
93 'Christian Horner rumbles, Mercedes talk on the track' | PlanetF1 PlanetF1 9 months ago
94 "It's very unusual for Mercedes"– Red Bull boss Christian Horner not ruling out deliberate engine change by... The Sportsrush 1 month ago
95 "He almost seemed oblivious"– Red Bull boss Christian Horner reveals Max Verstappen's reaction to Zandvoort... The Sportsrush 3 months ago
96 "We have a shot at winning the race"– Christian Horner on Monaco Grand Prix The Sportsrush 7 months ago
97 Christian Horner: The story behind the longest-serving team boss in Formula 1 11 months ago
98 "He’s still only 23 years old"– Christian Horner is highly impressed with Max Verstappen's form The Sportsrush 3 months ago
99 Christian Horner and Toto Wolff held talks about signing Kimi Raikkonen PlanetF1 3 months ago
100 Formula 1: Christian Horner’s Valtteri Bottas comments raise eyebrows Beyond the Flag 7 months ago