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1 Chuck Schumer Delivers on Climate Change and Health Care Deal The New York Times 2 days ago
2 'I Don't Take No For An Answer': How Chuck Schumer Steered The Biggest Climate Bill In History Into Law HuffPost 2 hours ago
3 Sen. Schumer talks on what the Inflation Reduction Act means for Americans NPR 1 day ago
4 'Visibly uncomfortable' Chuck Schumer declines comment when Rachel Maddow presses him on FBI Mar-a-Lago raid Fox News 5 hours ago
5 Chuck Schumer says senators have reached an agreement to pass veterans health care legislation — they'll vote on three amendments. POLITICO 7 days ago
6 Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tests positive for Covid POLITICO 1 month ago
7 Chuck Schumer speaks after passage of Inflation Reduction Act MSNBC 2 days ago
8 Sen. Chuck Schumer says Democrats will push ahead on pared down economic measure PBS NewsHour 22 days ago
9 Sen. Chuck Schumer commits to bringing tech antitrust legislation to a vote New York Post 5 days ago
10 Senate Voting on US Tax, Climate Bill to Begin Saturday, Chuck Schumer Says Bloomberg 4 days ago
11 In a major boost to Democrats, Manchin and Schumer announce deal for energy and health care bill CNN 13 days ago
12 The Sinema-Manchin split that shaped Dems' deal POLITICO 2 days ago
13 Schumer Is Preparing for a Vote on Scaled-Back China Bill Next Week Bloomberg 27 days ago
14 Manchin's latest shocker: A $700B deal POLITICO 14 days ago
15 Chuck Schumer wants to dare Republicans to vote against a popular $35 insulin cap Yahoo News 3 days ago
16 Six staffers arrested after climate sit-in at Chuck Schumer’s office The Guardian US 15 days ago
17 Schumer Tells Donors Tech Antitrust Measure Is Unlikely to Pass Bloomberg 14 days ago
18 Chuck Schumer's son-in-law lands lucrative gig at private equity giant Blackstone New York Post 6 days ago
19 Here's why Chuck Schumer will never close the carried-interest loophole Washington Examiner 1 day ago
20 Schumer plans burn pits vote on Monday as Republicans continue to express frustration CNN 13 days ago
21 Senators, Reps urging Biden for student loan pause extension Alton Telegraph 3 hours ago
22 Groups Push Schumer to Recuse Himself From Big Tech Legislation Bloomberg 19 days ago
23 Senate leader Schumer met with Microsoft President Brad Smith to discuss tech antitrust bills FedScoop 27 days ago
24 Chuck Schumer aims for Tuesday vote on scaled-back chipmakers' bill Financial Times 23 days ago
25 Democrats in Congress Have More Than Chuck Schumer to Blame for Failures Bloomberg 23 days ago
26 Chuck Schumer Learned Nothing From California's Pot Legalization Failure Reason 14 days ago
27 NY cooling program has stopped taking new applications despite heatwave New York Post 17 days ago
28 Time is not on Democrats' side POLITICO 16 days ago
29 What’s in Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer’s Reconciliation Deal on Climate, Health and Tax Policy? The Wall Street Journal 13 days ago
30 U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on the passing of Inflation Reduction Act Colorado Springs Gazette 1 day ago
31 Joe Manchin-Chuck Schumer deal could cause inflation bump, study shows New York Post 12 days ago
32 Biden ends slog on semiconductor bill with signature POLITICO 5 hours ago
33 After years of failure, Dems on cusp of climate victory E&E News 1 day ago
34 Chuck Schumer's Marijuana Bill Not Serious About Legalization Reason 20 days ago
35 Industry warns Manchin-Schumer bill will mean fewer new drugs Washington Examiner 2 days ago
36 Schumer preps final shot at passing reconciliation bill as summer session kicks off Fox News 30 days ago
37 Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the Kansas pro-abortion rights vote shows 'winds blowing' in the Democratic direction Yahoo News 5 days ago
38 Schumer says he wants to bring same-sex marriage bill up for Senate vote NBC News 21 days ago
39 Sen. Schumer vows to find cash to plug $3B hole in 9/11 health program New York Daily News 13 days ago
40 Sen. Chuck Schumer Diagnosed With COVID-19 NBC New York 30 days ago
41 Not all Manchin: Dem leaders like Schumer shoulder blame for Biden agenda crumbling Business Insider 20 days ago
42 How Chuck Schumer Could Ram Through Build Back Bankrupt The Federalist 23 days ago
43 More than 200 congressional staffers urge Pelosi and Schumer to act on climate or risk dooming younger generations CNN 29 days ago
44 Chuck Schumer-aligned PAC was behind GOP primary spending in Colorado The Colorado Sun 21 days ago
45 Video Chuck Schumer tests positive for COVID-19 ABC News 30 days ago
46 How Democrats coalesced around the Inflation Reduction Act PBS NewsHour 23 hours ago
47 Analysis | Democrats' economic package, by the health-care numbers The Washington Post 9 hours ago
48 Sen. Schumer slams Tucker Carlson for promoting racist 'replacement theory' New York Daily News 21 days ago
49 The Democratic Party's spending spree would be impossible if not for Trump Washington Examiner 1 day ago
50 Tilting at Climate Windmills The Wall Street Journal 23 hours ago
51 Schumer pushes feds to pay NYC $4B in COVID relief New York Daily News 20 days ago
52 Schumer: Abortion rights will get a vote in the Senate NPR 3 months ago
53 Schumer's Senate shocker: Bills are passing (seriously) POLITICO 5 months ago
54 5 things to know for August 8: Senate vote, Air travel, Immigration, Uvalde, Gaza CNN 8 hours ago
55 How Chuck Schumer Avoided a Primary Challenge From the Left The New York Times 4 months ago
56 Why Schumer picked a filibuster fight he couldn't win POLITICO 7 months ago
57 Senate begins search for bipartisan gun deal after Schumer's green light POLITICO 3 months ago
58 How Schumer explains his Senate dilemma CNN 6 months ago
59 Chuck Schumer picked the wrong moment to go on a partisan rant CNN 10 months ago
60 Dems stand back and watch Chuck and Joe show POLITICO 3 months ago
61 How Chuck Schumer fended off a Democratic primary in New York Gothamist 6 months ago
62 Why Is Chuck Schumer Touting a Doomed Abortion Vote? New York Magazine 3 months ago
63 Chuck Schumer: 'There's a Holocaust going on' in Ukraine Business Insider 5 months ago
64 GOP Smearing Schumer With Kavanaugh Assassination Attempt New York Magazine 2 months ago
65 The Democrats' Chuck Schumer Problem National Review 7 months ago
66 More than 80 former Chuck Schumer staffers employed by Big Tech New York Post 3 months ago
67 'He's a press guy, I'm not': How Harry Reid shaped Chuck Schumer POLITICO 7 months ago
68 “The Senate Must Evolve”: Chuck Schumer Seizes On January 6 to Try to Break Voting-Rights Stalemate Vanity Fair 7 months ago
69 Read Senator Chuck Schumer’s Letter to Fox News About Tucker Carlson and Replacement Theory The New York Times 3 months ago
70 Chuck Schumer Is on the Cusp of Butt-Fumbling the Biden Agenda The Bulwark 3 months ago
71 How Chuck Schumer Became Key to the Biden Agenda TIME 11 months ago
72 Chuck Schumer, Joe Manchin work to clinch deal on climate and energy The Washington Post 1 month ago
73 Back burner no more: Dems set Manchin talks on party-line bill to simmer POLITICO 2 months ago
74 POLITICO Playbook: Schumer strategy leaves some Dems seething- POLITICO POLITICO 7 months ago
75 Schumer vows to "get something done" on Biden plan Axios 8 months ago
76 Schumer gives Senate's newest bipartisan gang breathing room on post-Jan. 6 reform POLITICO 6 months ago
77 Schumer plans classified briefing for U.S. senators on chips, technology Reuters 1 month ago
78 How The Left Quit Worrying and Learned to Love Chuck Schumer The Daily Beast 6 months ago
79 U.S. Senate candidate challenging Sen. Chuck Schumer stops in Syracuse WAER 6 months ago
80 Big Tech Antitrust Push in Final Phase in Senate The Intercept 4 months ago
81 Chuck Schumer says Senate gun safety package ‘doesn’t have everything’ New York Post 2 months ago
82 Scoop: Manchin serious about Schumer talks Axios 2 months ago
83 Chuck Schumer’s Last Chance on Voting Rights Washington Monthly 7 months ago
84 Ted Cruz accuses Chuck Schumer of an attempted hit on Brett Kavanaugh Salon 2 months ago
85 Chuck Schumer apologizes for erroneous claim that SCOTUS was all white men before 1981 New York Post 6 months ago
86 Oceanside man accused of threatening Sen. Chuck Schumer via voicemail The San Diego Union-Tribune 2 months ago
87 Chuck Schumer Was Misleading the World All Along National Review 10 months ago
88 Schumer-aligned dark money nonprofit raked in record $105 million from anonymous donors, tax forms show Fox News 1 month ago
89 Where Chuck Schumer went wrong on voting rights The Hill 6 months ago
90 Chuck Schumer announces $1.5B push for Interstate Gun Task Force New York Post 6 months ago
91 Why Is Chuck Schumer Trying To Stop Antitrust Reform? | Opinion Newsweek 2 months ago
92 Conservative TV host Joe Pinion takes aim at Schumer's Senate seat New York Post 7 months ago
93 Georgia senator urges majority leader Chuck Schumer to follow through on insulin cap legislation Endpoints News 2 months ago
94 Schumer's daughters work for Amazon, Facebook as he holds power over antitrust bill New York Post 7 months ago
95 Chuck Schumer nets $258 million in earmarks in Biden budget bill Washington Times 5 months ago
96 POLITICO Playbook: Schumer ups pressure on McConnell in USICA-reconciliation dance- POLITICO POLITICO 1 month ago
97 Chuck Schumer Heard Anti-Semitic Threat on Jan. 6 PEOPLE 7 months ago
98 Schumer seeks tech antitrust bill vote by early summer Axios 3 months ago
99 Chuck Schumer Has Found a Way to Get It Done. So Far. The New York Times 12 months ago
100 Schumer to Force Senate Vote on Radical Abortion Bill National Review 6 months ago