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1 New study presents tip-induced nano-engineering of strain, bandgap, and exciton funneling in 2D semiconductors
2 Europe Heparin Market would reach approximately US$ 4,085.8 Million by next Coming Years
3 Chungbuk scientists 3D print cheap customizable eye implants for 'man's best friend'
4 KT, Chungbuk National University, Lotte, SKT top user satisfaction: NCSI
5 'Zombie universities' face drastic action as births fall
6 Chinese Students Returning from Winter Break Face 14-day Isolation
7 Jeonbuk National University | World University Rankings
8 Operative Treatment for Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability | ORR
9 Korea's first large-scale project reaches milestone of sequencing 10,000 whole genomes
10 Dr. Chang-Hee Lee joins Aviagen Global Veterinary Team, signals strengthening of customer service for Asia Pacific
11 The Associations Between Vitamin D Receptor BsmI and ApaI Polymorphism | DMSO
12 South Koreans Supported Trump's Talks With Kim Jong Un and Hope Biden Continues Them
13 10 universities wrongfully received student guidance budget : The DONG-A ILBO
14 [Newsmaker] Hazing among nurses comes back to spotlight with online post
15 Gov't, young doctors continue to clash over medical reform plans
16 Angbuilgu sundial from Joseon era goes on display
17 Celltrion's coronavirus drug shows promise in animal tests
18 Samsung to inject W46.4 bil. for 27 research projects
19 Nanoparticle-delivered COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows promise in preclinical studies
20 PK drug-drug interaction between empagliflozin &lobeglitazon | DDDT
21 Nanoparticle-based vaccine offers new approach to COVID-19 immunity – Physics World
22 Justice minister resigns as admissions scandal widens
23 New COVID-19 vaccine candidate leveraging nanotechnology is 'promising'
24 5 Clever Reasons to Plant a Tree on Your Property
25 Universities to get go-ahead to set up campuses abroad
26 'Cyramza, new option as first-line therapy for EGFR-mutated lung cancer'
27 'T cell response may last long in recovered Covid-19 patients'
28 Korean's Obsession for Luxury Goods Continues Despite Pandemic
29 Hanmi terminates global P2 trial for poziotinib < Pharma < 기사본문
30 'Angbuilgu' sundial from Joseon era returns from US
31 Nanoparticles On My Mind. Nanoparticles are everywhere! By that I… | by Kim Bellard | The Shadow
32 Niclosamide removes coronavirus in ferret in 3 days: Daewoong
33 JW's pitavastatin drug proves efficacy in preventing CCVD
34 Integrin-mediated adhesions in regulation of cellular senescence
35 South Korea drugmakers seek to scale next coronavirus mountain
36 Korea ranks 1st in Asia-Pacific for increase in forest stock
37 Korea's Covid-19 treatment costs far lower than US'
38 GC Wellbeing's placental extract shows antiviral effect on Covid-19
39 KT, Lotte Department Store, Samsung C&T top sectors for NCSI 2017
40 Excavating a Horror That Some Koreans Wish Would Stay Buried
41 Immunophenotyping of COVID-19 and influenza highlights the role of type I interferons in development of severe COVID-19
42 Niclosamide Proves Effective Against COVID-19 in Daewoong's Animal Test
43 Cleveland Clinic's nanoparticle-delivered COVID-19 vaccine
44 Celltrion reaches milestone on COVID-19 super antibody
45 South Korea’s Public and Private Sectors to Invest $200 Million in AI Semiconductor Design for the Next 10 Years
46 Open cubital and carpal tunnel release using wide-awake technique: red | JPR
47 Celltrion Healthcare
48 [News analysis] How realistic is relocating Korea's capital from Seoul to Sejong?
49 How tiny golden threads in the vagina can help reverse flagging sex drive
50 Statin use appears to lower risk for colorectal cancer
51 ADAM17 Genetic Variants and the Response of TNF-α Inhibitor in R | PGPM
52 KFS helps Korea see greatest forest growth in world
53 Former child genius to become full-time university professor
54 Education Lessons From Top-Ranked Finland And South Korea
55 GC Wellbeing's placenta injection shows efficacy on Covid-19
56 Positive results for Celltrion's COVID-19 antiviral antibody treatment
57 See what's next: Netflix reshapes Korean TV industry trends
58 'Steamed' Masks Can Be Reused: Expert | Be Korea-savvy
59 15,000-year-old rice
60 NSF reviewing program that allows graduate fellows to study abroad
61 Supracondylar process syndrome: two cases of median nerve neuropathy d | JPR
62 Blood-based multiplexed diagnostic sensor helps to accurately detect Alzheimer's disease
63 [Reportage] Possible remains of Korean laborers excavated in Okinawa
64 Researchers to collaborate on natural killer cell-based COVID-19 treatment
65 Biological age as a health index for mortality and major age-related d | CIA
66 A peptide-CpG-DNA-liposome complex vaccine targeting TM4SF5 suppresses | OTT
67 Mice, hamsters, ferrets, monkeys. Which lab animals can help defeat the new coronavirus?
68 Persistent cauda equina syndrome after caudal epidural injection under | JPR
69 Plant growth-promoting bacteria enhance plant salinity tolerance
70 Glove makers and net stocks see COVID-19 boom in bear market
71 [Photo] Unveiling a statue of peasant leader Jeon Bong-jun
72 'Viewership is not everything': K-dramas find norm-breaking recipe for success
73 X-ray observations reveal insights into the nature of the pulsar wind nebula 3C 58
74 Women with disabilities less likely to undergo cervical cancer screening
75 President lauds achievements of girls
76 The right ratio of blue and red LEDs boosts leaf growth and antioxidant compounds in lettuce
77 Induction of antigen-specific immune tolerance using biodegradable nan | IJN
78 Korean government to back cyber insurance uptake
79 Researchers race Asian longhorned tick-borne illness before US spread
80 Genetic variations in the transcription factors GATA4 and GATA6 and bl | DDDT
81 Newfound Frozen World Orbits in Binary Star System
82 Skin graft using MatriDerm® for plantar defects after excision of | CMAR
83 Sometimes, computer programs seem too human for their own good
84 Concomitant food intake does not affect the efficacy of entecavir in c | DDDT
85 Binary star composed of two brown dwarfs discovered by microlensing
86 GC LabCell to develop COVID-19 treatment using NK-cell
87 South Korean Government Plans to Establish 30000 Smart Factories by 2025
88 36 People With The Highest IQs Of All Time
89 Tree native to S. Korea's Jeju Island improves air quality: institute
90 Korean first lady & Indian students bond over Bollywood and education
91 Astronomers Spot Faraway Uranus-Like Planet
92 Necrosis of the thumb after inadvertent injection of diclofenac in the | JPR
93 Military dog 'Dalgwan' finds a missing girl in Cheongju
94 Inhibitory effect of Au@Pt-NSs on proliferation, migration, and invasi | IJN
95 Effects of LEDs on leaf lettuce: Mixture of blue and red lights recommended to enhance lettuce quality, yield
96 Cryptic clams: U-M biologists find species hiding in plain view
97 Will hologram be next bonanza for Samsung?
98 Human-like Virtual Assistants May Deter People from Seeking Help on Achievement Tasks | Electronics360
99 Preparation and evaluation of tacrolimus-loaded thermosensitive solid | IJN
100 Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Tool to assess | COPD