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1 The United States-Democratic Republic of the Congo Relationship United States Department of State 8 hours ago
2 Congo arrests opposition leader Kabund Reuters 4 hours ago
3 This is Congo: One of the world’s longest running conflicts Al Jazeera English 7 days ago
4 UN brigade in Congo opened fire at border post, killing two CNN 8 days ago
5 Suspected Islamists kill 20 in east Congo village attacks Reuters 2 days ago
6 DR Congo: UN regrets Government move to expel Mission spokesperson UN News 5 days ago
7 U.N. experts: Rwanda has intervened militarily in eastern Congo Reuters 5 days ago
8 Congo oil blocks auction draws warnings of environmental catastrophe Reuters 13 days ago
9 New sculpture at UN honours rights experts killed in DR Congo UN News 6 days ago
10 Guterres strongly condemns attack on peacekeepers in DR Congo which left 3 dead, amid protests UN News 14 days ago
11 UNHCR alarmed by growing death toll among displaced in eastern DR Congo UN News 19 days ago
12 Explainer: What’s Behind the Rising Conflict in Eastern DRC? VOA Africa 19 days ago
13 Democratic Republic of the Congo's Growth Among Highest in Region Amid Significant Challenges International Monetary Fund 15 days ago
14 DR Congo: Resurgent M23 Rebels Target Civilians Human Rights Watch 16 days ago
15 Congo to offer 30 oil and gas blocks for licensing Reuters 22 days ago
16 From Climate Change to Regional Security, the DRC Looms Large Council on Foreign Relations 28 days ago
17 Next Africa: Congo's Fight Over Copper Reflects Wider Battle Bloomberg 26 days ago
18 Assessing UN state-building in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and beyond Brookings Institution 16 days ago
19 Turning Off Congo’s Looting Machine by John Prendergast Project Syndicate 12 days ago
20 Congo set to auction UNESCO World Heritage site to oil companies CNN 14 days ago
21 First UNHCR repatriation convoy since 2020 leaves Angola for DR Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo 22 days ago
22 Democratic Republic of the Congo: Violence Against Health Care in Conflict 2021 Democratic Republic of the Congo 30 days ago
23 As Vatican confronts Catholic church sex abuse, Congo case raises warning signs The Washington Post 26 days ago
24 DRC to auction oil and gas permits in endangered gorilla habitat The Guardian 18 days ago
25 DRC: Will Kenya come to the rescue of eastern Congo? The Africa Report 13 days ago
26 Security Council Press Statement on Situation in Democratic Republic of Congo (12 July 2022) Democratic Republic of the Congo 28 days ago
27 Democratic Republic of the Congo Conflict and violence (DG ECHO, UN)(ECHO Daily Flash of 11 July 2022) 30 days ago
28 WFP Republic of Congo Country Brief, June 2022 Congo 6 days ago
29 Opinion | The Worst Place in the World to Drill for Oil Is Up for Auction The New York Times 26 days ago
30 Congo unrest plunging 'further into an abyss' without more aid, humanitarian warns 5 days ago
31 In Congo, elderly craft clean fuel pellets to keep active Reuters 27 days ago
32 How Demand for Twigs Is Bringing Down a Rainforest The New York Times 28 days ago
33 Rebels Kill 10 in Eastern DR Congo The Defense Post 22 days ago
34 Russia’s Lavrov in Congo as Moscow courts Africa Al Jazeera English 16 days ago
35 Briefing note: Democratic Republic of Congo Humanitarian concerns in North Kivu, South Kivu, and Ituri (21 July 2022) 20 days ago
36 Beating malnutrition in the DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo 14 days ago
37 Congo plans border post expansion as mining trucks endure up to 60 km queues Reuters 29 days ago
38 Congo Republic's ruling party dominant in legislative elections Reuters 26 days ago
39 One dead in attack on Chinese-owned mining firm in DR Congo Africanews English 27 days ago
40 Democratic Republic of the Congo: Humanitarian Situation in Rutshuru and Nyiragongo Territories Situation Report #6 (5 to 12 July 2022) 27 days ago
41 Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo U.S. Embassy Kinshasa 14 days ago
42 DR Congo becomes full-fledged member state of East African Community The East African 29 days ago
43 DR Congo in EAC Kampala 24 days ago
44 5 anti-UN protesters killed in eastern DR Congo city Times of India 15 days ago
45 Congo’s mixed bag in EAC Business Daily 20 days ago
46 DR Congo warns of 'militarising' wildlife parks in Rwanda spat Monitor 20 days ago
47 Burundi secretly sent troops to DR Congo rights group 14 days ago
48 Regional force tasked to ensure total eradication of FDLR, splinter groups The New Times 19 days ago
49 What is the latest conflict in the DR Congo about? Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
50 With Congo in the EAC, Africa's Center of Gravity Just Tilted Eastward World Politics Review 4 months ago
51 The situation concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo Security Council, 9051st meeting 2 months ago
52 Tens of thousands displaced by resurgence of M23 in DRC The Washington Post 2 months ago
53 Easing the Turmoil in the Eastern DR Congo and Great Lakes Crisis Group 3 months ago
54 Conspiracy and Mistrust Poison Congolese Politics Council on Foreign Relations 5 months ago
55 Belgium Offers Regret—but No Reparations—to Congo Foreign Policy 2 months ago
56 UN calls on militants in eastern DR Congo to 'immediately cease' civilian attacks UN News 2 months ago
57 A letter to … the future of DR Congo Al Jazeera English 4 months ago
58 The EAC’s Challenges in Eastern Congo Council on Foreign Relations 4 months ago
59 America's Past and Present Collide in the Democratic Republic of Congo The Wilson Quarterly 3 months ago
60 Update on the Democratic Republic of Congo, 29 March 2022 Democratic Republic of the Congo 4 months ago
61 Bringing hope and transformation to the Democratic Republic of Congo MIT News 3 months ago
62 East Africa leaders agree regional force to quell DR Congo crisis Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
63 Human rights under threat in DR Congo and beyond, Security Council hears UN News 1 month ago
64 Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Killing 15 in East Congo Village VOA Africa 2 months ago
65 DR Congo: Belgian king arrives in Kinshasa for first official visit Africanews English 2 months ago
66 DR Congo and Rwanda agree to reduce tensions over M23 rebels Al Jazeera English 1 month ago
67 Explainer: Why is there more fighting in eastern Congo? Reuters 3 months ago
68 East Africa to Deploy Regional Force in Congo Amid Tensions Bloomberg 2 months ago
69 Secretary Antony J. Blinken And Democratic Republic of Congo Foreign Minister Christophe Lutundula Before Their Meeting U.S. Embassy Kinshasa 2 months ago
70 Congolese soldier killed in Rwanda, fighting with rebels picks up Reuters 2 months ago
71 Civilians in peril as tensions in DR Congo escalate: HRW Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
72 DR Congo: At least 50 dead following militia attack on camp UN News 6 months ago
73 Congo says Rwandan forces supported latest rebel attacks as thousands flee Reuters 2 months ago
74 Africa News: Rwanda Urges Congo to De-Escalate Tensions After Flights Halted Bloomberg 2 months ago
75 Belgium returns remains of assassinated leader Patrice Lumumba to the Congo NPR 2 months ago
76 East DR Congo violence worsening despite ‘state of siege’ – UN Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
77 Democratic Republic of Congo Crisis Group 9 months ago
78 DR Congo: No Inquiry into Police Role in Ethnic Killings Human Rights Watch 3 months ago
79 Congo accuses Rwanda of sending disguised troops across border Reuters 2 months ago
80 How Logging Is Affecting the Democratic Republic of Congo The New York Times 2 months ago
81 Infants, Patients Among 13 Killed in Congo Hospital Attack Voice of America 1 month ago
82 New Ebola Outbreak Declared in Democratic Republic of Congo WebMD 4 months ago
83 Over 18 people dead in rebel attack in eastern DR Congo Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
84 What has triggered new fighting in DR Congo? Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
85 Congo independence hero Patrice Lumumba honored 61 years after death The Washington Post 1 month ago
86 Democratic Republic of Congo | RSF Reporters sans frontières 3 months ago
87 Democratic Republic of the Congo, March 2022 Monthly Forecast Security Council Report 5 months ago
88 Children find lost families as Congo conflict rages Reuters 1 month ago
89 DR Congo declares end to latest Ebola outbreak UN News 1 month ago
90 Uganda and Congo extend joint military operation in east Congo Reuters 2 months ago
91 UN Experts Want Better Gold Data as Trade Fuels Congo Violence Bloomberg 2 months ago
92 In Congo, China Hits Roadblock in Global Race for Cobalt The Wall Street Journal 5 months ago
93 DR Congo: UN envoy calls for strategy to address root causes of conflict UN News 4 months ago
94 Resurgent east Congo violence displaces 72000 in one week Reuters 2 months ago
95 WFP Republic of Congo Country Brief, March 2022 Congo 2 months ago
96 The Democratic Republic of Congo faces pressure to preserve its peatlands or develop them for profit Washington Post 8 months ago
97 DRC Army: M23 Rebels Kill Two Congo Soldiers as Fighting Resumes VOA Africa 2 months ago
98 Statement by NSC Spokesperson Emily Horne on Senior Administration Official Travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo The White House 7 months ago
99 DR Congo: Rebels carry out deadly attack on refugee camp in Ituri Al Jazeera English 3 months ago
100 Woman made to cook and eat human flesh, Congo group tells U.N. Reuters 1 month ago