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1 Supply Chain Unicorn Built on Spencer Trask & Co. AI Venture
2 They Risked Their Lives During Covid. They Still Don’t Earn Minimum Wage.
3 In the emptiness of space, Voyager 1 detects plasma 'hum' | Cornell Chronicle
4 Scarce flights, visa issues snarl students' plans to reach US
5 Indian students going to US face visa, flight hurdles
6 Flash of luck: Astronomers find cosmic radio burst source
7 Astronomers seek gravitational waves with renewed NSF grant | Cornell Chronicle
8 Astronomers find possible hints of gravitational waves | Cornell Chronicle
9 They risked their lives during COVID. They still don’t earn minimum wage
10 Bollywood Star Rani Mukerji To Lead Child Welfare Drama ‘Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway’
11 Cosmic source found for mysterious 'fast radio burst' | Cornell Chronicle
12 Voyager 1 discovers faint plasma 'hum' in interstellar space
13 Soumitra Chatterjee, Legend of Indian Cinema, Dies at 85
14 Astronomers Discover Source of Fast Radio Burst
15 Mysterious radio burst from space is unusually close—and especially baffling
16 First-ever radio signal from 51 light years away from the earth
17 Eldest of Ramsay Brothers, Kumar Ramsay, succumbs to cardiac arrest at 85
18 Apps make it easy for domestic abusers to spy | Cornell Chronicle
19 Milky Way neutron star pair illuminates cosmic cataclysms | Cornell Chronicle
20 BITSoM commences academic session for Founding Class of 140, 35% being women
21 Cornell Students Immersed in Latest Cloud Technologies Thanks to NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program
22 Infosys Prize 2020 winners felicitated in six categories
23 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Consider 'Opt-In' for Grad Students During Reopening, Cornell
24 Across the universe, fast radio bursts 'shout and twist' | Cornell Chronicle
25 Open Letter: A Halt to New Delhi's Demolitions | by Naman Ahuja
26 World Health Awareness 2021: Resources for researchers
27 Rutgers Faculty Extends 'Unreserved Support' to Professor Audrey Truschke
28 The World of Edward Said
29 Plastics could see a second life as biodegradable surfactants
30 SSR, Irrfan Khan, Soumitra, Sean Connery and Chadwick Boseman: Celebrities We Lost In 2020
31 Harvard University tops list of Ivy League schools in new US college rankings
32 Musicians who have tickled our funny bone
33 Detective work inside plant cells finds a key piece of the C4 photosynthesis puzzle
34 Mysterious radio burst from outer space is unusually close
35 Statement seeking to halt and reconsider the Government of India's Central Vista Redevelopment Plan
36 In Their Own Words: Why Health Experts Say Elementary Schools Should Open
37 Quantitative description of a contractile macromolecular machine
38 New tools help detect digital domestic abuse | Cornell Chronicle
39 Power moves: 10 recent leadership and professional changes at Philly nonprofits
40 Mysterious Outburst's Quiet Cosmic Home Yields More Questions Than Answers
41 NASA Detects 'Persistent Hum' Deep in the Cosmos, 14 Billion Miles From Earth
42 Which Trump Administration-era policies should the incoming Biden-Harris Administration continue?
43 Major Delhi Art Institutions to Be Razed as Part of Controversial Redevelopment Plan
44 Tools and Insights
45 Three Indian American Researchers Among 2020 Infosys Prize Winners
46 Instant view: Pfizer, BioNTech say their COVID-19 vaccine is more than 90% effective
47 Progress Toward A Safer Psychedelic Drug To Treat Depression And Addiction
48 High-Voltage Power Lines Are Ugly, and the U.S. Needs More
49 A Cosmic Burst Repeats, Deepening a Mystery
50 Free exchange Will labour reforms in India work?
51 Morning Briefing for Friday, May 7, 2021 Kaiser Health News
52 The secret to a healthy body and mind? Mastering your hormones
53 Gravitational waves detected from gigantic, colliding black holes
54 Central Vista: Historians Write to National Archives Head, Seek Clarity on Redevelopment Process
55 Neely Shah and Ronnie Chatterji
56 Voyager 1 is 14 billion miles away and picking up a bizarre cosmic hum… what is it?
57 Central Jersey real estate transactions for June 2, 2021
58 Astronomers use DIY tool made with BAKING TRAYS to identify the source of a fast radio burst
59 Times of Trenton girls swimming postseason honors, 2021
60 World Scholars on Ashoka Controversy: A Dangerous Attack on Academic Freedom
61 EEG in the ICU: Key to Detecting Covert Consciousness?
62 Investors bet on commercial real estate, undeterred by empty offices and hotel rooms
63 'What Was Umar Khalid's Crime?': Over 200 Thinkers Across the World Extend Solidarity
64 Cornell Tech Open Studio brims with cutting-edge ideas | Cornell Chronicle
65 Scholars want PM to halt 'planned demolition' of cultural institutions to build Central Vista
66 ASM Journals Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews Journal Homepage 3 weeks ago
67 BITSoM Partners With London Business School to offer Executive Courses, Immersion Programmes
68 Study Decodes How COVID-19 Differs From Other Infectious Lung Diseases At Cell-Level
69 The Trump versus Fauci contest
70 Repeating fast radio bursts found coming from outside our galaxy
71 Cyber stalking: Is your cell phone being used against you?
72 Market analysts react to China's new Hong Kong law
73 Swati Mohan, Indian-American scientist who led charge to land Nasa rover on Mars, was inspired by Star Trek as a kid
74 Storm of Strange Radio Bursts Emerges From Deep Space National Geographic News Something has breathed new
75 Tracking House oversight in the Trump era
76 There are strange radio waves hitting Earth from space, and scientists just found the source
77 Language, power, nationalism
78 Ram Mandir, 'love jihad', Yogi talks it all in Malda
79 West Bengal Polls
80 Co-Chairs and Trustees
81 Fast radio bursts: We’re finally decoding messages from deep space
82 Historian, CU emeritus professor passes away after contracting virus
83 Alumni of Harvard, Yale and Other US Universities Condemn Police Violence in Jamia
84 A Repeating Signal Is Coming From Another Galaxy
85 Research Projects and Publications
86 CreakyJoints Launches The Gout Show, a New Podcast Series and Educational Campaign
87 We've found a mysterious energy burst that's repeating and is more powerful than millions of Suns
88 The India-China Nuclear Dynamic: India’s Options
89 Hamptons Creative Firm Dune Road Lifestyle Launches "The Out East Vibes Podcast"
90 Delhi Riots: Artists Condemn 'Witch Hunt', Express Solidarity With Rahul Roy, Saba Dewan
91 Natural climate solutions for the United States
92 COVID Antibodies Are Transferred From Pregnant Women To Their Babies
93 Are Fast Radio Bursts from Alien Spacecraft? It's Unlikely, but Possible
94 Quantum Computing, Challenges & Opportunities | by Andi Sama | Medium
95 A Blueprint for Child Care Reform
96 How “stalkerware” apps are letting abusive partners spy on their victims
97 More Than 1,000 Scientists, Academics Condemn NIA Action in Elgar Parishad Case
98 Half the universe’s ordinary matter was missing — and may have been found
99 NPR climate correspondent Lauren Sommer
100 The Risks Associated With 'Productivity Pills' Outweigh the Benefits