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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 The Myth of “Russian” Crimea Ukraine Crisis Media Center 18 days ago
2 Russia has achieved at least 1 of its war goals: return Ukraine's water to Crimea NPR 21 days ago
3 Russia warns Ukraine attempts to retake Crimea will be seen as 'declaration of war' Fox News 5 days ago
4 Russian deserters flee to Crimea through Arabat Spit intelligence Yahoo News 2 days ago
5 Russia has been inciting against Ukrainians in Crimea for years -study The Jerusalem Post 26 days ago
6 Heavy rainfall causes flooding in Russia-annexed Crimea Reuters 6 days ago
7 First bus service between Crimea and Russian-held Ukraine territory starts WION 2 days ago
8 Russia says it controls southeast Ukraine, road now connects Crimea, Russia Fox News 26 days ago
9 Ukraine attacks oil drilling platforms off Crimea coast: Official Al Jazeera English 13 days ago
10 June 7, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news CNN 26 days ago
11 Kremlin Eyes 'Crimea-Style' Annexation of Ukraine's Kherson The Moscow Times 25 days ago
12 Ukraine Uncovers Antiquities Looted from Crimean Museums OCCRP 4 days ago
13 Secretary General's report on the human rights situation in Crimea: Committee of Ministers gravely concerned Council of Europe 17 days ago
14 Former Crimea Prosecutor Dismissed Amid Anti-War Comments The Moscow Times 20 days ago
15 Ukraine attacks Crimean oil-drilling platform for second time in a week, Tass reports Reuters 7 days ago
16 Russian cargo ships turned off tracking signals, faked paperwork: FT Business Insider 3 days ago
17 Russia complains to FIFA over inclusion of Crimea on Ukraine's shirts for FIFA World Cup playoff 27 days ago
18 Russians intend to send Crimean teachers to work in occupied Ukrainian cities CrimeaSOS Yahoo News 4 days ago
19 11 Intriguing Facts About the Crimean War Mentalfloss 22 days ago
20 Can Ukraine Really Push Russia Completely Out of Crimea and Donbas? 19FortyFive 24 days ago
21 We must stop Russia’s land bridge to Crimea — and destroy the Kerch Strait bridge now New York Post 1 month ago
22 War in Ukraine: Latest developments FRANCE 24 English 4 days ago
23 Russia on brink of humiliation Ukraine 'within striking distance' of Crimea water supply 18 days ago
24 West should have armed Ukraine years ago to avoid Russian invasion, says exiled oligarch The Independent 5 hours ago
25 Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster 2 days ago
26 On the Crimean borderland, Ukrainians define their identity NPR 5 months ago
27 Viral image of Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing a Crimea shirt is fake WCSH-WLBZ 5 days ago
28 Ukraine's Kherson & Zaporizhzhya regions prefer integration with Russia: Crimean official Republic World 10 days ago
29 Putin's War Is Forcing Italy to Rethink Its Historic Ties to Russia Bloomberg 9 days ago
30 The Biggest Threat to Putin's Control of Crimea The Atlantic 2 months ago
31 Syria, Crimea Seek to Boost Business Ties Syria Report 4 days ago
32 Why and How Russian-Occupied Crimea Can Fall to Ukraine smallwarsjournal 2 months ago
33 Crucial Crimea: Why the illegally occupied territory must be returned to Ukraine The Hill 1 month ago
34 Crimea Offers Disturbing Blueprint for Russian Takeover of Ukraine Human Rights First 3 months ago
35 Where is Crimea, who does it belong to and what happened in 2014 between Russia and Ukraine? AS USA 4 months ago
36 Crimea: The peninsula poisoning relations between Russia and Ukraine POLITICO Europe 5 months ago
37 Buzzing, But Not With Tourists: Crimea Suffers As Russians Avoid Region Over War Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 1 month ago
38 An American’s Murky Path From Russian Propagandist to Jan. 6 The New York Times 9 hours ago
39 ‘BYE-Raktar’! Russian Lead In Counter-Drone Warfare, With Experience From Syria & Crimea, Deflated Turkish TB2 Drones – Analysis EurAsian Times 5 days ago
40 ‘For Russia, Crimea is just a military base’ Meduza 2 months ago
41 8 years since contested Crimea referendum to join Russia The Jerusalem Post 4 months ago
42 Crimean Tatar Activist Detained In Russia-Occupied Crimea After Police Searched His Home Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 3 months ago
43 Ukrainians in and near Crimea have seen up close what happens when Russia invades NPR 5 months ago
44 Satellite images appear to show Russian ships loading up with Ukrainian grain in Crimea CNN 1 month ago
45 Iraq: Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever cases rise to 225 Outbreak News Today 22 hours ago
46 I led talks on Donbas and Crimea in the 90s. Here's how the war should end. Responsible Statecraft 2 months ago
47 Occupied Crimea prepares conscription campaign for Russia's war, steals Ukrainian water Euromaidan Press 3 months ago
48 Ukraine and Russia dispute over Crimea gold reaches next level DW (English) 5 months ago
49 Why Crimean Tatars are fearful as Russia invades Ukraine The Conversation 4 months ago
50 Putin's Worst Nightmare: Is Ukraine Preparing to Retake Crimea 19FortyFive 1 month ago
51 Ukraine's Muslim Crimea battalion yearns for lost homeland Reuters 1 month ago
52 Tales of invasions past: The facts about Russia's 'annexation' of Crimea People's World 5 months ago
53 Three Rosneft staff balked at attending Crimea show amid war, sources say Reuters 4 months ago
54 Amid broken ties and families, Crimean views toward Russia start to shift POLITICO Europe 2 months ago
55 Putin celebrates anniversary of Crimea annexation at stadium rally amid Russia's onslaught of Ukraine CNN 4 months ago
56 Russia ends Ukraine's blockade of Crimea The Jerusalem Post 2 months ago
57 Ukraine's leader vows to do all he can to bring back Crimea The Associated Press 10 months ago
58 As Russia menaces Ukraine, Crimea's Tatars turn to Turkey Al-Monitor 5 months ago
59 Russia's Crimea Envoy Hopes for 'New Ukrainian Government' to Meet Demands Newsweek 4 months ago
60 Russia Claims Dispute Over Crimea, Donbas Has Been 'Settled' With Ukraine Newsweek 3 months ago
61 Crimea and the city of Sevastopol: EU extends sanctions over Russia's illegal annexation by one year 13 days ago
62 Time to remind Russia that Crimea is Ukraine Atlantic Council 11 months ago
63 How Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014. And how the markets tanked CNBC 5 months ago
64 Tatars Demand Return of Crimea in Ukraine-Russia Talks The Moscow Times 3 months ago
65 Crimean Tatars: Eight Years of Anything but Marginal Resistance EJIL: Talk! 3 months ago
66 Activists taken to Crimea manage to be rescued thanks to corruption of Russian security forces Dzhemilev 2 months ago
67 Noted Crimean Tatar Activist Detained In Russian-Occupied Crimea Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 5 months ago
68 Crimea could be Putin's tipping point in a game of nuclear chicken Financial Times 2 months ago
69 From Chechnya to Crimea, Putin Saw Green Light for His Assault on the World Order Just Security 4 months ago
70 Apple Maps now marks Crimea as part of Ukraine outside Russia Mashable 4 months ago
71 Ukraine Diplomat Warns Nuclear Weapons in Crimea Are 'One Step Away' Newsweek 2 months ago
72 Stronger NATO Reaction to Russian Actions in Georgia, Crimea Would Have Prevented Ukraine Invasion, Says Latvian President USNI News 3 months ago
73 Crimea: Six years after illegal annexation Brookings Institution 2 years ago
74 Ukraine offers 15-year talks with Russia on status of Crimea Ukrinform 3 months ago
75 Guerrilla movement on rise in occupied Crimea Ukrinform 2 months ago
76 Complex Crimea: the history behind the relationship between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea BBC History Magazine 8 years ago
77 Ukraine Opens International Summit on Crimea Voice of America 10 months ago
78 Russian forces unblock water flow for canal to annexed Crimea, Moscow says Reuters 4 months ago
79 On Unity Day, Vladimir Putin proclaims Crimea will forever be a part of Russia Los Angeles Times 8 months ago
80 Defending human rights in Crimea Civil Rights Defenders 5 months ago
81 U.S. 'Deeply Concerned' After Bulgarian President Refers To Crimea As 'Russian' Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 7 months ago
82 Russian authorities accused of 'abducting' Crimean human rights activist CNN 2 months ago
83 Russia redeploying land, air, naval forces from Crimea to southern Ukraine Ukrinform 1 month ago
84 Russia sends conscripts from Crimea to fight against Ukraine, representative of the President of Ukraine says Yahoo News 2 months ago
85 Putin wanted another Crimea. He may get another Chechnya Europe 4 months ago
86 Over 80% of Ukrainians want to return occupied Crimea and Donbas; 72% in support of joining NATO – poll Euromaidan Press 4 months ago
87 Russian court sentences Crimean Muslims to jail: Activist Al Jazeera English 2 months ago
88 Russia launches new military drills near Ukraine, in annexed Crimea FRANCE 24 English 5 months ago
89 Ukrainian Ombudswoman Condemns Russia's Arrest Of Four Crimean Tatars In Crimea Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 5 months ago
90 How Russia's seizure of Crimea is shaping Biden's actions today The Washington Post 3 months ago
91 Ukraine says Russia evacuates chemical plant in Crimea Reuters 4 months ago
92 Will Russia Follow the 2014 Crimea Playbook for Kherson Annexation? 19FortyFive 2 months ago
93 Who are the Crimean Tatars? The Turkic Muslim minority loyal to Ukraine Middle East Eye 4 months ago
94 Crimea 'water war' opens new front in Russia-Ukraine conflict Financial Times 11 months ago
95 Russia conceals deaths of Crimean soldiers in Ukraine war amid overcrowded morgues Euromaidan Press 4 months ago
96 Russia wants to seize land corridors to Crimea and Moldova, Russian general says The Week 2 months ago
97 How Russia took over the Internet in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine DatacenterDynamics 4 months ago
98 Amid Russia crisis, Pentagon nominee criticizes Obama response to Crimea 6 months ago
99 A timeline of Ukraine's history NPR 5 months ago
100 Putin calls for international recognition of Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine MarketWatch 4 months ago