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1 Cyber Ninjas releases findings on Maricopa County election audit
2 Watchdog group wants Arizona Senate held in contempt over Cyber Ninjas' records
3 Cyber Ninjas, flouting court order, refuse to turn over public records to the Senate
4 Cyber Ninjas are now in stealth mode. What don't they want us to know?
5 Audit Twitter accounts, Cyber Ninjas contract dispute and other details revealed in new documents
6 How Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan Entered The Political Sphere
7 Results of long-running Cyber Ninjas putative audit of 2020 election results in Arizona's Maricopa County to be released Friday
8 'Cyber Ninjas 2.0' Coming to Wisconsin?: Ballots & Boundaries | Bloomberg Government
9 Senate asks Cyber Ninjas for 'audit' documents after Supreme Court rejection
10 Conspiracy Firm Behind Arizona Audit Defies Order to Release Behind-the-Scenes Texts
11 Judge Denies Cyber Ninjas Public Records Claim
12 Cyber Ninjas CEO explains how they made embarrassing error on 74,000 'phantom' mail-in ballots
13 U.S. House panel calls for Cyber Ninjas' CEO to testify on Arizona ballot review
14 Arizona audit: 22000 Senate documents, Cyber Ninjas and $5.7M
15 Cyber Ninjas' GOP-backed audit of Arizona votes still shows Biden won, Maricopa County says
16 Fitz's Opinion: A "Cyber Ninja" tells all about his time as an "election auditor"
17 "Corporations are Persons" ... So Cyber Ninjas CAN be sued after all!
18 Arizona audit updates: Small group gathers at state Capitol for J6 rally
19 Why an ex-CEO with a Ph.D. is helping Cyber Ninjas and Trump challenge the election in Arizona
20 Audit records from Cyber Ninjas to be released following Arizona Supreme Court decision
21 Did Cyber Ninjas Botch Another Recount Attempt?
22 Senate's audit could have become a tool for election integrity. But experts say it was designed only to sow doubts
23 Column: The secret moves of the Cyber Ninjas moneyman
24 Arizona's Election “Audit” Isn’t Done, But Two Trump-Supporting Republicans Are Just Declaring Victory For Him Anyway
25 Cyber Ninjas report more likely to shine spotlight on firm than on voting
26 Arizona's bogus “forensic audit” report on 2020 presidential election delayed after Cyber Ninjas CEO contracts COVID-19
27 Trump adviser funnels outside money through escrow account into the Arizona election audit
28 Pennsylvania Republicans Seek Individual Voter Information for Cyber Ninja-Style 'Audit'
29 Arizona election audit team to submit draft report to Senate next week
30 Arizona Senate president tells Cyber Ninjas to 'immediately make available' records on election audit
31 The Arizona Senate's disdain for transparency is another reason to mistrust its 'audit'
32 'Irresponsible and dangerous': Maricopa County responds to questions raised in Arizona audit
33 GOP Election Truthers Tap a Failed Politician and Conspiracy Theorist for Sham Audit
34 Trump supporters raise $5.7M for Arizona election audit
35 Senate President Karen Fann Releases A Statement Claiming Threats Are Being Made Against Legislators In Connection With The Election Audit
36 The Gaggle: What's been discovered in the audit-related documents so far
37 Vos gives a straight answer on why two of the first election investigators quit
38 His cybersecurity firm is working on the Arizona 'audit'. But people who know him have questions
39 How G.O.P. Election Reviews Created a New Security Threat
40 OPINION: Conspiracy theorists keep popping up in Sarasota County
41 The reason Maricopa County will eat the Cyber Ninjas' lunch
42 Republic takes Senate, Cyber Ninjas to court for audit records
43 The Arizona audit's Cyber Ninjas getting Covid-19 is too spot on
44 The People Stealing Arizona for Trump Just Made a Seriously Dangerous Mess
45 Cyber Ninjas misses deadline to send information about its procedures to Congress
46 Cyber Ninjas, hired by Arizona Senate to recount Maricopa County's ballots, asks court to keep its procedures secret
47 Cyber Ninjas leader ignored records contradicting his false claim
48 Cyber Ninjas play by an alarmingly different set of election audit rules
49 Are the Cyber Ninjas behind Arizona's sham election audit incompetent or did they lie?
50 Who are the Cyber Ninjas?
51 Cyber Ninjas releases its election audit policies after court order
52 How far off is the Cyber Ninjas' ballot hand count? Publicly release that data now
53 Arizona Is Holding Yet Another 2020 Recount. The Company Running It Makes It Even Worse.
54 Appeals court: Senate, Cyber Ninjas must produce 'audit' records immediately
55 Arizona's 'Cyber Ninjas' Usher in New Era of Insane Ballot Attacks
56 FACT FOCUS: A false narrative of 74K extra votes in Arizona
57 'Isn't the public entitled to know?' Arizona judge questions secrecy of Cyber Ninjas' audit records
58 What sham audit information are the Cyber Ninjas and the Arizona Senate trying to hide?
59 Judge orders Cyber Ninjas to preserve audit records in lawsuit filed by The Arizona Republic
60 CEO of Arizona audit contractor Cyber Ninjas appears in movie about U.S. election fraud
61 Cyber Ninjas don't have to turn over election audit records immediately, court rules
62 Arizona Senate hires a 'Stop the Steal' advocate to lead 2020 election audit
63 Appeals court: Arizona Senate, Cyber Ninjas must produce 'audit' records immediately
64 Arizona audit: Senate continues fight to keep Cyber Ninjas' records secret
65 ‘Cyber Ninjas’ to refute Michigan report on election errors in lingering lawsuit
66 GOP Lawmaker Dislikes 'Cyber Ninjas' Name But Calls Skepticism of Election Audits 'Foolish'
67 Sarasota firm Cyber Ninjas controversially selected to head Arizona election result audit
68 Experts or 'grifters'? Little-known firm runs Arizona audit
69 Everything You Need to Know About the Cyber Ninja Clown Car That's Crashing Through Arizona
70 What is Cyber Ninjas looking for with your ballot? ABC15 inside audit Thursday
71 Why the AZ Senate chose Cyber Ninjas to handle the audit
72 Cyber Ninjas, UV lights and far-right funding: inside the strange Arizona 2020 election ‘audit’
73 OPINION: Cyber Ninjas' connection to Big Lie runs far, deep and dangerous
74 GOP official blasts 'insane' Cyber Ninjas Arizona audit as incompetent
75 Arizona Senate used Cyber Ninjas' attorney to conduct 'independent' recount
76 OPINION: Tying Sarasota's Cyber Ninjas to Donald Trump's White House
77 Sarasota cybersecurity firm Cyber Ninjas faces scrutiny over Arizona 2020 audit
78 Judge gives Arizona Senate 2 weeks to turn over thousands of audit records
79 Arizona GOP-Led Election Audit by Cyber Ninjas Probed by Judge
80 Who is looking at your ballot? These are the companies involved in the Arizona election recount
81 Arizona Election 'Audit' Contractor Refuses to Renew Contract With Cyber Ninjas
82 Maricopa County Senate audit observers forced to sign non-disclosure agreements
83 Arizona Democrats Settle Lawsuit Against Senate Republicans And Cyber Ninjas
84 Cyber Ninjas Get Private Security to Protect Them From Antifa
85 A cybersecurity expert who promoted claims of fraud in the 2020 election is leading the GOP-backed recount of millions of ballots in Arizona
86 Wake Technology Services audited a Pennsylvania election as part of the #StopTheSteal movement
87 Election experts say giving Maricopa County routers to election auditors could be security threat
88 Justice Department Looks at Cyber Ninja Election Audit in Arizona
89 Head of Cyber Ninja Company Auditing Arizona Votes Supports Election Fraud Conspiracy Theory
90 Cyber Ninjas CEO suggests that audit should revive door-knocking plan
91 GOP lawmaker tours Cyber Ninjas 'audit,' considers changes in Washington called unnecessary
92 Cyber Ninjas leader ignored records contradicting false claim about Az 'audit'
93 Senate President Fann not responding to recount challenge from election experts
94 Election auditor wrote 'election fraud facts' report for GOP senators who tried to overturn the 2020 election
95 Arizona Republicans hire promoter of pro-Trump election conspiracies for $150K audit of 2020 election
96 Republican overseeing Arizona vote count was barred from audit site
97 Audit using unproven technology developed by 'failed inventor' Jovan Pulitzer
98 Maricopa County 'audit' by Cyber Ninjas is damaging Arizona's reputation
99 Republican-led Arizona ballot review grinds to rocky conclusion, with results expected next month
100 Fact check: Arizona early votes falsely cited as evidence of voter fraud