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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Cygni to install Gigafactory to produce 4,00,000 battery packs per annum in India The Financial Express 22 days ago
2 Hugging Face reaches $2 billion valuation to build the GitHub of machine learning TechCrunch 13 days ago
3 Battery Swapping Policy – Dawn of a new era The Financial Express 20 days ago
4 Battery maker Cygni to invest $40 million in new plant Economic Times 2 months ago
5 Arianee raises $21 million to deliver ownership NFTs with physical luxury goods TechCrunch 12 days ago
6 The Sky This Week from May 20 to 27 Astronomy Magazine 1 day ago
7 Research sheds more light on the nature of nova V2891 Cygni 5 months ago
8 Scottish shoot-em-up 'Cygni' to be published by Konami NME 7 months ago
9 Ola recalls S1 Pro batch as part of ongoing probe Autocar Professional 28 days ago
10 Celestial yardsticks 7 months ago
11 French web3 solutions provider Arianee raises €20 mn 10 days ago
12 A black hole with rings: V404 Cygni EarthSky 9 months ago
13 Amid incidents of e-vehicles catching fire, companies charged up about EV battery localisation Economic Times 7 days ago
14 V404 Cygni with Fermi-LAT | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic Oxford Academic 10 months ago
15 An observer's guide to Star Trek | Astronomy Magazine 18 days ago
16 V404 Cygni: Huge rings around a black hole 10 months ago
17 Know the 5 biggest stars in the universe! HT Tech 18 days ago
18 The dazzling ascent of Hugging Face Analytics India Magazine 4 days ago
19 5 yr of BRITE-Constellation photometry of the luminous blue variable P Cygni: properties of the stochastic low-frequency variability Oxford Academic 6 months ago
20 Check out these stunning pictures captured by NASA's Chandra telescope Devdiscourse 15 days ago
21 Cygni: All Guns Blazing Announced IGN 2 years ago
22 CYGNI: All Guns Blazing for PC & (Hopefully) PS5 & Xbox Series X Shows Gorgeous Bullet Hell Gameplay Twinfinite 2 years ago
23 Spectacular Set of Massive Concentric Rings Around a Black Hole SciTechDaily 9 months ago
24 Energy storage firm plans facility in Telangana Telangana Today 7 months ago
25 Cygni Energy and Attero tie-up for responsible recycling of Lithium Batteries ThePrint 11 months ago
26 Konami is holding a free indie games convention in Japan | VGC Video Games Chronicle 2 months ago
27 3 Leading Web3 Interoperable Platforms You Should Keep an Eye On | Bitcoinist 27 days ago
28 Accenture to Purchase Cygni in Enhanced Cloud First Services Push; Karthik Narain Quoted ExecutiveBiz 1 year ago
29 The Institution of Engineering and Technology confers the IET India Awards 2021 India Education Diary 23 days ago
30 Accenture's Cloud Acquisition Spree Continues With Cygni CRN 1 year ago
31 A rapidly changing jet orientation in the stellar-mass black-hole system V404 Cygni 3 years ago
32 Just how many stars *is* Albireo, and is one of them a black hole? Syfy 1 year ago
33 Making it in Unreal: innovating in a classic genre in Cygni: All Guns Blazing PCGamesN 2 years ago
34 Amateur Astronomers Help Measure Distance to SS Cygni 9 years ago
35 CYGNI: All Guns Blazing announced for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC TheXboxHub 2 years ago
36 Astronomers See Rapidly Swinging Jets Coming from V404 Cygni 3 years ago
37 CYGNI: All Guns Blazing is Being Made By Former Pixar Artists, and It Looks Incredible – GameSpew GameSpew 2 years ago
38 The Sadr Story Sky & Telescope 2 months ago
39 Exquisite Albireo, a much-loved double star EarthSky 10 months ago
40 The death metal band Omicron was named well before the coronavirus variant NPR 5 months ago
41 Looking Up: A starry swan is flying overhead Pocono Record 2 years ago
42 Young star V1331 Cygni unveils its violent past 6 years ago
43 Guardian backed-fund invests in Unlock, an NFT protocol designed for subscriptions and memberships TechCrunch 8 months ago
44 Last day to nominate a microgrid for the Microgrid Greater Good Awards 2022 Microgrid Knowledge 2 months ago
45 Tales of Arise Fishing How to catch every fish and earn every reward 8 months ago
46 This startup brushes off $10 million to let you own certified digital twins of masterpieces from world's greatest museums 3 months ago
47 Sports Talk: Decisions, decisions … yes, there are decisions to be made on the girls side of basketball this time NNSL Media 23 days ago
48 V404 Cygni: Unexpected Magnetic Field Challenges Everything We Know About Black Holes Newsweek 4 years ago
49 101 Must-See Cosmic Objects: The Crescent Nebula Astronomy Magazine 2 months ago
50 Safety call on Electric Vehicles sales Bangalore Mirror 2 months ago
51 Designing batteries to strengthen EVs, extend range next step for electric vehicles Economic Times 4 months ago
52 We are all stardust—carbon star LX Cygni provides insights on the chemical evolution of the universe 7 years ago
53 New Study on Black Hole Magnetic Fields Has Thrown a Huge Surprise at Astronomers ScienceAlert 4 years ago
54 Amazing Gamma Cygni Nebula Photos By Amateur Astronomer Terry Hancock 7 years ago
55 Traveling the Toughest Miles to Bring Light: the Manipur Microgrid Project Microgrid Knowledge 3 years ago
56 Axelar's Universal Blockchain Interoperability Network Raises $35 Million to Reach $1 Billion Valuation Fintech Finance 3 months ago
57 V404 Cygni: Astronomers Detect Signs of Extraordinary Activity in Binary System 7 years ago
58 Cygni Energy raises $6.4 million BusinessLine 4 years ago
59 LaCollection Raises $10M in Seed Funding FinSMEs 3 months ago
60 Astronomers Spot Flashes of Red Light from V404 Cygni 6 years ago
61 Cygni Energy raises $6.4 million through debt and equity Economic Times 4 years ago
62 Cygni Energy raises $6.4 million to drive growth, expansion Moneycontrol 4 years ago
63 IIT-M incubated startup Cygni Energy raises $6.4 M YourStory 4 years ago
64 A Strange Black Hole Is Shooting Out Wobbly Jets Because It's Dragging Spacetime ScienceAlert 2 years ago
65 Extreme jet ejections from the black hole X-ray binary V404 Cygni 5 years ago
66 2022 insights- Breakthrough in Indian Battery technology Express Computer 1 month ago
67 Light from black hole V404 Cygni near Earth caught by telescope (VIDEO). Slate 6 years ago
68 Violent red flashes seen from black hole V404 Cygni – Astronomy Now Astronomy Now Online 6 years ago
69 Endiya Partners makes Series A investment in solar power solutions firm Cygni VCCircle 4 years ago
70 Rare View of Black Hole Caught in 'Bull's-Eye' Eruption (Video) 7 years ago
71 Orange Supergiant Star Shines Through Hazy Nebula in Amazing Photo 8 years ago
72 Do Eruptions of P Cygni Point to a Companion? Universe Today 12 years ago
73 cygni Archives Microgrid Knowledge 3 years ago
74 Scientists Plan Private Mission to Hunt for Earths around Alpha Centauri Scientific American 6 months ago
75 Crowdsourcing astronomy: how backyard stargazers helped unlock SS Cygni's secrets The Conversation 9 years ago
76 Chia Network Raises $61M in Series D Funding FinSMEs 12 months ago
77 Chia Raises $61 Million to Scale Global Deployment of Green Financial Services Infrastructure Business Wire 12 months ago
78 Cygni Energy is first firm to benefit from Start-Up India Economic Times 6 years ago
79 Fingerprinting the formation of giant planets 8 years ago
80 Black hole 'eruptions' from V404 Cygni burn as bright as 1,000 suns The Independent 6 years ago
81 V404 Cygni black hole wakes up Business Insider 7 years ago
82 Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Market worth USD 16.8 Billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 9.1% Report by Market Research Future (MRFR) 11 months ago
83 The Distances of the Stars: Resolving Long-standing Mysteries About the First Parallaxes in Astronomy SciTechDaily 1 year ago
84 New Research Shows Black Holes Have Significantly Weaker Magnetic Fields than Originally Thought | Astronomy 4 years ago
85 Nebula's Crimson Heart Revealed in Breathtaking Images, Video 7 years ago
86 A new world: TOLIMAN to scan for habitable exoplanets in Alpha Centauri The Jerusalem Post 6 months ago
87 Really Really Big Stars Santa Barbara Edhat 5 years ago
88 NASA Satellite Spots Spectacular Black Hole Bull's-Eye ABC News 7 years ago
89 Cygni Energy wins CII innovation award The Hans India 4 years ago
90 Puzzling Double Stars Closer to Earth Than Thought 9 years ago
91 T-Hub launches EV entrepreneurial program to fuel India’s ambition of becoming an EV nation Free Press Journal 1 month ago
92 How a Black Hole Got So Bright You Could See It From Your Backyard Popular Mechanics 6 years ago
93 Refined distance measurements rescue a threatened theory Ars Technica 9 years ago
94 Can crypto create the world's first authentic global carbon marketplace? | Greenbiz GreenBiz 4 months ago
95 Seeing black holes in visible light | Science Wire EarthSky 6 years ago
96 Black Hole 'Wakes Up' After 26-Year Slumber 7 years ago
97 A black hole's outburst offers clues to its magnetic field 4 years ago
98 Massive Black Hole Has Surprisingly Weak Magnetic Field 4 years ago
99 Stargazer Captures Amazing Close-up of Butterfly Nebula (Photo) 8 years ago
100 101 Must-See Cosmic Objects: The Blinking Planetary Astronomy Magazine 2 months ago