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Result Content Outlet Published Research
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22 Will "Pandora s Promise" Start a New Environmental Movement for Nuclear Power? Scientific American 9 years ago
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24 Golden Rice Opponents Should Be Held Accountable for Health Problems Linked to Vitamain A Deficiency Scientific American 8 years ago
25 Americans see Trump’s virus response through partisan lens Seattle Times 2 years ago
26 The facts on coronavirus aren't all scary. So why so much fear? USA TODAY 2 years ago
27 One year in: How does COVID-19’s toll compare with other causes of death? Tampa Bay Times 11 months ago
28 Why Changing Somebody’s Mind, or Yours, Is Hard to Do Psychology Today 12 years ago
29 Hands-free cellphones make driving more dangerous, not less The Boston Globe 6 years ago
30 Who's in Charge, Your Mind or Your Brain? Psychology Today 4 years ago
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35 Opinion | Why Smart Brains Make Dumb Decisions about Danger New York Times 9 years ago
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37 Opinion: Why Climate Change Pundits Aren't Convincing Anyone Undark Magazine 3 years ago
38 The Wages of Eco-Angst The New York Times 10 years ago
39 Cancerphobia: Our Changing Emotional Relationship With 'The Big C' WBUR 4 years ago
40 Hasty generalization: how to escape your biases and be more rational Big Think 3 months ago
41 Citizen science often overstates 'cancer clusters' like the one linked to artificial turf STAT 5 years ago
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43 The L Aquila Verdict: A Judgment Not against Science, but against a Failure of Science Communication Scientific American 9 years ago
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45 Going Home for the Holidays? For Many Americans, That’s a Risky Decision Kaiser Health News 1 year ago
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55 Making Syrup From More Than Maple Trees Science Friday 8 months ago
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75 “The Scarecrow” – Lots of Heart, But It Could Use More Brain Scientific American 8 years ago
76 Should People Who Refuse Vaccines Pay A Price? NPR 11 years ago
77 The Risk of Labelling Coffee a Carcinogen When Science Doesn't The Wire 4 years ago
78 How risky is that virus? Your mind may mislead – Borneo Bulletin Online Borneo Bulletin Online 2 years ago
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81 Don't Call Them Dumb: Experts on Fighting the Anti-Vaccine Movement 7 years ago
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85 The Gun Control Battle Isn't About Guns As Weapons. It's About Guns as Symbols. Big Think 9 years ago
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