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18 Jury finds Elizabeth Holmes guilty of fraud and conspiracy KRON4 14 days ago
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24 Ex-Defense Secretary James Mattis Slams Trump For Response To Protesters Forbes 2 years ago
25 'He tries to divide us': Former Defense Secretary Mattis compares Trump's protest response to Nazi tactics NBC News 2 years ago
26 Audit Connects Mattis DOD and Amazon-Linked Consultant The Intercept 7 months ago
27 Former Defense Secretary James Mattis returns to General Dynamics' board of directors CNBC 2 years ago
28 Former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis roasts Donald Trump: 'I earned my spurs on the battlefield' ABC News 2 years ago
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51 Former Defense Secretary James Mattis to publish book this summer Los Angeles Times 3 years ago
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64 Secretary of Defense James Mattis to leave post by start of new year, earlier than expected, Trump announces ABC News 3 years ago
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77 Trump: Jim Mattis 'sort of a Democrat' and could quit as defense secretary soon The Guardian 3 years ago
78 James Mattis promotes a book that's silent about Donald Trump. It's a disservice. USA TODAY 2 years ago
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86 Outgoing Defense Secretary James Mattis tells troops 'keep the faith in our country and hold fast' in farewell letter ABC News 3 years ago
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88 Trump to oust Mattis two months early, announces new acting secretary of defense CNN 3 years ago
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90 Defense Secretary James Mattis Resigns in Sharp Disagreement With Trump Variety 3 years ago
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93 No, Trump Did Not Fire Former Defense Secretary James Mattis or Give Him 'Mad Dog' Nickname 2 years ago
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95 President Trump orders Defense Secretary James Mattis to leave immediately, names Patrick Shanahan as acting secretary USA TODAY 3 years ago
96 Transcript: Former Defense Secretary James Mattis on "Face the Nation," September 8, 2019 CBS News 2 years ago
97 James Mattis on Why 'Call Sign Chaos' Isn't a Political Book About the Trump Administration TIME 2 years ago
98 Read James Mattis’ full resignation letter PBS NewsHour 3 years ago
99 Former Defense Secretary James Mattis Speaks Out, Slamming Trump Over Handling of Protests TIME 2 years ago
100 In resignation letter to Trump, Mattis warns against getting too close to 'authoritarian' countries ABC News 3 years ago