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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Democrats Quietly Search for an Alternative to Biden in 2024 New York Magazine 16 hours ago
2 Democrats say Google must curb location tracking before Roe repeal The Verge 5 hours ago
3 Democrats set to blow through key date for moving Biden’s agenda The Hill 17 hours ago
4 Democrats See Headwinds in Georgia, and Everywhere Else The New York Times 2 days ago
5 US progressives show strength in primaries and predict more wins ahead The Guardian US 11 hours ago
6 Vulnerable Democrats ring the alarm about a looming ACA challenge MSNBC 9 hours ago
7 Will Democrats Lose in the Midterms? Probably. But It's the Wrong Question | Opinion Newsweek 14 hours ago
8 Texas Democrats face runoff decision in race for Attorney General KETK | FOX51 | 10 hours ago
9 Democrats target Asian Americans with new super PAC NBC News 2 days ago
10 Progressive challenger in Texas primary marks test of Democrats' leftward shift Financial Times 17 hours ago
11 Democrats fail to pass bills to deal with property insurance crisis Tallahassee Democrat 4 hours ago
12 Democrats are trying to wake up disaffected voters by calling Doug Mastriano an existential threat The Philadelphia Inquirer 11 hours ago
13 Democrats and Self-Defeating Moderation CT Examiner 16 hours ago
14 Routt County Democrats: Thank you Rep. Dylan Roberts and Colorado Dems Steamboat Pilot & Today 5 hours ago
15 Democrats signal they plan to fight for NC Senate seat Roll Call 1 day ago
16 Jonah Goldberg: Why do Democrats and Republicans agree on Ukraine aid? Los Angeles Times 16 hours ago
17 House Democrats make Rep. Fentrice Driskell leader after Alexander exit Tallahassee Democrat 8 hours ago
18 Democrats outline bills addressing babies and families Spectrum News 1 3 hours ago
19 Iowa Democrats block four Kim Reynolds nominees to judicial commission Des Moines Register 2 hours ago
20 The ‘straight, white, Christian, suburban mom’ taking on Republicans at their own game The Guardian US 16 hours ago
21 The Big Apple became a big headache for New York Democrats Fox News 1 day ago
22 Moderate Democrats warn about 'reckless' effort to lift Title 42, as Biden admin doubles down with appeal Fox News 15 hours ago
23 State Democrats, abortion-rights activists 'incredibly frustrated' with federal inaction POLITICO 2 days ago
24 Covering the horse race: How are the midterms shaping up for Democrats? NPR Illinois 10 hours ago
25 Heated McLean Community Center election ends with win for Democratic-backed candidates The Washington Post 3 hours ago
26 Tesla CEO Elon Musk Is Voting Republican But Democrats Still Like Electric Cars Bloomberg 7 hours ago
27 America’s common ground: Democrats and Republicans alike want transparent, objective elections The Hill 10 hours ago
28 McConnell accuses Democrats of a 'big lie' over Georgia election law as early voting sets a record Daily Mail 8 hours ago
29 Competitive House primary pits two Georgia Democrats against each other CNN 3 days ago
30 U.S. Republicans join Democrats in backing NATO expansion despite rising nationalism Reuters 1 day ago
31 Pastor Who Called Democrats 'Demons' Claims He Gave Up Tax-Exempt Status Newsweek 11 hours ago
32 Democrats Lewis, DeVaughan earn nominations in 6th and 9th Roanoke Times 1 day ago
33 Democrats 'all-in' on high gas prices, nothing will change while they're in charge: Rick Scott Fox News 4 hours ago
34 N.Y. House Map Is Approved, Causing Chaos for Democrats The New York Times 4 days ago
35 Texas runoff elections: Here are 5 things to watch The Texas Tribune 1 day ago
36 Georgia Democrats pick Stacey Abrams, as GOP governor candidates battle it out MarketWatch 3 hours ago
37 Democrats blaming voters for being 'stupid' rather than acknowledge failed ideology, policies: Glenn Greenwald Fox News 1 day ago
38 Biden pitches Democrats as saviors for US economy ahead of midterm elections The Guardian US 2 days ago
39 Georgia Democrats Elect Stacey Abrams as Their Nominee for Governor The New York Times 3 hours ago
40 Los Angeles Democrats finally elected their first sheriff. Four years later, they have buyer's remorse. POLITICO 1 day ago
41 Delegate: Democrats were able to find successes despite changed circumstances Inside NoVA 8 hours ago
42 Plastics industry targets Democrats to head off restrictions Los Angeles Times 2 days ago
43 Democrats playing 3-D chess in Republican primaries? | Mulshine 15 hours ago
44 Democrats' Most Crucial Challenge, Not Just in 2022 but in 2024 – InsideSources InsideSources 1 day ago
45 How Herschel Walker united the right and has Democrats plotting for a fight CNN 1 day ago
46 Abortion without limits? Democrats speak of rights in absolutist terms USA TODAY 2 days ago
47 Three Democrats square off to represent Sacramento in the state Senate Capital Public Radio News 1 day ago
48 Primary Election 2022: Nevada Governor Democrats | Serving Minden-Gardnerville and Carson Valley 5 hours ago
49 Democrats are gambling with Tennesseans' safety | Opinion | Gallatin News 10 hours ago
50 California's June primary could yield unusually scary results for Democrats SFGATE 2 days ago
51 Tucker Carlson Mocked for Telling Democrats To 'De-Escalate the Rhetoric' Newsweek 14 hours ago
52 Biaggi Seeks to Block Sean Patrick Maloney’s Chosen Path to Re-election The New York Times 1 day ago
53 What political price will Democrats pay for high inflation? The Week 2 days ago
54 Robin Kelly: Illinois Democrats deliver while Illinois Republicans point fingers Chicago Tribune 1 day ago
55 Republican flip-flop on white terrorists a win for Democrats MSNBC 16 hours ago
56 Oklahoma Democrat floats mandatory vasectomies in 'tongue-in-cheek' abortion response Fox News 9 hours ago
57 Opinion | How Democrats Can Win the Morality Wars The New York Times 5 days ago
58 Look Ahead to the Week of May 23: Democrats Still Looking for a Win, Senate Turns to Address Infant Formula Shortage JD Supra 12 hours ago
59 Ohio Democrats accuse Republican redistricting commission of foul play The Black Wall Street Times 6 hours ago
60 Opinion | Are Democratic attacks on the GOP over democracy missing their mark? The Washington Post 1 day ago
61 Letters to the Editor: Democrats need to start acting more like Republicans to save democracy Yahoo News 2 days ago
62 Op-Ed: Democrats need to stop behaving as if there's a prize for showing restraint Los Angeles Times 5 days ago
63 Democrats ask Biden to appoint staffer to oversee baby formula shortage CNN 5 days ago
64 Democrats’ Mystery: How to Brighten a Presidency and a National Mood The New York Times 21 days ago
65 Tucker Carlson: Democrats have figured out the only way to win the next election Fox News 23 hours ago
66 4 Republicans, 1 Democrat disqualified from Aug. 2 ballot in West Michigan 8 hours ago
67 Ted Cruz says Democrats will 'politicize' Texas school shooting New York Daily News 2 hours ago
68 How Screwed Are the Democrats? Vanity Fair 12 days ago
69 The Democrats' Midterm Identity Crisis The Atlantic 14 days ago
70 Democrats are still searching for a coherent strategy to save abortion rights CNN 13 days ago
71 Analysis | Ron Johnson's flimsy evidence that Democrats seek to 'change the electorate' The Washington Post 5 days ago
72 The Democrats Are Frozen With Fear of the Midterm Voter The New Republic 7 days ago
73 Democrats energized after leaked abortion decision jolts midterms NBC News 22 days ago
74 Two progressive Democrats plot a new course to fight Republican gains NPR 27 days ago
75 House Democrats’ campaign arm forms largest union in Democratic Party NBC News 15 days ago
76 In an Uphill Year, Democrats of All Stripes Worry About Electability The New York Times 14 days ago
77 Senate Democrats' imaginary majority POLITICO 13 days ago
78 Trump waded into GOP primaries. Democrats hope he sticks around. NBC News 8 days ago
79 This was the week Democrats realized how bad 2022 is going to get CNN 26 days ago
80 Democrats pick John Fetterman for Senate in Pennsylvania The Washington Post 7 days ago
81 Warren: Democrats will lose 2022 midterms if we don't deliver more CNN 1 month ago
82 Biden's Cuba and Venezuela policy shifts leave Florida Democrats dismayed POLITICO 6 days ago
83 Democrats test a midterm strategy: Meddling in GOP governor’s races NBC News 15 days ago
84 The political environment is terrible for Democrats -- and it may get worse CNN 23 days ago
85 Democrats' chance to save the House majority runs through these districts POLITICO 16 days ago
86 Democrats divided over strategy with Schumer under pressure to allow Title 42 vote to pass stalled Covid aid CNN 13 days ago
87 ‘Do something, Democrats’: party struggles to rise to abortion challenge The Guardian US 20 days ago
88 Did Rick Scott just hand Democrats an *actual* message? CNN 14 days ago
89 To Save Roe, Democrats Pour Cash Into Flipping Statehouses TIME 13 days ago
90 'These vital signs are very, very bad': New CNN poll contains rough news for Democrats CNN 7 days ago
91 The Disastrous Legacy of the New Democrats The New Republic 9 days ago
92 How John Fetterman rose to the top of Pennsylvania’s Democratic senate primary 9 days ago
93 NPR survey: GOP leads Democrats on the congressional ballot NPR 26 days ago
94 Florida Democrats look for leader after Ramon Alexander's resignation Tallahassee Democrat 12 days ago
95 National Democrats hesitant about Florida, hindering voter outreach efforts Tampa Bay Times 27 days ago
96 For South Texas Democrats, an Intraparty Test of Abortion Politics The New York Times 16 days ago
97 The 3 things that need to happen for Democrats to keep the Senate CNN 24 days ago
98 Analysis | Democrats' last, best chance to legislate before the midterms starts now The Washington Post 30 days ago
99 Voters increasingly credit Democrats for pandemic turnaround The Washington Post 20 days ago
100 Joe Manchin becomes a villain in the 2022 Democratic primaries NBC News 16 days ago