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1 Lake Huron sinkhole surprise: The rise of oxygen on early Earth linked to changing planetary rotation rate
2 Space Norms and US National Security: Leading on Space Debris
3 Air Force satellite completes two-year experiment to study the medium Earth orbit environment
4 US Air Force celebrates end of the world's largest uncrewed satellite, which studied Earth's radiation belts
5 NorthStar developing prototype Earth observation system for marine and coastal tracking
6 MSU Explore: Earth and Space Science Camp immerses students in STEM fields
7 NASA At Your Table: The Space Agency's Surprising Role in Agriculture
8 On Earth, things evolve into crabs—could the same be true in space?
9 Spacecom Leader Discusses Value of Partnerships in Defending Space
10 Can the U.S. and China Cooperate in Space?
11 'Hotter and more humid': Dangerous extreme heat will impact Indiana in coming years
12 From Seed to Market: NASA Brings Food to the Table
13 Mars Lake Hypothesis on Ice After Study Offers Different Explanation
14 Maiden flight of Isro’s new SSLV likely by end of 2021: Minister
15 ASU scientists use commercial satellite data to determine water flow in Southwestern rivers
16 Satellites: Space, the final war zone
17 'Cool flames' ignited in space | The Source
18 Jonathan Kanter Will Lead Antitrust at the Justice Dept.
19 Lost in Space
20 In the Newly Noisy Arctic, Underwater Operations Are Getting Harder
21 A machine learning breakthrough uses satellite images to improve lives
22 Space Odyssey, the Billionaire Edition
23 Research on interactions in auroras wins doctoral student second in poster contest
24 Radford University students plan for Arctic adventure to research earth's climate
25 Why Study Geysers?
26 Investment in UTSA's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering paying dividends
27 VanHerck: SPACECOM 'Critical' to Latest High-Tech Exercise
28 3D Printing, Muscle Cells, and Mold Experiments Launching to Space Station Aboard Cygnus Spacecraft
29 Global Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Market Research Report 2021: New Satellite Launches and Rising Space Activities Flare Up Demand
30 AF commemorates Earth Day by doing its part to protect the earth, support the mission
31 Is professor's apology for damaging a sacred site enough?
32 Methane in the Plumes of Saturn's Moon Enceladus: Possible Signs of Life?
33 The 25 Most Significant Works of Postwar Architecture
34 Republicans Should Kill The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill And Do This Instead
35 Physicists led by University of Iowa more fully describe sun's electric field
36 SEED TO MARKET: How NASA Helps Bring Food To The Table...
37 Studying plants from 400 miles up | Penn Today
38 Union Pacific reopens Keddie-Portola line impacted by California fire
39 Study examines the role of deep-sea microbial predators at hydrothermal vents
40 Michelle Wu: The interview
41 Celebrating Earth Day and Earth Month in April
42 Carbon at all costs? Why water use in data centres must be part of the net-zero discussion
43 'Fata Morgana' mirage warps Glacier Bay
44 New Projects Explore Connections Between COVID-19 and the Environment
45 A new chapter for space sustainability
46 President Biden Announces 12 Key Climate and Infrastructure Administration Nominations
47 Op-ed | NASA Earth Science to “Meet the Moment”
48 An Earth Day Update From President Price on Duke's Commitment to the Environment
49 Science News Releases
50 Department of Environment and Geography |]
51 Banking And Cannabis: Bank Lending, The Next Frontier
52 Chinese rocket debris is expected to crash into Earth soon. It's not the first time.
53 NASA, USDA Sign Agreement to Improve Agricultural, Earth Research
54 The Energy 202: Biden creates new climate adviser role at NASA
55 From stardust to pale blue dot: Carbon's interstellar journey to Earth
56 To intervene or not to intervene? That is the future climate question
57 Greening of the Earth Mitigates Surface Warming
58 Celebrating Earth Day from Above
59 Rochester researchers uncover key clues about the solar system's history
60 How NASA fights climate change from space
61 Georgia Tech Shares $15M From NASA to Advance Deep Space Exploration
62 Reflecting sunlight could cool the Earth's ecosystem
63 At the UO Earth Day isn't once a year, it's a way of life
64 Making space sustainable will advance Biden's agenda (op-ed)
65 The Space Force's relevance to the green agenda | TheHill
66 Integrating Data to Find Links Between Environment and Health
67 Rep. Louie Gohmert asks if Forest Service can shift Earth’s or moon’s orbit to fight climate change
68 New Stanford climate and sustainability school designed to achieve ambitious goals
69 What is NASA's role in addressing climate change? | TheHill
70 FIU experts available to discuss Surfside building collapse
71 AFRL breaks ground on state of the art space environment laboratory
72 MIT Space Policy Compendium — MIT Media Lab
73 Statement by Secretary Granholm on President Biden's Latest Department of Energy Nominees
74 An Unbroken Record of Climate During the Age of Dinosaurs
75 School of Earth Sciences : The University of Western Australia
76 Crashing Chinese rocket highlights growing dangers of space debris
77 Department of Energy Announces New Senior Leaders
78 The Earth has a pulse -- a 27.5-million-year cycle of geological activity, researchers say: Analysis of 260 million years of major geological events finds recurring clusters 27.5 million years apart
79 USGS Supports the 2020 National Space Policy –
80 Debris from out-of-control Chinese rocket expected to crash into Earth this weekend
81 White House: Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad
82 There Must Be Rules for How We Use Space, Defense Leaders Say
83 Revamping Federal Climate Science
84 Space Enabled Welcomes Affiliated Researchers — MIT Media Lab
85 Biden’s Intelligence Director Vows to Put Climate at ‘Center’ of Foreign Policy
86 Earth Day's 51st anniversary, Chancellor issues Call to Climate Action, more
87 Lightning strikes played a vital role in life's origins on Earth
88 South Pole and East Antarctica warmer than previously thought during last ice age, two studies show
89 President Biden Nominates Monica Medina to Serve on State Department Bureau on Oceans and Environment
90 Countdown To Earth Day: Here's How You Can Become An Environmental Steward in Kane County, IL
91 Geography Major
92 Former Astronaut Becomes Environmentalist to Help Fight Climate Change
93 Researchers get a look at the sun's dusty environment
94 Secretary Granholm and Deputy Secretary Turk to Participate in Earth Week Events
95 Rocket launches could be affecting our ozone layer, say experts
96 For Earth Day 2021, download this free poster | US Embassy & Consulates in Italy
97 Taking out the trash: One man's mission to tidy up the space environment
98 Governor Baker Signs Executive Order to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions at State Facilities
99 Will the Earth be habitable in 2100? | Michigan Today
100 How Much Time Does Humanity Have Left?