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1 U.S. Navy denies Russian claim it chased off American destroyer
2 Russia Says Ship Intercepted U.S. Destroyer in Sea of Japan
3 One of Navy's new stealthy destroyers enters Puget Sound for visit, refueling
4 Russia Claims to Have Chased US Navy Destroyer Out of Exercise Area
5 Navy Creates New Atlantic Destroyer Task Group to Hunt Russian Submarines
6 Newport Naval Station welcomed the first Navy ship in two years — the USS Daniel Inouye
7 Russia Gives No Explanation of Destroyer Iceland
8 New Destroyer Visits Newport
9 Bath-built destroyer Inouye departs for Pacific
10 Iron Dome, the U.S. Army Missile and Rocket Destroyer, Proves Its Power in Live Fire Test
11 One of the Navy's 'newest and most capable' destroyers joins 7th Fleet in Japan
12 US Navy defends USS Chafee's interaction with Russian destroyer
13 10 Chinese, Russian Warships Sail Through Japanese Islands
14 Is Russia's Lider-class Destroyer Coming Back from the Dead?
15 Destroyer named for Sen. Carl Levin christened in Maine
16 Building Burke Destroyers To 2030 (And Beyond) Is The Only Practical Way To Bolster Surface Fleet Firepower
17 Frigate ESPS Victoria holds joint naval drill with Korean destroyer Chungmugong Yi Sun-Sin
18 South Korea's HHI Lays Keel of New KDX III Batch II Destroyer For ROK Navy
19 Bath Iron Works to christen newest Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
20 New $1.5 billion-plus Navy destroyer USS Daniel Inouye heading for Hawaii
21 Pearl Harbor-Based Destroyer Rescued Indian Ship During Deployment
22 New Destroyer Task Force Established To Hunt Russian Submarines In The Atlantic
23 The Future Is Always with Us: On Jennifer Marie Brissett's “Destroyer of Light”
24 Gamer takes over Navy destroyer's official Facebook page in apparent hacking
25 The Navy Loves Its Arleigh Burke Destroyers
26 Here's Why Only Elite Armies Have Destroyers
27 At Durga Puja, Hindus wrestle with the West's sexualized destroyer
28 Path clearing for Aston Villa to land 'Technical destroyer' in bargain deal
29 China condemns U.S., Canada for sending warships through Taiwan Strait
30 Brent's Shaun Wallace on the impact of the pandemic
31 Local artist drops an Imperial Star Destroyer above Vancouver (PHOTO)
32 New US Navy 'Task Group Greyhound' to Hunt Russian Submarines
33 Chris Pratt Shares Excitement For “Day 1” of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3'
34 BIW sends third and last Zumwalt-class Navy destroyer to sea trials
35 US Navy Begins Building Next-Gen Guided-Missile Destroyer
36 With new destroyer underway, BIW looks to increase production and add workers
37 Third Zumwalt Class Destroyer Finishes Builder Trials
38 Navy destroyer USS Johnston, sunk during World War II in 1944, found after 'deepest wreck dive in history'
39 Navy Stands Up Next-Generation Destroyer Program Office, Construction Start Planned for FY 28
40 Navy Wants Last Zumwalt Destroyer in Mississippi to Finalize Combat System; Delivery Anticipated in 2024
41 Harker: Navy Planning New Multi-Year Destroyer Buy
42 Navy wants to see big uptick in Zumwalt-class destroyer operations over the next year
43 Third Zumwalt stealth destroyer completes builder's trials in Maine
44 Final Bath-built Zumwalt destroyer departs shipyard for sea trials
45 US Navy Officially Building Next-Gen Destroyer: DDG(X) Program
46 Navy destroyer arrives home to Jacksonville base following maiden deployment, 2 more on the way
47 KISS Celebrate Iconic 'DESTROYER' Album With Super Deluxe Anniversary Edition Release In November!
48 Two destroyers arrive at US Navy base in Japan, while a third takes its leave
49 The Navy’s Destroyer Fleet Needs A Bridge To The Future. Here’s The Obvious Solution.
50 Most of the Royal Navy's destroyers are unavailable for deployment
51 Navy Denies Chinese Forces Chased Away Destroyer During FONOP
52 HASC Seapower Mark Adds Second Destroyer, Paves Way For Cruiser Decommissionings
53 VIDEO: Famed WWII Destroyer USS Johnston Discovered 4 Miles Down
54 Navy Destroyer, Coast Guard Cutter Make Eighth US Taiwan Strait Transit in 2021
55 British naval destroyer that angered Russia docks in Georgia
56 'Drivable navy destroyer' built on golf cart to honor veterans, raise money for charity
57 US Navy's Third and Final Zumwalt-class Destroyer Starts Sea Trials
58 CNO: Hypersonic Weapons at Sea to Premiere on Zumwalt Destroyers in 2025
59 Seven Reasons The U.S. Navy Needs To Rethink Its Plan For A Next-Generation Destroyer
60 Maine Delegation Opposes President's Budget Request to Cut Navy Destroyer | Senator Susan Collins
61 Another guided-missile destroyer joins Navy's Japan-based 7th Fleet
62 Navy to Seek Eight Ships In Next Budget, Cutting a Destroyer
63 Warning Shots Fired at British Destroyer in Black Sea, Russia Says
64 Destroyer Performs FONOP, US Navy Disputes Chinese Claim That It Ousted Warship
65 Destroyer Makes Sixth Taiwan Strait Transit During Biden Administration
66 House lawmakers recommend saving second guided-missile destroyer in 2022 Navy budget
67 U.S. Navy launches its new, more lethal Flight III destroyer
68 Senate Defense Bill Would Add $2 Billion for Shipbuilding, Including Another Destroyer
69 Destroyer Makes 7th US Navy Taiwan Strait Transit in 2021
70 Final Bath-built Zumwalt destroyer returns from sea trials
71 New guided-missile destroyer makes first Mayport homecoming
72 Type 055 large destroyer enters Sea of Japan, 'sends warning to militarists'
73 Navy destroyer USS Paul Ignatius spotted rocking new battle flag
74 Royal Navy Commits to $668 Million Upgrade of Type 45 Destroyer Fleet
75 BIW tests destroyer in shipbuilder's first sea trials in two years
76 Guided-missile destroyer Mahan returns to Norfolk after deployment
77 Zumwalt Destroyer Will Control Unmanned Ships, Aircraft in Upcoming Fleet Battle Problem
78 U.S. Navy Launches First Flight III Guided Missile Destroyer, the future Jack H. Lucas
79 Mystery drones hovered over Navy destroyers off California, report says
80 Full Album Stream: Oxygen Destroyer
81 Sheridan native serving aboard Navy destroyer
82 An Australian destroyer arrived in San Diego with 2 dead endangered whales stuck to its hull
83 Maine-built destroyer cruises past iconic lighthouse
84 Austin: Money for destroyer could be restored to budget
85 Photos: BIW-built Zumwalt destroyer makes appearance during sea trials
86 South Korea to Bring Home Sailors Aboard Virus-Hit Destroyer
87 New Navy Destroyer-Fired Laser (HELIOS) Will Change Maritime War
88 Navy secretary says DOD plans new multi-year contract for Arleigh Burke destroyers
89 ‘No more monstrosities’, US Navy ops head declares of new destroyers
90 Stealthy Chinese Destroyer May Be Provoking Japan
91 USS Johnston Wreck: Explorers Locate Remains of WWII Destroyer
92 Robots Hunted A Mock Chinese Ship—Then a U.S. Navy Destroyer Lobbed A $5 Million Missile At It
93 Large Chinese destroyer spotted in waters near Japan for first time
94 If Congress can find the money, the US Navy would like another new destroyer this year
95 US 7th Fleet Denies Chinese Claim American Destroyer Was 'Expelled' from South China Sea Island Chain
96 U.S. drops plans to send destroyers into the Black Sea due to concerns over Russia
97 US navy sends China the message: ‘we’re watching you’
98 U.S. Destroyer Transits Taiwan Strait in Signal to Asia Partners
99 Destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur Transits Taiwan Strait, China Protests
100 Why The Destroyer USS Howard Left Port Flying A Bright Red Flag Adorned With An Asian Dragon