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Result Content Outlet Published Research
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15 Global DevOps Market Expected to Witness Remarkable Growth by 2027 due to the Increasing Demand for Advanced Technologies to Optimize Business Operations [207-Pages] | Confirmed By Research Dive GlobeNewswire 20 days ago
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17 Opportunities and Challenges of Observability 1 month ago
18 How to learn Golang: A DevOps engineer's experience TechTarget 9 days ago
19 GitLab spots huge opportunity for DevOps platform as revenue soars The Register 19 days ago
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21 DevOps darling GitLab's stock soars as it easily beats earnings targets SiliconANGLE News 20 days ago
22 The Risks of Shadow Code 24 days ago
23 Agile and DevOps Services Market Quality & Quantity Analysis | ICAgile, Wizeline, Agile Thought – Designer Women Designer Women 23 hours ago
24 DevOps Engineer at Salt IT-Online 4 days ago
25 Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert Certification: Everything You Need to Know Toolbox 26 days ago
26 Making the Move From Developer to Team Lead 26 days ago
27 DevOps Enabler & Co. Joins GitLab as Professional Service Partner Business Wire India 3 days ago
28 Global Configuration Management Market Research Report to 2027 Integration of DevOps with Configuration Management Tools Presents Opportunities 9 days ago
29 TechStrong Con 2022: Exploring What’s Next in Tech 10 days ago
30 InfluxData Announces InfluxDB Edge Data Replication 11 days ago
31 IT/DevOps Incident Management Software Market Recovery and Impact Analysis Report – PagerDuty, Freshservice, Samanage – Designer Women Designer Women 4 days ago
32 Zscaler Launches Posture Control Solution DARKReading 4 days ago
33 Kelsey Hightower on How to Become a Better Engineering Team 4 days ago
34 Comprehensive Future Data Science Trends in the Healthcare Sector Analytics Insight 16 hours ago
35 GitLab Inc. Wins 2021 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Application Development Award 20 hours ago
36 Key things to consider when choosing regression testing tools TechTarget 2 days ago
37 Business Activity Monitoring Software Market In-Depth Analysis including key players IBM, DBmaestro DevOps Platform, Factiva – Designer Women Designer Women 1 day ago
38 Microsoft Limits Public Access to AI-Powered Facial Analysis Features 2 hours ago
39 Kubernetes Compliance: Governance and Guardrails – The New Stack 2 days ago
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41 The What, Why and How of DevOps 4 months ago
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50 Why Mercedes-Benz runs on 900 Kubernetes clusters InfoWorld 5 days ago
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52 Vine closes new $140m. fund with heavy investment in Israeli tech firms The Jerusalem Post 4 days ago
53 Big Tech to restrict deepfakes and misinformation to avoid fine DevOps Online 6 days ago
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55 NetOps vs. DevOps vs. NetSecOps: What's the difference? TechTarget 10 months ago
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64 Can 'shift left' in DevOps pipelines go too far? TechTarget 3 months ago
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66 Progress Expands Scope of Compliance-as-Code Capabilities 2 months ago
67 Azure DevOps Definition, Services, Pricing Toolbox 2 months ago
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78 Update Those Ops Tools, Too 2 months ago
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95 DevOps and Hybrid Cloud: Life in the Fast Lane? 1 month ago
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100 Why Do Businesses Fail in Implementing DevOps? Infosecurity Magazine 7 months ago