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1 Supreme Court's abortion decision puts doctors in legal limbo : Shots Health News 8 hours ago
2 The Dobbs Decision Has Unleashed Legal Chaos for Doctors and Patients The New Yorker 24 hours ago
3 Alabama is using the case that ended Roe to argue it can ban gender-affirming care NPR 2 hours ago
4 Dobbs and collegiate viewpoint diversity Washington Examiner 7 hours ago
5 Could Dobbs Be Reversed Like Roe Was? New York Magazine 1 day ago
6 POINT: What Would Founders Think of Dobbs Decision? Madison Would Love It! NH Journal 3 hours ago
7 COUNTERPOINT: What Would Founders Think of the Dobbs Decision? Not Much NH Journal 9 hours ago
8 Dobbs ruling complicates abortion healthcare coverage The Washington Post 1 day ago
9 Will Dobbs energize Dems? Primary turnout in key blue state indicates weak response to SCOTUS' abortion ruling Fox News 1 day ago
10 Gov. Bill Lee Statement on Dobbs Ruling 9 days ago
11 How Should We Feel About 'Good' Anti-Abortion Republicans? New York Magazine 4 hours ago
12 Over 1,000 Male Partners Start Own Call to Action Post-Dobbs | The American Lawyer 2 days ago
13 Responding to Dobbs | WORLD WORLD News Group 5 days ago
14 Explainer: How the Dobbs decision affects Tennesseans' reproductive options WPLN 3 days ago
15 Urologist says 900% more people are looking into vasectomies after Dobbs ruling Washington Examiner 1 day ago
16 Civil and Criminal Legal Issues Arising From Dobbs The National Law Review 3 days ago
17 Economists Hysterically Misread Supreme Court's Dobbs Ruling on Abortion 4 days ago
18 The Dobbs Decision and the Bioethics of Abortion Opinion: Free Expression 5 days ago
19 The Dobbs fallout, tax edition- POLITICO POLITICO 6 days ago
20 Attorney General Knudsen asks state Supreme Court to consider Dobbs v. Jackson ruling Montana Department of Justice 5 days ago
21 OCR has new guidance for patient privacy and PHI, following Dobbs ruling Healthcare IT News 3 days ago
22 Read the opinion: Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization CNN 9 days ago
23 Dobbs and the Supreme Court's Wrong Turn on Constitutional Rights | Stanford Law School Stanford Law School 6 days ago
24 After “Dobbs,” the Path Forward Is Not Through the Courts The Nation 5 days ago
25 Opinion | Dobbs Is Not the Only Reason to Question the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court The New York Times 3 days ago
26 Supreme Court justices reveal a fractured culture in 50 years of abortion writings The Washington Post 2 days ago
27 How Dobbs Threatens to Torpedo Privacy Rights in the US WIRED 4 days ago
28 CNN Anchor Suggests 'Dobbs' Decision Will Encourage Taliban Human-Rights Abuses National Review 3 days ago
29 Post-Dobbs Social Media Memes Vilify Instead of Persuade National Review 7 hours ago
30 Military women react to Dobbs decision NPR 6 days ago
31 Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health: Implications for business of a post-Roe landscape | Insights DLA Piper 10 days ago
32 DC Artists Respond To Dobbs Ruling With Protest Art, Action WAMU 88.5 2 days ago
33 Dobbs ruling is an assault on women's health, safe medical practice American Medical Association 9 days ago
34 Companies Are Announcing Abortion-Travel Benefits Following Dobbs Decision SHRM 6 days ago
35 Conservative justices seized the moment and delivered the opinion they'd long promised CNN 8 days ago
36 Gov. Reynolds issues statement on SCOTUS ruling in the Dobbs case | Office of the Governor of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds 9 days ago
37 Dobbs ruling scrambles abortion training The Washington Post 3 days ago
38 Dobbs v. Jackson ruling makes black women and children 'suffer', 'nothing Christ-like': WaPo column Fox News 1 day ago
39 LI activists rally to protest Dobbs decision TBR News Media 23 hours ago
40 Doctors weren't considered in Dobbs, but now they're on abortion's legal front lines WCSU 8 hours ago
41 Biden and Democratic governors talk ways to preserve abortion after Dobbs Washington Examiner 2 days ago
42 Derek Monson: Dobbs and Cox's Supreme Court nomination ring in a renaissance of federalism Salt Lake Tribune 2 days ago
43 How Dobbs Affects South Carolina’s Fetal Heartbeat Law The National Law Review 4 days ago
44 Leak of Dobbs opinion brought deluge of online searches for abortion pills, study finds The Guardian 4 days ago
45 Cartoons are tackling the Supreme Court's Dobbs abortion decision The Washington Post 6 days ago
46 Employment Law This Week Discusses Dobbs Ruling For Employers The National Law Review 4 days ago
47 European Overreaction to Dobbs Shows That Abortion Is Still Not Normalized, Expert Says National Catholic Register 2 days ago
48 Group that represented clinic in Dobbs abortion case names new top lawyer Reuters 5 days ago
49 Analysis | Overturning Roe is unpopular — and viewed as largely political The Washington Post 6 days ago
50 Paul Weiss Taking Leadership Role In The Wake Of Dobbs Above the Law 6 days ago
51 Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom Hosting Celebrating Dobbs, Celebrating Life PR Newswire 4 days ago
52 Scalia's "Prophecy" in Lawrence And The Joint Dissent in Dobbs Reason 6 days ago
53 With Dobbs, We’re All in Bork’s America Now Justia Verdict 4 days ago
54 Supreme Court Abortion Decision: Dobbs Is Nothing Like Dred Scott National Review 5 days ago
55 Perspective | Traumatic pregnancies are awful. Dobbs will make that so much worse. The Washington Post 9 days ago
56 Supreme Court’s Dobbs abortion ruling striking down Roe v. Wade prompts new legal action in courts nationwide Chicago Sun-Times 3 days ago
57 Catholic agencies, church expect to help more women, newborns after Dobbs Crux Now 1 day ago
58 The Kavanaugh Concurrences in Bruen and Dobbs Reason 5 days ago
59 Abortion & 2022 Midterm Elections: Will Dobbs Matter? National Review 7 days ago
60 Dobbs Leaker Accomplished Nothing But Contempt For Democracy The Federalist 3 days ago
61 Dem lawmakers on Dobbs decision: GOP is coming for LGBTQ rights, contraceptives next 6 days ago
62 Statement from Gov. Henry McMaster on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization Ruling S.C. Governor's Office 9 days ago
63 Josh Dobbs prepared for ‘uncertainty’ of Cleveland Browns QB situation WJHL-TV News Channel 11 7 days ago
64 Crowd Swells Outside Supreme Court To Protest Dobbs WAMU 88.5 9 days ago
65 In the Wake of 'Dobbs,' Biden Leans on Familiar Excuses for Inaction The American Prospect 2 days ago
66 The United States of Diversity: The Founders and Dobbs Bluffton News Banner 2 days ago
67 Who is Dobbs, the doctor named in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health landmark abortion rights decision? OregonLive 9 days ago
68 Dobbs win not end of 'hard topics' discussion, says Mississippi attorney general Washington Examiner 2 days ago
69 Roundup of dCEC Director's Media Appearances Discussing Dobbs // News Notre Dame 4 days ago
70 Biden administration prepares reaction to Dobbs | WORLD WORLD News Group 20 days ago
71 Fact Check: Dobbs Doesn't Ban Treating Ectopic Pregnancy, Miscarriage The Federalist 4 days ago
72 Unrest After Dobbs? Here Is What Is Happening National Catholic Register 9 days ago
73 On Justice Thomas, Dobbs, Precedent, and Substantive Due Process Reason 7 days ago
74 From Bruen to Dobbs in Twenty-Four Hours Reason 9 days ago
75 Rubio Releases Pro-family Framework Following Dobbs Decision Senator Marco Rubio 9 days ago
76 Corporate Response to Dobbs Will Backfire on Woke CEOs National Center for Public Policy Research 2 days ago
77 Adoption After Dobbs American Enterprise Institute 4 days ago
78 How the Dobbs ruling shifted the midterms- POLITICO POLITICO 6 days ago
79 Celebrate Dobbs: Donate to Crisis-Pregnancy Centers National Review 8 days ago
80 What We Saw at Supreme Court Around Dobbs Decision Daily Signal 9 days ago
81 EFF's Statement on Dobbs Abortion Ruling EFF 9 days ago
82 WisEye Morning Minute: Gov. Evers on U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Dobbs 3 days ago
83 As Dobbs decision nears, U.S. bishops urge Church to 'Walk with Moms in Need' Our Sunday Visitor 24 days ago
84 United States of Diversity: The founders and Dobbs Washington Examiner 5 days ago
85 Following Dobbs Decision, Frosh Joins Group Of Prosecutors Reaffirming Support For Abortion Rights CBS Baltimore 6 days ago
86 God Help My Friendship With White Evangelicals After Dobbs The Cut 9 days ago
87 SHERRILL DOBBS | News, Sports, Jobs Wheeling Intelligencer 3 days ago
88 Sununu predicts limited political effect from Dobbs ruling; faults GOP response to Jan 6th hearings New Hampshire Public Radio 5 days ago
89 OPINION: Why We Should All Be Alarmed by Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization (And It Has Nothing to Do With Abortion) Hingham Anchor 13 days ago
90 Police Departments Brace for Attacks on Pregnancy Centers as Tensions Rise after Dobbs Ruling National Review 9 days ago
91 TriNet Webinar: The Complexity of a Post-Dobbs Workplace-- What SMBs Need to Know PR Newswire 3 days ago
92 Abortion legislation seemingly on major fast track after Dobbs decision New Jersey Globe | New Jersey Politics 6 days ago
93 As Dobbs Decision Nears, Corporate Media Abortion Propaganda Machine Is Firing On All Cylinders The Federalist 11 days ago
94 AAP statement on Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization Contemporary Pediatrics 9 days ago
95 Pro-Aborts Spread Arson, Vandalism, And Insurrection After Dobbs The Federalist 6 days ago
96 Roberts' Refusal To Release Dobbs Is Endangering His Colleagues The Federalist 19 days ago
97 Compliance Into The Weeds Dobbs and Compliance | Thomas Fox 4 days ago
98 St. John the Baptist, St. Elizabeth and the Dobbs Decision National Catholic Register 8 days ago
99 Dobbs as a Little Cloud The American Conservative 11 days ago
100 What the U.S. bishops have said about Dobbs Catholic News Agency 6 days ago