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1 2 new women accuse 'Durte Dom' of sexual misconduct, provided videos Insider 3 months ago
2 David Dobrik Says He Hasn’t Made Any YouTube Ad Money In Roughly Four Years Tubefilter 26 days ago
3 Durte Dom responds to controversial 2018 Vlog Squad video Insider 4 months ago
4 Durte Dom, former Vlog Squad member, responds to rape allegation Insider 10 months ago
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8 Ally Hardesty said David Dobrik apologized about Durte Dom Insider 10 months ago
9 Former Vlog Squad Member Durte Dom Finally Addresses The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him Celeb Secrets 9 months ago
10 Durte Dom, former member of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad, responds to rape allegation for the first time Business Insider India 10 months ago
11 Biggest Scandals of 2021: 'Drivers License,' Vlog Squad, More J-14 29 days ago
12 Natalie Mariduena defends David Dobrik over Durte Dom accusations Insider 6 months ago
13 David Dobrik's Photo App Severs Ties Amid Rape Allegations Against Durte Dom Haute Living 10 months ago
14 David Dobrik returns to Youtube amid sexual assault controversy 7 months ago
15 What Happens Now: Revelations in the Wake of David Dobrik's Cancellation – The Retriever The Retriever 9 months ago
16 Dom Zeglaitis, Jason Nash, Fellow ‘Vlog Squadders’ Release Latest Rap Video Tubefilter 4 years ago
17 "Not funny at all": David Dobrik makes assistant Natalie Mariduena bleed in viral video, leaves the internet divided Sportskeeda 3 months ago
18 Why Did Seth Francois Leave the Vlog Squad? He Alleged He Was Assaulted Distractify 11 months ago
19 Miss the Vlog Squad? We do, too. Here's what they're up to The Post 11 months ago
20 Jeff Wittek Denies Supplying Alcohol to Minors Amid Vlog Squad Sexual Assault Allegations Newsweek 10 months ago
21 Jason Nash told David Dobrik about 'bad press' and rape in 2018 Insider 9 months ago
22 YouTuber David Dobrik Signs Deal With Discovery Streaming Service For Travel Series Forbes 5 months ago
23 Angel City distances itself from vlogger David Dobrik All For XI 11 months ago
24 No clickbait: a synopsis of David Dobrik's downfall The Butler Collegian 10 months ago
25 David Dobrik Speaks Out on Allegations of Sexual Misconduct in Vlog Squad Videos msnNOW 11 months ago
26 A Tesla giveaway won't fix this one, David Dobrik The Michigan Daily 9 months ago
27 Milk crate challenge: Jeff Wittek criticized by Ethan Klein Insider 5 months ago
28 Tana Mongeau says she's in therapy for David Dobrik 'threesome' idea Insider 9 months ago
29 Who is Jeff Wittek? Vlog Squad member accused of sexual assault against minors was jailed for 'dealing’ drugs MEAWW 10 months ago
30 Corinna Kopf gives update on David Dobrik’s YouTube return following Vlog Squad scandal Dexerto 10 months ago
31 Tana Mongeau says David Dobrik's old house is too small, has pests Insider 6 months ago
32 David Dobrik says he's stuck in Slovakia because of green-card issues Insider 4 months ago
33 The site authorities say Madelyn Allen's suspected kidnapper used has been popular among men charged with sexual abuse Yahoo News 1 month ago
34 Natalie Wood was sexually assaulted by Kirk Douglas, her sister writes in new memoir Yahoo News 3 months ago
35 Is Dispo On Android? Here's What To Know About The “Disposable” Camera App Elite Daily 10 months ago
36 New 'Law and Order' episode depicts influencer sexual assault case Insider 4 months ago
37 Sylvester Stallone said his 'Q' hat and 'storm' reference were 'unequivocally' about a yacht after QAnon supporters flocked to his Instagram post Yahoo News 2 months ago
38 3 Utah students were charged with felonies after police say they promoted school violence on social media Yahoo News 1 month ago
39 Javier Bardem says Woody Allen's sexual abuse allegations are 'just gossip' Yahoo News 1 month ago
40 A North Carolina school reportedly suspended a 15-year-old girl and accused her of lying after she reported a sexual assault Yahoo News 3 months ago
41 TikToks about the controversial Duggar family are getting millions of views in an emerging subculture knows as 'DuggarTok' Yahoo News 2 months ago
42 Our Attention Economy Gives Abusers a Free Pass – InsideSources InsideSources 9 months ago
43 An Instagram model and her friend were left to die outside 2 LA hospitals after a party. The friend is now brain-dead, reports say. Yahoo News 2 months ago
44 A girl falsely believed to be a victim of the fake Wayfair sex-trafficking ring says she had hives, lost sleep over the conspiracy theory Yahoo News 1 month ago
45 A TikTok creator said she inadvertently touted a scam before hackers told her fans she was kidnapped Yahoo News 2 months ago
46 The mother of a woman who died at 23 said a Facebook post shared with 'vile' messages 'pushed her over the edge,' reports say Yahoo News 1 month ago
47 YouTube star Catherine McBroom removed her own IUD to 'get healthy,' according to her reported Snapchat post Yahoo News 1 month ago
48 Tana Mongeau said she's 'in therapy' after David Dobrik encouraged her to have group sex at 19 Business Insider India 9 months ago
49 An influencer with over 1 million followers was dropped by brands after a racist voice memo leaked Yahoo Movies UK 2 months ago
50 Influencers are posting emotional tributes to YouTuber 'Here For The Tea' after an Instagram comment said she died 'peacefully' in her sleep Yahoo News 3 months ago
51 A Facebook group for Quad State Tornado victims is helping people find photos, pets, quilts, and other items lost in the deadly event Yahoo News 2 months ago
52 A woman was killed after she told Instagram followers that she found a tracking device on her car, affidavit says Yahoo News 3 months ago
53 The Biggest Influencer Controversies of 2021 – So Far WWD 5 months ago
54 Who is Corinna Kopf? YouTuber said she made $1 million on OnlyFans Insider 8 months ago
55 Men reportedly tried to sell the ashes of a dead Chinese influencer for a 'ghost marriage' Yahoo News 2 months ago
56 A woman alleges Trey Songz sexually abused her in a lawsuit also filed against Diddy and a Miami nightclub Yahoo News 1 month ago
57 The housing market is so red-hot it broke Zillow's algorithm that predicted how fast prices would surge Business Insider India 3 months ago
58 Jeff Wittek responds to criticism of accident documentary, Patreon Insider 8 months ago
59 Who's In The Vlog Squad? It’s Hard To Say Elite Daily 2 years ago
60 TikTok star Justine Paradise accuses Jake Paul of sexual assault Input 10 months ago
61 Inside a $27.75 million apartment on Billionaire's Row in New York City Business Insider India 2 months ago
62 A MAFS groom was caught kissing two other MAFS brides in one night, and more in Celeb in 5. Mamamia 10 months ago
63 The Internet Did Too Much, Even for 2021 Vulture 1 month ago
64 How 28 years of moss is deep cleaned from a roof Business Insider India 2 months ago
65 A 10-year-old girl died after reportedly trying the 'blackout challenge' she learned from social media, mother says Yahoo News 1 month ago
66 Conversations on Cancel Culture The Post 10 months ago
67 Most people can't buy a Birkin bag at an Hermès boutique. Here's where they go instead. Business Insider India 2 months ago
68 How authentic pesto sauce is made in Italy Business Insider India 4 months ago
69 How thick layers of restaurant kitchen grease are cleaned Business Insider India 2 months ago
70 Here's how Louboutin heels are strassed, or professionally bedazzled, by hand Business Insider India 2 months ago
71 16-step facial includes gua sha, stem cells, charcoal mask, and more Business Insider India 2 months ago
72 YouTube and Influencer Business Trends Newsletter March 18 Business Insider 11 months ago
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76 Trisha Paytas' popularity jumps after focusing on YouTuber takedowns Insider 10 months ago
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78 Artists recreate your favorite cartoon characters Business Insider India 6 months ago
79 Jeff Wittek responded to claims that his eye injury documentary was a 'cash grab,' joking 'I lost my vision bu Business Insider India 8 months ago
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81 5 salon-worthy nail kits to try at home Business Insider India 2 months ago
82 How the famous dalgona candy from 'Squid Game' is made Business Insider India 4 months ago
83 Algae-infused facial contours skin Business Insider India 2 months ago
84 Artist uses recycled paper to create papier-mâché lampshades Business Insider India 5 months ago
85 How Authentic Croissants Are Made In France Business Insider India 5 months ago
86 How a radio-frequency microneedling machine reduces hyperpigmentation Business Insider India 6 months ago
87 How four makeup factories create products from lipstick to eyeshadow Business Insider India 6 months ago
88 The US used to have over 200 lesbian bars. Now only 21 are left. Business Insider India 7 months ago